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  1. Thanks for the answears guys/girls guess ill convice a friend to make an account and transfer the creatures to him so then he can transfer to me. Or maybe i should just stop writing before i get myself banned yeah. [quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1358999754' post='131312'] Hey Luciverus, heads up, Tipu (AKA Sippy Cup) is a theif and a liar. DST is rude and blunt. MRAlyon, although sometimes hard to get along with, is a semi-nice guy. Lone Wolf is usually just funny, not dangerous. Libertys insanely sarcastic 95% of the time, but an all around cool guy. And as for me?... w
  2. Hey everyone ive decided to start playing this game again and created this new account, after reading a bit i understand that youre allowed to trade creatures between accounts, so i would like to know if i can transfer creatures from my old account to this new one (the ones from the shop that you spend $). Thanks
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