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  1. From 13ST till 1ST Yes No, but maybe yes if it only shows my hand and a piece of paper. So no recognition pieces from my house and rooms.
  2. I would also like to help out.
  3. I know it, it was one of the examples. Maybe I wasn't clear enough that I was talking about the existing features.
  4. This wouldn't really help, since some lands share their resources/ items. So do you want that group to forbid trading with a whole land, if one of them misbehaves? Also what about depletion in a land that doesn't care about depletion? I think that a land should take care of this, if it happenend in their land and they don't want it to happen. And if such a depleter can't trade with that group, then that could become a problem for that group. For example one player hoards all the memory stones in magicduel. So that player should have a lot of them. Eventually less players will have memory stones, because of using them. And one of the only ways of getting more is to stop this player from hoarding or to trade with him. So resource depletion could also benefit a player if it is done over a long period of time. I remember that there were some decent solutions in the other threads about this, but I don't recall them that good. Most of them were focused on changing MD for it via items to indentify them or stealing resources back? Those are also a bit hard to implement. What I would like to see were those ideas of getting more resources in a scene, if a giving event has happenend in MD. For example raining. Water resources will fill up, when it rains. Or the raincollector. I would like to see more of those dynamic resourc ideas. Also what about removing 0.25 percent of resources and 0.5. Just add 0 resources to 1. This will fill up the scene a lot faster, so it has a better change of not getting immediately depleted.
  5. I don't know that much about combat, but I think that Ary is right that defend is basically useless. I have found another reason why it is. Because when you look at the ability intoxicate, then you can clearly see that you will always prefer intoxicate above defend. Intoxicate lasts for 4 rounds and defend for 1. Intoxicate drains more stats. Intoxicate helps for each attack of that given enemy creature, wheter defend only helps for an attack on one creature of yourself. Also note that I think that increasing defence of one of your creatures gives the same result as draining the attack of a creature from the enemy.
  6. The Name of your character in game: Rikstar Your ID: 132384 Duration of enslavement (1 week to 3 months): 3 months Reason: I've served my previous master, Syrian, pretty good, so you could ask her what you think of me. Also Sunfire bought me last year as a slave and I think that I didn't screw up. Limitations or special wishes (optional): I don't have any special wishes. The only limitation is that I won't give you my ingame items or creatures. Percentage you want to donate to TK. (min. 10%): 25% Standard minimum bid is 5 silver. If you want to raise the starting price for your character, specify the minimum bid: 5 silver as a minimum. Edit: Changed the 10% to 25%.
  7. Well the Dutch winning from Spain with 5-1 tells us otherwise. :)
  8. Pff the real winners are the Dutch! We almost won from Spane the last time, so this year shall be ours!
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