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  1. Help! Could you help me find some stolen goods? A thief has stolen them just a second ago. I think he headed to the Sage's Keep. (The clickie password is: 9thdaymdbirthday)   I've opened this topic, since their was a request for it. Use it for giving me feedback on the quest, say that you participated, offer rewards or ask questions if you don't know something.   Also this quest will end at the end of the MD birthday and I will try to improve it and let it open for some weeks after the birthday.
  2. April 22 PlayerName: Rikstar ID: 132384   I've done some quests in the past for the MD birthdays they weren't a big succes, but I liked to do them. For this year I'm planning some sort of clicky quest in which multiple lands need to be visited. Also some events will take place in the world involving scripted clickies.
  3. Player name: Rikstar ID: 132384   Traveler - 4 Traveler's seed: Dark brown seed that has long sprouted roots. It gives a warm feeling if it is eaten. It's therefore used by travelers to keep themselves warm. Acorn cap: An acorn cap is used to communicate over long distances due to it's whistle behavior when blowing in it. A combination of different rhythms and frequencies makes words and sentences. A piece of bark: This piece of bark has a cross cut in it with a tiny mark on the back. The mark represents some forgotten knowledge which was used by ancient travelers. Distilled beer: A smal
  4. Player name: Rikstar ID: 132384   General - 8 Glass jar - A jar made of glass that can hold many small objects. Grey pencil - This pencil looks like it hasn't been used. The grey is almost white. Dusty Lens - This lens was made out of a glass jar, it looks a bit dusty and it has a small crack in it. Rainbow Marble - A marble that has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Bent Nail - A steel nail that is bent in the middle and has some rust on it. Pocket Watch - A small golden pocket watch with a sun painted on the back. It shows the time, which day it is and the air pressure. Walking Stic
  5. Congratiolations, King Nad. I salute you!
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