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  1. Thank you all for the congratulations and a happy birthday to Maeb! :)
  2. It does nothing because that small line of code isn't called, because it's outside the function. Let me program some small bits and I'll add it to the code. :) The solution to the problem is that you need to call the "rotate_list()" function. You can do that this way: <script> rotate_list(2); </script> Put this right after the "<body>", then it should work correctly. P.S. The number between the brackets means which page would be up, when you enter the webpage.
  3. I am glad to hear that. :) If the script doesnt work after some of your changes, then I will be glad to help you out.
  4. I would say that it is mainly, because nothing happens when someone doesnt care about those rules.
  5. Also when you want to join a land via voting, try to make a forum post so that the citizens know it. Doing this will highly increase your change of getting in the land. Just write who your character is and why joined the land, and you should be fine. But try to find a forum topic about this matter of that land, since some lands have already some form of application? (Not sure about this, but checking things shouldn't harm anyone.) Another great tip is to actually talk to the citizens of the land that you want to join, so that they could ask you question. (the question part could also be done
  6. AD: 263 Volition: 4.2 I've run two times in the underground till my AP was depleted, after that it was more idling around, and some small walks.
  7. That is basicaly your decission. Do you eant to write how he feels and everything up close, choose first person. Do you want a more global story, choose third person.
  8. I don't know if this is intended, but Chewett mentioned it earlier. I still get 0,01 volition when I enter a scene with a vicocity of -80. I suppose that isn't the way it's meant to be. EDIT: Strange it acts how it should again.
  9. The judging is still going on, but I want to ask a favor from my participants. Their is a voting up for my quest in the "quest voting" tab of MD. Would you like to vote on my quest and tell what you like/disliked of it? Thank you. Edit: The voting for my quest will end at 16th October.
  10. Quest has ended, now let the waiting begin. :)
  11. Quest is closed right now. If you signed in and you haven send me the submissions, then you got till 00:00ST 2 October to send it to me.
  12. Apparently my brain isn't working with me today, and I got confused when 1 October happens. So you got one day and an hour or so till the quest finishes. Sorry, if you got confused by my previous post.
  13. This is a reminder that the quest will end next tuesday, You can still participate if you haven't done it. I"m also looking for more judges, because the more I got the better the rewards will be distributed. :) And good luck to everybody already participating.
  14. Question: did you follow the bug reporting guide? talked to others and LHO's? No and no. I did step 1 though, I checked if it was already posted on the forums. But I skipped the important part of asking others.
  15. This feature should definately change to prevent confusion which I had. :)
  16. I clicked on Summer's breeze her name and the inventory doesn't show up and she had items. I made sure of that, so I gave her an item and her inventory still doesn't show up. Here is the link to the proof: http://imgur.com/ejEnbu8 The strangest thing is that her inventory is back to normal?
  17. - i might get the general idea of what you mean, but i have absolutely no clue how you see this done in curren scenes. Are you talking about various items that change look based on what you collect? Yes, just with the feature that is already in the realm. Certain clickables are in the realm when you have one certain item in your inventory. - there is no feature to change "stage" of a clickable based on inventory, At the moment there are progressive combiners that have multiple stages based on how "completely filled" they are with the items/resources they require, but that affects all player
  18. MP6 are great for lowering visc, because they can teleport a group of peiple to them. We should call those MP6 Visc destroyers or something.
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