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  1. An invincibility cloak that utilizes the Night mode. An independant memory stone collector. A wishpoint. A send to graveyard spell.
  2. Received my two aramors and 5 pieces of 9th birthday cake and 5 silver coins. Thank you Council, it was a great MD birthday!
  3. Yes you overwrite them, but you could also edit them. Just check what kind of array it is and your in. But having a unique storage name doesn't give that oppertunity to other players. It's a good thing to make sure that nobody knows the name of your storage.
  4. I will answer the @input question later, it should be findable on the forums. But I'll give an explanation later. When I have some more time.   Everything saved via storage and retrieved from storage and mds_storage can be accesed via every clickable. In exactly the same way you did in a previous clickable script. You can even edit variables from other players, if I'm correct. Though you must know the ID from that storage.   I don't know anything of the variable size, but I suspect that you can save a lot. So you won't run into problems like that.
  5. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5494-variables/ ^^ "3 special variables @input , this will get filled automaticaly with anything sent from a FORM (user input!) @content, this is an array that hold each of the content sections that you separate by the content separator in the content editing field, the other field besides the script editing field. @storage, gets loaded with data by the mds_storage() function. All data in this array gets saved to the database as a storage. Set data in the right indexes and after initiating storage or your script will get warnings if you set this var c
  6. EDIT: "#" << this is the symbol for a sharp.   I don't know the puzzle, but I can give you an explanation on what a sharp is. Basically a piano has 12 notes: A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G and G#. Most people see: A, B, C, D, E, F and G as the basic notes. When you add a sharp for example to an A, then you get an A#. You move it up one space on the 12 notes. Note that a B# is the same as a C. A flat is basically the opposite of a sharp instead of going up you go down on the 12 notes. B flat is the same as a A# and C flat is the same as a B. I hope that I have explained it
  7. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/109672400803677267275/albums/6005184500571871409 ^^ this link contains all the images of my cake backing progress.   I've never made a cake before, but there were luckily some instructions on the baking supply. Also my master chefs, my mom and sister, helped me, when I was completely lost. I even discovered that those cooking tools aren't that hard to understand! The cake tasted great!
  8. The quest will start at 22:00 today at the GoE.     The story has started:   Removed spoilers!
  9. Summary: This is a quest about friendship between the characters, roleplaying and running around in MD. This quest will also offer different story endings, so what you do has an influence on the outcome of the story. This quest won't have hard puzzles to solve. Though some parts will only be availeble to players who have unlocked certain scenes/lands in MD. But you can still win the quest or get prizes when you can't enter certain scenes. This quest is played by all player simultaneously. The story will advance when one player reaches a special kind of point. I will progress the quest after 20
  10. This bug still works, if I type this in chat "()()()()()()()()()()()()()" I get the next comment in colour. Less brackets won't work, and more brackets have the same effect.
  11. Happy birthday Sunfire and have a nice day.
  12. Here is the list for tools to grab: Cake tin: ITC34242KRMAN99MDI888OXT281W23X Cask of beer: ITC15937ZTKRM83MDI572OIH923F98A Bottle of tequila: ITC15927BLOMW38MDI578PPF604C91Y   EDIT: I know that the regroup will happen tomorrow, so I will stay at the scene for the night.
  13. Have you ever been to a party and thought why there wasn't any cake, tea and booze. Well there isn't any at this party too, so we have to bring it to the party! I will be in the East this day to grab the booze, cake and tea recipes and other imporant stuff. I will send PM's with the ITC to all the players that make a comment in this topic, just state what you want. Are there any players who can make sure that we have those heat collecting tools? It would be great if those ITC could be send to the players that want them. I think that NC citizens are the only one able to grab sand castle tools,
  14. I will give the pro's and con's on your initial idea:   Pro's: It would be great to add a certain kind of mystery around MD and it will help traveling faster through MD. But I don't like the idea personaly, because I want to get to every scene without skipping one; the full journey!   Con's: It helps traveling, but as Ary said there is no reason to travel. I think that that is the problem and not the concept of viscocity. If players want to move and viscocity is still a pain, then we have to doubt viscocity. But MD should focus more on wanting to travel, then make traveling easier
  15. We have a sub reddit for md. O.o Count me in!
  16. Ah, the good old days of playing roblox. But my pc is too bad to play it. But I hope you will find a person to play with. :)
  17. I remember you talking about this some months ago, I think I offered my help. So if I'm needed, I'm in.
  18. And if MDA needs a land leader to give titles to the land, then one must assume that the land is very active or atleast active enough to have a king/ leader. So you want a king for a land, that isn't active enough to decide who their king will be. I see no reason in getting a king this way for giving titles to the citizens of the land.
  19. I do agree that the "mur land" part sounds a bit to forced. But I meant to say, that it seems that Mur wants a lot of influences in who gets to be the land leader. In which I believe the land should have those influences.
  20. I dislike this idea, because you want MDA to have leader, so it must happen right now. And why are you the one that gets to choose the king/ queen of MDA? It's not like the land can't do this on it's own. LR and MB has done it on their own, and it all went fine. Maybe MDA isn't that active anymore, isn't it better to start talking to members of the land, and ask them what they think: what would be the best for their land? It seems like you want to create another Mur land to me.
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