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  1. These are some ideas I have collected over several weeks. Some can be good, some can be awful. If you think one in particulair is good and plan on to discuss it. Please open a new topic about it. Most of my plans are based on increasing the amount of travel in MD and adding gameplay elements. 1. Waiting in certain scenes gives you bonusses, like: Faster generation or an increasement in your max VIT, AP, VP etc... These scenes should be memorable scenes like: temples, buildings and special looking scenes. These effects can be acquired while you are offline. So that there is a reason to travel to certain scenes, while you are going to log off of MD. 2. Extra vitality generation in the capital of your land or a faster timer. This could be based on the skill: Briskness. 3. When you are dead you can lay still and do the same thing as it is now. In this mode you can still be moved by teleporting spells. You can also choose to move around in a sort of nightmode. Other players aren't seeing you nor can you see other players. Your task is to collect souls. After you collect a soul it takes you an hour to collect an other. A soul gives you a point. If there are more players in a scene you get a lesser amount of point. If there isn't a player you get no points. You can revive yourself, when you reach a certain amount of points. Those "soul points" could also be used for other things. So you want to get dead to harvest them. Maybe those aren't soul point, but it is a special kind of resource? 4. MD gets special placed portals. You need to sacrifice violition and some heat to enter a special kind of mode. This mode looks like nightmode. You can't see other nor talk with them and vice versa. But when you walk through scenes you don't have to deal with viscocity or it takes less AP based on Briskness. You can transform back at an other portal, this has an AP cost of 100 AP. I used 100 AP, so that beginning players don't get stuck in this mode. 5. You will be able to sacrifice the resources that you have harvested. This could happen at the altars that are used for creature sacrificing. When you sacrifice resources you can get the same rewards as for sacrificing creatures but in lesser amounts. Certain altars give percentages bonusses to certain skills you get. 6. This could be a spell, because you perform a ritual or spell. The spell uses heat and AP. The spell doubles the amount of resources that the scene gets when resources are respawned. This spell could be stackable. Alternatively you can always drop off AP, and when there is a certain amount of AP dropped in a scene the resources double quadrupple etc... when the resources get respawned at the end of the day. 7. Activating a certain object with multiple players. Every player for example two have to be in a different scene to activate an object in an other or a scene in which one of the players is. For example a scene that will unlock temporarely or a portal that will be openend. 8. Give alliance leaders more powers based on the oneness of the housing. Powers that could be given are setting up a temporary jump portal for the alliance members, bonusses to certain skills and teleporting to the alliance leader while he is offline. These powers can be used a few time. The powers reset every week. 9. A big sacrificing totem in every land, preferebly deep inside the land. You can sacrifice violition at the totem to decrease the viscocity in the land. The violition would act like heat it slowly decreases the viscocity in a land, but the violition that's put into the totem also decreases overtime. So we kind of have a fireplace for every land. 10. Every land can claim scenes from NML. This gives bonusses to the members of that land. The bonus you get from it would be a shorter timer for every member. NML could fight other lands back, NML citizens are twice as affective as an other land. You can claim a certain scene by having it connected it to a scene that is from your land. Then you have to defend it for two days, NML citizens need to defend it for 1 day. You need to use an item, which you can get at your capital, and use it. You can only use it when there is a minimum of 5 members in that scene. You claim that scene when there remain 5 members of your land for 2 days. Offline members will be shown while the claiming system is active. NML needs to get a distribution point in which they can get a tool to claim their land back. 11. Watch out a Drachorn has landed on one of the scenes and makes it unable to move through it. This Drachorn can only be defeated through teamwork. He needs to be weakenend, after that you can defeat him. Weakening can be done by attacking him and winning. Every MP level has it's own defend ritual to make it more fair. Throwing some sort of resources at him weakens it. Like a fire Drachorn would be weakenend by water. You can destroy him, when you have weakenend him enough. To destroy him you must use a special kind of tool, which can be made from various resources. << not sure which resources and how to make the tool. Every person that helped to defeat him gets a reward like: max vit, vp, skills and maybe a special type of resource. The more you have done the more you get. 12. A tree has been grown magically in a scene. You can collect resources from it and when it is depleted the tree is gone. If the resources respawn and the tree isn't depleted, then it's resources gets doubled like normal. A player can plant a tree and let it grow, instead of having it magically appear. The tree needs water everyday to survive, else it would die. 13. Having secret scenes open every month. Some secret scenes will be openend 1 day a month. Players who don't have acces to those scenes want to travel to them. This will lead to more traveling. 14. Finding things while traveling. It already depends on Luck if we find VP, this could also be used to get some extra vit and AP. The more visc the higher the succes rates are that you find some. Maybe some other things like skills? I don't think that resources will be a good idea, since they are harvested with tools and then the tools become useless. 15. Not only able to see which skills you gained on a given day, but you can also see how many Max AP, Vit, VP and MP you gained on a given day. 16. You are able to meditate just like in the tutorial. When you meditate you restore VIT, VP and AP twice as fast. Though you are unable to do anything in the meditating mode. Before you meditate you can choose for how long you are going to meditate.
