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  1. i think lifeline deserved a warning before banning his alts, since he wasnt breaking rules ... id recommend to give back the alts he desires, especially since those creatures are of sentimental value to him .. define a new rule like... no creature transfers between own characters ... make it public and execute it .. i myself planned to do something not far from that ... and found no rules speaking explicite against it .. but now im warned
  2. well you could reset your account, to get it to zero xp , everyone can manage this in no time, the question is, who really want to do that btw how much is max xp?
  3. The main goal of the battle system is to provide many peoples for fights. The balance and honor has been introduced to make it necessary to loose fights, to reward people for loosing fights with Balance. With the new system this has been levered out. Some ideas to solve this one, before it gets a problem: 1) Remove VP from Regencounter, introduce a Arena, where winners and loosers get rewarded for fighting from the spectators 2) the old system, with the option for some moderators to delete some wins, to make an overall balance for the game 3) Everyday calculation of all active players yes
  4. I think in one or two weeks everyone will have enough losses. Therefore everyone will hide in sanctuarys, to prevent from getting unbalanced. It could get rather boring to have noone to kick asses.
  5. Magic duel? Since we are everyday very close to it, but a fantasy world is very far away from reality, im fearing to really get addicted, war and fights we have got every day. Or its Murs personal war against computers …. Magic Spell? Close since you are promised to get one, far since you cant solve the riddle, feared by your enemy, could be used for war. Correct spelling? According to watter, close but far away. Pupils doing homework fear it, teachers have a war introducing it in the world … Your shade? Since its attached to you but can reach huge dimensions if the source of light is place
  6. Well if you turn on ads and make a counter, when the necessary amount of money is reached, and switch them off then, would be a solution to provide as much ad as necessary and everyone can participate in switching adds off ... month for month an other option would be to grant a small amount for the md shop if someone klicks an add, i suggest 0.001$ maxed to 0.03$ per day, all other free credit links to 0.01$. if we get 1$ per month per person by clicking on ads this would be a stable base to limit the players is no solution, since more mp stages or the introduction of several lands needs a
  7. „That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange æons, even death may die“ „Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.“ In his house in R'leyeh waits dreaming the dead Cthulhu
  8. Hi I can provide information on martial arts (special karate and other japanese and chinese), mountaineering and climbing, mythology related to mountains, war and fighting theory (art of war, clausewitz, saint exupery, hinge, WW1), electric engineering, computer engineering, modelling, artificial intelligence, chaos theory, quantum physics, relativity theory, elemental particle physics, science theory, evolution, some fields of mathematics since its a huge field, pratchett and the discworld, philosophy - here i would have to reread some books i would read into greek, egyps, mayan/inka myth
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