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  1. Help! Could you help me find some stolen goods? A thief has stolen them just a second ago. I think he headed to the Sage's Keep. (The clickie password is: 9thdaymdbirthday) I've opened this topic, since their was a request for it. Use it for giving me feedback on the quest, say that you participated, offer rewards or ask questions if you don't know something. Also this quest will end at the end of the MD birthday and I will try to improve it and let it open for some weeks after the birthday.
  2. April 22 PlayerName: Rikstar ID: 132384 I've done some quests in the past for the MD birthdays they weren't a big succes, but I liked to do them. For this year I'm planning some sort of clicky quest in which multiple lands need to be visited. Also some events will take place in the world involving scripted clickies.
  3. Player name: Rikstar ID: 132384 Traveler - 4 Traveler's seed: Dark brown seed that has long sprouted roots. It gives a warm feeling if it is eaten. It's therefore used by travelers to keep themselves warm. Acorn cap: An acorn cap is used to communicate over long distances due to it's whistle behavior when blowing in it. A combination of different rhythms and frequencies makes words and sentences. A piece of bark: This piece of bark has a cross cut in it with a tiny mark on the back. The mark represents some forgotten knowledge which was used by ancient travelers. Distilled beer: A small glass jar with distilled beer in it. It has a cloth at the top of the jar, which is made secure with a small rope wrapped around it. Farmer - 3 Wooden bird house: Place it in the forest and the birds will come quickly to go inside. It has a round cup in which food and water can be put. Grain grinder: This is one of the two components to grind grain for flour. It's made out of stone and really smooth because it has been used a lot. Rose thorn: A rose thorn that came from the deep woods within Loreroot. It is said that when you cut yourself daily with these thorns that you can become closer with nature. Explorer - 4 Brass key chain: The holder of the keys that was the connection between secrets and the public eye. This connection has been vanished and no keys have remained. Shattered monocle: Once used for the rich and now it holds a few shattered pieces of glass. Though the small images on the metal look beautifully crafted. Pocket hourglass: A wooden hourglass decorated with golden leaves that fits in your pocket. It is so finally crafted that it takes exactly one quarter of a day to fill the other side of the hourglass. Pearl bracelet: Make sure to touch all the pearls when you wake up, because old stories say that is acts as a luck token. It came from the ruins in the East, but it is taken care of and feels perfectly smooth. Soil researcher - 2 Metal rod: It has a sharp tip at the bottom and it was used to research how much the soil resists a force. Nickel tray: This was used to determine if the clay is good enough to build with. First some clay was put in and then hole was punctured, it was then dropped to the ground and the hole collapsed and based on some experiments you could determine if it was good enough. Surgeon - 2 Small handsaw: This was used in the early days, when more truths were discovered about the bodies of many. Bodies were operated alive and dead. Though it can't be used anymore all the sharp edges have been rounded off. Thin needle: A needle so thin that you almost don't feel it puncture your skin. Along with a thin rope it was used to sew skin together. Painter - 3 Blue ink: This color was the base of the skies, rivers and shadows in lots of paintings. It comes in a small decorated jar engraved with small symbols. Painter's brush: Wood from Loreroot and the hair of a knator made this brush. This brush was used to paint thick lines, because the hairs of a knator are very big. Cloth covered in paint: An old disgusting piece of cloth that was used to take off any unneeded paint from a paint brush. Grave digger - 2 Decorated skull: A skull engraved with curly- flowery lines and it has colorful gems all over it. There is also a ring on the side, which can be used to hang it on a hook. Black ring: A black metal ring with a red gem put on it that represents cyclicity. It dies with it's owner and Lives again when it meets a new one. Slave - 2 Leather collar: A symbol that shows someone is owned by an other. It has a small metal plate attached to it, but the name that is written on it is unreadable. Potato sack: A piece of clothing that has been worn by the lowest of all, the ones who had no rights. It smells really awful and it almost falls apart. A more job oriented list of items. Mur: good items, i had to remove some, will explain later why
  4. Player name: Rikstar ID: 132384 General - 8 Glass jar - A jar made of glass that can hold many small objects. Grey pencil - This pencil looks like it hasn't been used. The grey is almost white. Dusty Lens - This lens was made out of a glass jar, it looks a bit dusty and it has a small crack in it. Rainbow Marble - A marble that has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Bent Nail - A steel nail that is bent in the middle and has some rust on it. Pocket Watch - A small golden pocket watch with a sun painted on the back. It shows the time, which day it is and the air pressure. Walking Stick - A long walking stick that is made from birch wood. It has a sharp tip and is finely sanded. Bird sculpture - A small sculpture that looks like a bird. It is made out of some red/ brown stone. NML - 1 Old Parchment - A parchhment that came from the Paper Cabin. It's edges are burned and it has some scribbles on it. MB - 1 Decorated Candle - a candle that came from the Sage's Keep and was used for prayers. LR - 1 Flowery pendant - A pendant made of flowers that were found in Loreroot. GG - 2 Used Rope - a rope that was used for climbing the Golemus Golemicarum mountains. It almost falls apart. Drift Wood - Some drift wood that could have been from a ship. It was found on the shores of Golemus Golemicarum. NC - 2 Old book - A book that is used at the Way of Cleansing. It has a symbol on it that represent the principle entropy. Creepy doll - a doll with a creepy smile on it's face. It's dusty and it has some cuts in it. MDA - 1 Bonsai tree - A bonsai tree that is perfectly trimmed with scissors. It used to stand on one of the many desks in the Magic Duel Archives. UG - 1 Granite stone - A granite stone that is oddly shaped like a pyramid. It came from the deep cavers of the Underground. The East - 1 Bag of Spices - A small leather bag that is filled with a combination of spices. The spices came from the kitchens in the East. Some are items are general and others are more land specific. Mur: mostly OK, so far the most nicely flavored item list, good work
  5. Congratiolations, King Nad. I salute you!
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