  2. An invincibility cloak that utilizes the Night mode. An independant memory stone collector. A wishpoint. A send to graveyard spell.
  3. Received my two aramors and 5 pieces of 9th birthday cake and 5 silver coins. Thank you Council, it was a great MD birthday!
  4. Yes you overwrite them, but you could also edit them. Just check what kind of array it is and your in. But having a unique storage name doesn't give that oppertunity to other players. It's a good thing to make sure that nobody knows the name of your storage.
  5. I will answer the @input question later, it should be findable on the forums. But I'll give an explanation later. When I have some more time. Everything saved via storage and retrieved from storage and mds_storage can be accesed via every clickable. In exactly the same way you did in a previous clickable script. You can even edit variables from other players, if I'm correct. Though you must know the ID from that storage. I don't know anything of the variable size, but I suspect that you can save a lot. So you won't run into problems like that.
  6. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5494-variables/ ^^ "3 special variables @input , this will get filled automaticaly with anything sent from a FORM (user input!) @content, this is an array that hold each of the content sections that you separate by the content separator in the content editing field, the other field besides the script editing field. @storage, gets loaded with data by the mds_storage() function. All data in this array gets saved to the database as a storage. Set data in the right indexes and after initiating storage or your script will get warnings if you set this var chaoticaly. " So @input will save all variables that are sent via forms and buttons. I think that @store and @retrieve aren't used that commenly nowadays. I would suggest to save variables via @storage. @va=mds_storage("???","aoau"); @temp = @storage[@va][uv("name")]; First use the mds_storage("storage_name", "storage_type") function to get the ID of your storage. Then use @storage[@va][uv("name")] to get all the variable that is saved under the "uv("name")" with your storage ID.The function uv("name") returns the player's name that is using that clickie. This saving technique is used when you want every player to store their own variables. Change @temp and save your variable this way: @storage[@va][uv("name")] = @temp; When you want to save a lot of variables for every player then make an array and save that array. This can be done this way: @temp = array("name"=>uv("name"), "stage"=>0, "win"=>0, "lost"=>0); Then save that array this way: @storage[@va][uv("name")] = @temp; To retrieve the array just use this again: @va=mds_storage("???","aoau"); @temp = @storage[@va][uv("name")]; To get the name of the player use: @temp["name"] or to get the win variable: @temp["win"]; If you have any question regarding this post, then don't mind to ask them.
  7. EDIT: "#" << this is the symbol for a sharp. I don't know the puzzle, but I can give you an explanation on what a sharp is. Basically a piano has 12 notes: A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G and G#. Most people see: A, B, C, D, E, F and G as the basic notes. When you add a sharp for example to an A, then you get an A#. You move it up one space on the 12 notes. Note that a B# is the same as a C. A flat is basically the opposite of a sharp instead of going up you go down on the 12 notes. B flat is the same as a A# and C flat is the same as a B. I hope that I have explained it good enough, if you have any questions just ask them.
  8. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/109672400803677267275/albums/6005184500571871409 ^^ this link contains all the images of my cake backing progress. I've never made a cake before, but there were luckily some instructions on the baking supply. Also my master chefs, my mom and sister, helped me, when I was completely lost. I even discovered that those cooking tools aren't that hard to understand! The cake tasted great!
