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  1. I think this is a very good idea, trying to let the community act as a whole and less than individuals for some things. But I would like to see that the clickables could do something. I know all those new clickables will get features overtime. But it's maybe a bit unfair? to let us pay a lot of resources, for only a clickable that doesn't do anything yet. So maybe make those new clickables editable for questmakers?
  2. You could still participate, and think of a newer one. :)
  3. Offtopic: Tomorrow I will fight DD, and then I will give out the rewards this week.
  4. Make your own role: So I got inspired by this topic from Mur: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14462-worst-thing-about-mur/ Not to write mean things about him, but by some posts people made in the topic. It's being said that he favours certain people and giving them presents (abilities and special features for their role). So how fits my quest in this? Lets imagine that Mur PM'd you saying that he thinks your character is great and needs a bigger purpose in MD. So basically you can define your role and get the abilities you always wanted. If you think this sounds way to easy, then
  5. From what I know is MP7 a lot about combat. Since every player of every MP level can attack you. So you can easily be used for training, grinding or teaching newer players how to fight for example. But it is community involved I guess.
  6. o.O Just to look at that attack increase, makes me want to stop fighting. Atleast you did a good job Eon. :)
  7. I guess I still need to wait, but thanks Chewett for fixing it. :)
  8. http://us12.chatzy.com/66695864354841   Come join the chatzy and fight agianst boredom.
  9. Save us from boredom Chew, we know you can do it. :)
  10. Atleast it's not something wrong with my internet glad to know. Hopefully it's back up soon.
  11. I've added my submission here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14442-rikstars-template/   I'm glad I participated, because I've learned a lot I didn't knew. This was also the first time that I used css3 and some jquery.
  12. Hello everybody, I'm going to explain my the personal page I've coded below. So that everybody could change it and add their own text. The version I've included is also easy to copy and paste and doesn't need modification. But if you still want to change it your own way than read below: First I'll show you an example so you know how it looks. So here is the link that will direct you to my personal page: http://magicduel.com/players/rikstar As you can see I've made it simple. A bunch of buttons above, and below there is the information you need. When you click those buttons they'll direct
  13. Rainwater is completely useless af of now, that's all that I know about it.
  14. Then I think we both used an other "free bucket", because mine wasn't 66 minutes (Maybe it's because I'm in MB). And else why should every resource be easily availeble by everybody?
  15. Maybe this is offtopic I'm almost sure, but I'll answer it. Rainwater can be collected via a "rain collector" or a "improvised rain collector". You can get those tools and capitals.   Also I don't think rainwater should be used. Buckets are free to grab from MDA. And rainwater will have a greater purpose. (Maybe flooding MD or something :D)
  16. I think I'll continue to work on mine, only my div doesn't want to stay in the middle. D:
  17. My idea is to make clickables in players. See it as a document like comment on self. When you click on it, it behaves as a normal clickable.   Advantages: 1: More options for quest makers. 2: Spells like "locate" get more use, since the players need to actually search for the player to complete the quest. 3: The player itself doesn't have to talk to the player, because it all happens in the clickable. 4: This makes questing more dynamic. 5: Certain players are getting a bigger role with this system, because they are important towards the quest.   Discussing points: 1: Who g
  18. I'm not that good in drawing, and I want to pick it up again. So I'm going to draw every day something and post it here to see my progress.   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2030]  
  19. rikstar

    Demon Shade

    From the album: MD shades

  20. rikstar

    MD shades

  21. I'm interested Rophs, looks like a lot of fun. Although I'm not the best player, but I'll be glad to participate. :)
  22. :O Didn't know we had Dwarf Fortress players here, one of the best roguelikes I've played. When I played recently in adventure mode, I was slashing through some bandits not taking damage. And then an archer like to fire an arrow at me, and I died instantly.   Besides that, I also like to play: Battlefied 3 Skyrim Fallout New Vegas   And some random games on the internet, only when I'm really bored.
  23. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2029]   So I modified my realistic cow to a zombie cow. Because I don't think we needed a realistic cow, but we want something awesome; why not zombies (and it's "vertical"). I should probably go programming on some other stuff like clickables. So this is the last thing I will send in. Goodluck for the other participants, I've seen some nice things. :)
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