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  1. 1) The general idea of the quest are layers aka dimensions. Something happenend in MD, but your not sure what. After some strange encounters, a layer will open and you are able to shift events and change the story. The story is based around some individuals who don't know who they are and where they came from, yet they are connected somehow. The quest will go similar as storymode with multiple endings. There is a replayability because of this, there will also be a final ending when you got every possible ending at that point. Shifting through layers via an item in your inventory will cover or
  2. I dont know if mine are an exception buty archealogist tools are used for bones not skulls.
  3. You are right about it. I guess I missed the logical sense that night, although it is still related to the theme. But I should have read the firts post and the title better that this is only for signing up.
  4. I'm not good at this kind of things, so I decided to cheat. I made a .bmp to .txt converter a year ago or so. It basically took the average of the RGB values of the pixel and used that as a B/W comparisen. Then it took a character that has a density that represents that value. I grabbed the old source code, and began to change some things. Soon I realized that it didn't work with the font size, as my characters in the .txt file only represents the density. So it was really hard to see what it was with a font size as big as 8. But I still want to show what the program can do, the link is below
  5. I am also interested in making this, there eas a discussion at GoE about tokens yesterday. How much they made players better and stuff. So I think that there also needs a list that explains it in the correct so that there wont be any misconceptions. So I am interested in being in that group. :)
  6. I got sponsorhip from the TK. So I first want to give a big thumb up for the TK. :) Right now the second and third place will also receive an Angien. And silver coins will also be given out in the following way. The player who finished last place will get 1 silver coin the second last will get 2 silver coin all the way to the first player. Signing up is still possible at this point. The deadline is 1 October 0:00 ST as said earlier.   I am also looking for players who are willing to judge. :)
  7. My idea game with talking some newer playing just now. Is that a lot of the beginning MP3's are curious about tools and harvesting resources. So my idea is to make sure certain new or existing tools will be easier accesible by beginning players. So that they have more to do in MD, and thus we will also keep more players in MD.
  8. So a cow will appear in the same statue hall as chewies avatar is right now? Why not do this for every land getting one statue to put their landmascot/king on?
  9. Isnt this already in the game kind of with MB and their angiens, there is a guild made for thta SoE. and the drachorns and their lairkeepers. But I like the genral idea, or own personal landmascot thta represents our king.
  10. Name: Rikstar ID: 132384 AD: 192 out of 1654 that is 12 percent. I want to be in the public council so that this project does not get doomed, I will strive for building a good foundation on which we can build later on. I will not put a fancy list of my qualities here, in my opinion you should meet a person to know him/her. So I invite you to come to GoE so you can ask question about this matter to me. Or just have a conversation.
  11. As a quest list will going to get sort of implemented then I will present my idea about it. In my opinion we need more permanent quests, not be done for rewards but dor lore I would say. When a quest is completed one will earn questpoints. Those questposts would act sort of as wishpoints. There will be a general distribution point in which you can buy vanity tools with your points. These items will be similar like dices and alcoholic drinks, I dont have an idea for more of such items, but Iam sure more players could figure something out. The same as with shared items they will respawn every
  12. Also people who join this quest dont try to post your submission pubicely only to me, so it will be judged anonymously thanks. :) If you have any questions regards anything just ask it. edit: If you want to be a judge send me a forum message about it so people wont know it.
  13. I know that there are lots of people willing to code including myself, isnt there anything we could do? I was also thinking of programming an application outside of md which generates mdscript so that more people can make quests who cant code, is anyone interested in that? Sething like that should not be that hard to make. :)
  14. Me too, more brainless murrynes for me.
  15. A quest system is a good idea and it ia something I am working on. But I have not told anybody about it. When i am getting back from vacation this is what I will be working on. If anyone wants to help me or is interested pm me. about MDA that is something that wont be changed in the long term I guess, I could be wrong. A lot of people think its also some game aspect including me; patience. Ofcourse this patience idea turns newer players away. But in MD are a lot of things that only work in the longterm. I agree that newer players think there is nothing to do in MD, I had the same when I just
  16. I am willing to do this right today, but I am on vacation and have only a phone availeble to go on internet, so it wont work for me now with arranging to get certain tools. But this is a bit offtopic so this could be better be spoken about in an other topic. Also about improving MD, is kickstarter something fot It? It would end the money crisis and it could get some more attention and thus more players.
  17. isnt this something the lhos are supposed to do? Not to insult them, but I would love to see them more actively helping newbies. Also there is a live help button, but make it more obvious for a beginner that there are lho for them to get information from. I dont know how this is arranged by the various lhos, but I would love to see something to happen. :) edit: In happen I mean setting up various events for beginning players. I saw once a teaparty in which cauldrons where explained something like that is great.
  18. What in my opinion is important to scatter some resources more across several lands. Like the bones they are only availeble to get in NC. And it would be great if some kind of team walms along some scenes to add extra resources to them. As the pump in the tribunal, you would expect that there will be water, but there is none. One could say its a dry pump, but its more fun when it has some logical function. There must be also other examples, but I do not know them. Also salt water would be a neat addition, it could be placed at the beach in GG. And ome could extract salt from it via a cauldron
  19. I know this is not the best idea tp solve it, but if we dont change anything about this it will ruin md at some point. Because of all that hate about resources and depletion of it.
  20. I absolutely love that idea syrian. It would also prevent most of the hate around resource depletion.
  21. yeah that is a way to make it much easier, when we give them information what is now called a spoiler. I am not sure if I am for or against it.
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