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  1. Rikstar is the leader of R squared!
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    Teams? Teams!

    Also anyone that wants to join the green team PM me. I will hand out information next week!
  3. I will sign up for you quest!
  4. Why not make our own map? Somebody could draw the points that would have be good strategic wise and somebody who can draw can make it look beautiful. It only isn't set in MD, that's the main drawback. But it would be perfectly fold for the game.
  5. One thing that I remembered talking about with Dan was Weariness. The rules as they stand right now are: Weariness: if you lose hp during any turn, add the following damage: damage=for k from 1 to n do sum of〖5×(k^2-agi) 〗, with n is the last phase that you do an action. Weariness is something that definately needs to be changed. It makes killing way too easy. I remember that weariness did more damage then the damage done by an other player. (though I could be wrong about this.) Weariness isn't that bad of an idea, but in my opinion it should be based on percentages. So that it doesn't do more damamge, then the damage that a player/players did to them.
  6. I encountered this bug in MDscript, while I was working on a project myself. I needed to delete all my saved variable in @storage to start with a clean blank. So I did this: And I got the following warnings: Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.rpcqdocread.php(183) : eval()'d code on line 19 Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.rpcqdocread.php(183) : eval()'d code on line 24 Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.rpcqdocread.php(183) : eval()'d code on line 30 I was too lazy to use the good way to do it. The good way is too look how many object are in the array that is in @storage[@vo] and then delete every object in the array. What I did was deleting the whole array right now. I think that this gave those errors/ warning, because mds_storage() give a certain @storage[] object free to use for the player. This is used, so that you can only edit your own array. Or atleast the arrays that you have created or that you know the name of. But I just deleted the array that I got acces to, and the game gives me acces to that array. So nothing exist there and thus I get an error. Hopefully this is helpful in any way, else just ask away. EDIT: WARNING this is irreversible, if this is done you can't ever use that word as a storage ID. ^^This is not true read edit 2. EDIT2: Did some more research on this and came to a different conclusion. This isn't a bug, but there is something different going on. So basically when you try this code you/ I mainly use it for this: The above code is used to store data in an array and every player has it's own set of variabes in this array. But what I did in the first code is changing @storage[@vo] from an array to a normal variable. So to undo this you only have to change @storage[@vo] into an array again. Do this with the following code: This will change @storage[@vo] into an array again. Conclusion: This isn't a bug so sorry for putting it in the bug list. But it is something to watch out for. Now that when you are creating a new @storage["ID"] that it always is an array. This topic should be moved to the general MD script page.
  7. I will be joining you, Sir Blut. Also I'm challenging you!
  8. Skills: I program some games in Unity in my free time. I'm mostly focused on procedural generation. Though I don't know if that's what we need for MD. I can program at least in c/c# and c++. I do have some experience with web based programming. Though it's only php and javascript and I haven't used it for a few months. On the other part, I can also make music with various music applications. I don't really have work scattered around the internet. But I could be able to make some ambient sounds or just any special effect sounds that might be used on buttons. Interests in MD: I'm interested in the mystery that's around MD. I want to explore new things and be amazed. What you would like to work on now: I would like to work on doing research about balancing the resources, because the resources should be balanced and made to be more fun. Also I would like with helping to implement some of the features that No one suggested in an other thread, or just new cauldron items. I would also really love to work on some soundscapes/ ambient stuff for scenes within MD. This would breathe more life in MD. And also remove some of those annoying sounds and replace them with better alternatives.
  9. Before reading this note that those are things that I want to change in my opinion. Those are based on some of the problems that I have come across. It could be possible that you think way different then I do. So if anything suggest wouldn't work or isn't a problem, please tell me and let me see it from a different viewpoint! I would firstly remove all the unnecessary features from MD or the features that don't improve gameplay at the moment. I will remove the following features from MD (note some of these features could come back, but they get removed at the moment): --The ability to make totems; --Violition; --Equipment. I've heard that it's never going to be extended, because the item system has taken over this one. Then I would change the existing features that aren't completely done. The features that I want to change are: --The first thing that is going to change are the resources. I woould remove all the resources from every scene. Then I would place them at the scenes they could be logically in and place them, so that some lands have more of some kind of resources then the others. Basically balancing the resources. (I do know that this is planned for autumn 2050. There was a thread about balancing them.) --I want to change Bushies, because they aren't really fun or balanced. Firstly I want to change the scene they are in. Why are they even placed in No Mans Land? It doesn't make much sense from a game design point in my opinion. I would make more of those bushie plants and scatter them around MD, so that it would encourage players to travel a lot more. I would alse make more varieties of the Bushie. All the different kind of bushies give different kinds of abilities to players. Basically like candie and pickles, but you would get more of these stats from bushies. Because it's way harder to get those. Also something that is more important about the bushie. Let them take some time to grow, so you have to be around them. Because you just insert the right amount of water resources in them and you get your bushie. It isn't really exciting. It would be fun to see people using tactics to steal them from other players or protecting their bushies. --I would add more npc's like the aramor. It's very hard for a beginning player to find someone to fight to. More wandering NPC's would solve this problem. It will also make players want to travel more. The following features are new features that I would implement in MD: --I want to make some things automatic, so real humans don't have to handle it. Like kingship for example. There is a voting after a certain time or there is never a voting. The current king can decide this. But the players can rebel against him. You can choose to join a rebel and the one that wins becomes the new king and gets all the tools autimaticly. The winner is the rebel who has 50 percent of the citizens. Though it should be harder to remove citizens from a land as a king, else the kind could exploit that feature. --Make the alliances work exactly the same as the kingship described above. The next list are small changes that would be made immediately: --Give the option to choose how many resources you give to the other player. This would encourage to trade, because you don't have to give away all of one kind of resource if you want to trade it. Because he could trade 1000 resources for something, when you have that many stacked up? This features is added, because there aren't many ways to use your resources. So you won't decrease your amount of a given resource. The last list is more development related: --More openenss about development and letting players now, what the upcoming features are about in detail. --Only bringing out features that are done. So things like violition and totems will only be added, when they have a real function in MD.
  10. Bye Sunfire. I hope to see you back soon!
  11. There was already a trade with bones for memory stones, if I remember it correctly. :)
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