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  1. Then I shall soon send my artwork in.
  2. I don't know, but should the "8 Shaped Odd Rock" also be in this list? It says that it is a tool in my inventory.
  3. The resources at wind's game don't show up. I know there is some delay, but I waited for 4 minutes.
  4. I also agree on this one.
  5. Oh and Rikstar shall be the new leader of all. :D
  6. Phantom Orchid posts helpful link: http://jenxexplorer.blogspot.nl/2011/03/blog-post.html Thanks to google.
  7. You've chosen an unliky day to drop by, it just started today.
  8. I created a Chatzy group to talk if you have nothing to do now. :D http://us12.chatzy.com/66695864354841
  9. I was like: Ah finally back from school, lets go to MD. :D Wut Wut happenend, everything removed! D: It must be some sort of trolling or hack. *reads this topic* Ah someone can't press the right buttons. (If everything is indeed removed, then we've got a lot of MP3's. Yayz for mp3 slaughter fest. :D)
  10. It's still going on, I guess I'll need to inform the other participants. Will happen soon.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noDSyLzVz2g&list=UUoxcjq-8xIDTYp3uz647V5A&index=6 A bit offtopic, but this shows that the random decaying isn't that random.
  12. The second match between Change-Nimrodel finished today. And for the other participants contact each other for the fight, I'll also try to reach you. Here is the log and note that Meme is Change. She named her character different for the fight. *Nimrodel*: *pulls out her knife and summons her grasan* Meme: *takes out a dart and waits to hear what Nimrodel is thinking of doing.* *Nimrodel*: *pats sammy and whispers in his ear* "Go.. give her the best time of her life" Meme: *waits patiently, her other hand resting on the cork of one of her vials of poison.* *Nimrodel*: *watches sammy fro
  13. I got one problem, and that is getting to the willow shop. I'm trapped in story mode, so could anyone teleport me to willow's shop?
  14. Name: Rikstar Item: sticky goop
  15. I first want to let the players that didn't had a fight yet to have a match. When some matches are set I'll post the new ones on this topic. This will probably happen in a few days. Sorry for the waiting.
  16. I'll continue my quest right now. I'll be posting down below who's fighting who. You need to contact each other and discus when you both can do the match, then you'll contact me and we will do the match at that time. If you have any questions, then I recommend to contact me. Matches: Syrian against dst. Change against Nimrodel. Tipu against Dark Demon.
  17. I'll try to be there Fang. I'll also try to get some presents for the little ones.
  18. So if the story doesn't continue, will all the story related scenes be open to everybody?
  19. This is the message I send to all the players I saw. [color=#000000]Surprise Party for Chewett![/color] [color=#000000]Hello, my name is rikstar and I want to make a surprise party for Chewett. Chewett is about to reach 2K active days and he does a lot for MD and that deserves a celebration.[/color] [color=#000000]Everyone in MD is invited. If you think someone may not have heard of the party please let them know (try to PM them this message), but remember this is a surprise party, so don't let Chewett hear about it![/color] [color=#000000]We will all gather at 23:00 ST at 1 May at win
  20. 1) Rikstar 2) 4 weeks 3) I'm going to be the best slave, because I"m going to buy more slaves with the money I get. So my master has more control over more people 4) 10% 5) None
  21. I'm quite suprised that I didn't finish last with my 3 minute poem. But congratulations to the winners.
  22. I know a better one I'll do both.
  23. I'll make sure they get some pickles before walking though the gate, but yes I understand your problem. I want to do it to give them the experience, and to get their papers to develop their characters. To let them feel more that they are part of MD, instead of just a player that plays a game. What do you think of setting minium of AD you need to have?
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