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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Updated the interface with that new translation
  3. This new forum skin actually looks really cool, the tones are way pleasant than the old blue ones
  4. Root

    Fight Warning

    I already tried that but it didn't work, the icon kept poping, let's if today this thing gets better, I'm scaning the computer.
  5. I keep getting the warning that I'm being attack even when I'm not, this happens like every 2 minutes and the battle log of a fight I had with a player called Wiener just keeps appearing, I checked if I was really being attacked but the warning rings even when I'm at the sanctuary.
  6. True, I've tried to recruit some firends and they were like "this is like pokemon, but with no graphics, I'll just go raid in WoW" Plus they couldn't even wait those 15 min on the story mode without whining, and worst of all some of them didn't register as my adepts becaus that way I'd be their "boss"
  7. looks like everyone forgot about BigC D: we still have to save him or something >.>
  8. Well, this is random but what if Akasha asked SmartAlekRJ for help? They're both at Golemus Golemicarum and SmartAlekRJ is now the dragon master, the tiny people will do whatever he says, he could ask them for a way to get into that pyramids (they probably don't know, but hey, there's a huge library down there) AND if there's any kind of pyramid underground, if there is they would probably know it. And SmartAlekRJ could always order them to make a "human" ladder that would lead into the floating pyramids xD
  9. If you're hotmail.com check the "secondary" e-mail box to where the spam usually goes, I don't know the name of that specific box because my hotmail is in portuguese so the name must be different, anyways I hope you get it.
  10. Count me in, I have no group preference so I'll be just fine in either A or B xD Edit: IGN: Root MP4
  11. Am I the only portuguese player here? Manu said it's would be better if we had a team to translate the game to portuguese instead of just me because the game is huge, if you want to help post here please.
  12. I think it's completely legal, at least this guyz have been doing this since ever and there weren't any kind of problems, anyways I'll leave the link with the info about that payment method -> https://secure.tibia.com/account/?subtopic=payment
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