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  1. I simply sought to step down without a fuss. Some of my reasons are personal and in my opinion not for public consumption. If people are that concerned they are free to ask me and I will answer them, I just don't feel like airing my personal business to all and sundry. As for your mood or my response, well you will have to forgive me, but you seemed to focus on certain things in MD and that coupled with your general reaction to people when quitting, well it felt more like an accusation than a question. You are more than welcome to discuss anything with me privately if you wish. You have multi
  2. [quote] I wonder why you resigned however. was it the kingslayer rumor spread by granos? was it the constant harrasing done by eon? was it the perpetual discontent you had with how things go in md? were feeling allone as the only king left? its obviously better you tell than let people, including me, jump to conclusions or make suppositions. (i will detail about some of things i mentioned above in a separate topic) [/quote] Does it really matter? Is this a genuine question out of genuine interest or something else? I notice you never listed something like a real life issue. Do my rea
  3. I've decided to resign as king. The new year will see elections for 3 kingships, might as well make it 4. I'll remain on and do what needs doing till then. I will send on the Wp info requested next week and do some other jobs that need doing. Other than that I guess it is business as usual until then.
  4. Can Innocence please contact me with regards to this please?
  5. Happy travels. Hope you find a safe and pleasant harbour.
  6. Women who practice magic. Men can be witches too, however they are usually referred to as Warlocks rather than witches. Witches are generally seen to practice magic involving nature or sometimes they are seen as consorting with the demonic. Their spells usually take the form of curses or potions. They are classically portrayed as using cauldrons to brew potions or spell casting. Also associated with black cats and flying around on brooms. An unliked or nasty woman may be referred to as a witch. Especially if she happens to be your mother in law (Hey, don't shoot me, it is what some people say!
  7. That is what I am trying to do Rhaegar. Maybe I am doing it wrong. But I am trying to raise awareness. I don't think a little committee of people is the answer. I think people need to be yelled at and shamed into looking at it. Hence my threads, hence titles like Shameful MD and Naked Truth. Things will not change unless the folks at the top take notice and accept that there is a problem. The fact that anyone has agreed with me at all, either by scoring my posts in a positive manner or responding personally has been completely overlooked or discounted as being the prattle of mindless Lorerooti
  8. Rhaegar, How many LHOs are from Loreroot? Also, how many events has Loreroot run each year? Because I think that there has not been a year since I have been king that Loreroot has not organised some kind of event. There have been fighting events, quiz things and other contests. There is a constant quest running from Mya aimed at newbies and letting people into Loreroot. And even if you don't like them there are the services etc that COE do. Now, what events have been run by MB? GG? or Necro? By the way, I don't care about what other lands do or do not do event wise. I for one am not havin
  9. I am not taking credit Awiiya. Please do presume to think that I am. But I am saying that there is a potential silver lining. Ohh, and the gambler is always to get the credit or the blame. They rolled the dice, the dice don't roll themselves And it would also be nice if maybe you took the time to point out when people were being directly insulting as opposed to just 'moderately and ambiguously insulting'.
  10. [quote]"i never appologized" ..maybe true..this is beacause appology is in my view a cowardly reaction aimed to save us from the effects of our mistakes. I do however admit when i am wrong and by not appologising I show i take full responsability for my own mistakes.[/quote] Actually, from my point of view apologising IS showing and taking responsibility for your mistakes. Simply saying nothing gives the impression that you either don't care, don't acknowledge or are too cowardly to admit the mistake in the first place. And you never apologised or admitted you were in error. I'd have taken a
  11. I decided I have enough and I am going to say exactly what I think. In some ways this should be private between Mur and myself. But in other ways, no it deserves to be public. Mur says he allows free speech and this is the view of ONE person in MD. Anyone is free to agree or disagree with me, so by making this public I am opening myself up to as much insult, injury or plain old abuse as Mur is getting from me because of what I have written (or not). I will apologise for hurt I may cause, but I will not apologise for my view on things. Over time I have brought things up I have been unhappy
  12. Yes Mur, whining is indeed trendy in Loreroot. As equally trendy as it is for you and others to whine about whiny Loreroot it seems. If I were dst what would I say? Ahh yes, you expect us to whine so we whine and when we whine you get annoyed that we whine and whine all the more about our whining.
  13. [quote]The law system in the outer world is not using any divine intervention to make justice, its using crime against crime, plain and simple...if you didn't realize that by now you are blind. If you don't understand that MD laws are meant [u]to preserve the dynamics of this world and NOT to protect you or your safety[/u] you are naive.[/quote] Quite the contrary. When people see something they believe is wrong, even if it is not against the rules, or indeed part of the rules of society sometimes they take a stand. Often they organise a march and wave banners around and shout about it. This
  14. No, lets not lock it. Don't you see that is part of the problem? We start discussing something, ok it gets heated, we close the topic and move on and we are back to the same thing again only with different names being thrown around, or worse still, the same names, but just a different case. And I don't believe in a poxy poll. This is something that will not get solved because of a poll. It is an issue that needs to be addressed and the only way that can happen is if people open their eyes to it. Closing your eyes, or sticking your fingers in your ears will not make it go away (I mean general
  15. Look Darigan. It's your fault you got raped. I so told you that mini skirt you were wearing was much too high. I mean I could see your knickers for crying out loud. Hell, I am surprised you didn't get gang raped. You so deserved it so you did. What? blaming the victim is ok, but somehow it suddenly isn't when we use the R word? Can't have it both ways folks! You can't find one distasteful and not the other. (I can't edit the previous post)
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