  9. The quest will start at 22:00 today at the GoE. The story has started: Removed spoilers!
  10. Summary: This is a quest about friendship between the characters, roleplaying and running around in MD. This quest will also offer different story endings, so what you do has an influence on the outcome of the story. This quest won't have hard puzzles to solve. Though some parts will only be availeble to players who have unlocked certain scenes/lands in MD. But you can still win the quest or get prizes when you can't enter certain scenes. This quest is played by all player simultaneously. The story will advance when one player reaches a special kind of point. I will progress the quest after 20 minutes or so, to let other players also find the points. The player that comes first to me gets to choose which story option is going to be followed. Scoring: The scoring is based on how fast you get to certain points in the quest. Those special points will inform you to send me a forum PM or ingame PM stating a special word in it. I know how far you are in the quest via that special word. I will keep track of the time in which you discovered the piece of information. Those points will also tell you which option you have for the story to choose from. Rewards: There is some final descissions to be made for the rewards, but it is sponsored by council. Starting time/ scene: The quest stars at 21:00 tomorrow on saturday the 19th of April. Maybe due to my RL I may extend the time a little bit. The quest starts at the GoE. Registration: You do not need to state in this topic that you are going to participate, you can just show up when the quest starts or when it is starting. You can join the quest at any time in it. The only thing that matters is that your change at winning is much lower. But if you think that you are going to participate, then I would like it if you state so in this topic. Just so that I've got a bit of a clue on how many players are going to do the quest. Why I think I will not fail this quest: My first quest failed, because I needed to set up the times and dates for the matches. Those times and dates weren't easy to set up and I could have done it faster if I took more initiative. The second wasn't a big succes, because I messed up with the judges. I didn't had the judging part planned correctly. This quest is way easier to judge, because I get informed by the players when they achieved a point in the quest. Then I just add up some kind of score to determine the winner. The times and dates when the quest starts is just pre-determined, so that problem is gone as well. Other pieces of information: I will write up the things that happenend to the story in this topic. I will also state in the topic what you can do if you want to jump in the quest, when it already has started. If there are any questions about the quest, state them in this topic and I will answer them. Goodluck!
  11. This bug still works, if I type this in chat "()()()()()()()()()()()()()" I get the next comment in colour. Less brackets won't work, and more brackets have the same effect.
  12. Happy birthday Sunfire and have a nice day.
  13. Here is the list for tools to grab: Cake tin: ITC34242KRMAN99MDI888OXT281W23X Cask of beer: ITC15937ZTKRM83MDI572OIH923F98A Bottle of tequila: ITC15927BLOMW38MDI578PPF604C91Y EDIT: I know that the regroup will happen tomorrow, so I will stay at the scene for the night.
  14. Have you ever been to a party and thought why there wasn't any cake, tea and booze. Well there isn't any at this party too, so we have to bring it to the party! I will be in the East this day to grab the booze, cake and tea recipes and other imporant stuff. I will send PM's with the ITC to all the players that make a comment in this topic, just state what you want. Are there any players who can make sure that we have those heat collecting tools? It would be great if those ITC could be send to the players that want them. I think that NC citizens are the only one able to grab sand castle tools, it would be great if those tools could be provided to the general public this week, is that possible? If there are any other public tools which can be a lot of fun for this birthday, mention them here and we all see what we can do with them. Have a happy 9th MD birthday and make it as fun as possible. :)
  15. I will give the pro's and con's on your initial idea: Pro's: It would be great to add a certain kind of mystery around MD and it will help traveling faster through MD. But I don't like the idea personaly, because I want to get to every scene without skipping one; the full journey! Con's: It helps traveling, but as Ary said there is no reason to travel. I think that that is the problem and not the concept of viscocity. If players want to move and viscocity is still a pain, then we have to doubt viscocity. But MD should focus more on wanting to travel, then make traveling easier.
  16. We have a sub reddit for md. O.o Count me in!
  17. Ah, the good old days of playing roblox. But my pc is too bad to play it. But I hope you will find a person to play with. :)
  18. I remember you talking about this some months ago, I think I offered my help. So if I'm needed, I'm in.
  19. And if MDA needs a land leader to give titles to the land, then one must assume that the land is very active or atleast active enough to have a king/ leader. So you want a king for a land, that isn't active enough to decide who their king will be. I see no reason in getting a king this way for giving titles to the citizens of the land.
  20. I do agree that the "mur land" part sounds a bit to forced. But I meant to say, that it seems that Mur wants a lot of influences in who gets to be the land leader. In which I believe the land should have those influences.
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