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    From the album: cow

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    This contains cows
  3. This is my real submission, I think that I did a way better job on this one. :)   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2022]   I personally think it's good for someone who almost never draws and I used those small ikea pencils.
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    realistic cow

    From the album: cow

  5. rikstar


    From the album: cow

  6. I'm spamming this full with cartoony cows. :D   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2020]   Next up a Rainbow cow. (I should add more detail to it)   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2021]   I'll end here my submission, atleast I made three so they can be used on random.
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    From the album: cow

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    He's also very lazy, like me.
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    From the album: cow

  10. I just drew this cow for you:   http://storenow.net/my/?f=8afe374daaf6967cb21190e857b630c5 [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2019]   I don't know if it's good enough.   EDIT: I have no clue on how to get this to the proper setting to fit it in MD. So I hope that isn't a bad thing.
  11. Mooh Mooh Mooooooooooooooooh!
  12. I also would like top apply   Playername = Rikstar AD = 152 Marind Bell land loyality = 54 Tag = Bringers of Light   I'm active everyday for a lot of hours in MD. I'm also very interested in the changes that are going on in MD.
  13. As this was tested by BFH he casted the spell on Darkraptor. Only I got the effect of the spell, and none was cast on me. I'm not sure if darkraptor got the effect. Also when I clicked on my players name I didn't got the frog illusion avatar.     (My newb powers begin to grow, they already attract spells. :D)
  14. I don't know if this fits in this topic. But could somebody give an explanation on how to use the artwork from MD. I mean the paper background on which the text is written for the normal personal papers.
  15. Here is the beginning of my character's story. I will put here more chapters over time. I recommend you to read the dutch version if you can, because I wrote it originally in dutch. [log="English version"] Proloque: While I was walking along the streets of the far east, it looked at the first moment very normal you could almost say banal. Nothing appeared to be less true. I looked at the streets who were flat and were tiles in a neatle row next to each other. And still there was something about it, no breath of wind that flew next to me. It was a fanfare of silence, as if the silence th
  16. As with sandcastles, I don't think it will change that much.   Ann. 2654 - [2013-06-22 12:13:32 - Stage 12] It will now rain from time to time.   From this announcement we already know that it's going to rain more in MD. And this feature will not give more players the rain wheater spell. It would only encourage the people that have it to use it more. But I must say that I was also worried about sandcastles with that new announcement and this feature doesn't help for the sandcastle builders.
  17. I don't see why having a rain spell has an advantage for players that don't have it. It still takes some time till the bushie gets the water. And every player in MD could grab the bushie. They only got the advantage in when they want it to rain, so they could do it when there aren't a lot of players.
  18. I think that's better, although I still think when you add an easier one that nobody would solve the harder. Maybe make the reward very good or something.
  19. I also support this idea, I think that this idea will make MD feel more alive.
  20. I tried the puzzle, did the borders. But after that I quit. Because I spend already some hours on it, and it would take me a way too long time to just find the right pieces. Because everything is black, I did not had a reference point. And I don't want to spend 10-15 hours on this. So maybe make it less pieces?
  21. I'll explain why I supported this. I believe that Chewett had nothing to do with it at the first place and he definately needs a good apologize. From what I know of. I've got a "good" understanding of what happenend in the past. When I heard from the accusation from Magistra towards you I didn't believe it. I'm very objective towards this kind of things. So there also must be some truth behind, I don't believe someone could made this up. So I didn't chose a side: Chewett didn't do anything. Magistra had some sort of account abuse.   We know now, from those investigations that it didn
  22. I will also support you, magistra.
  23. I'm also trying to make something, hopefully I'll get better with scripting those scripts. I'm not that experienced, but I could give it a try. :)
  24. I can already see a guild coming up called "thieves guild". Maybe people could only steal those resources if they have certain kind of tools?
  25. The royal gauntlets won't show up in my equipment bar at number 6 when I equip it. I don't see the image.
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