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  1. A podcast with only talking in it is poaaible in a shorter timeframe, but more people are going to see it if its a video. Also putting tutorials on it is one good thing. So we can direct beginners to them with the most common questions answered there. Like creating rits, sacrifing and shared items explained.
  2. Menhir do you mean something like a weekly podcast I wpuld love to see that and ofcourse would love to help to produce. It could include talking about new features things that happen in MD and discussions and interviews.
  3. I guess the learningcurve. Or we as MD community write articles on sites. But nobody is gping to raed that. Or make posts about MD on similar games like MD about MD. Like dwarf fortress, I think some players of that game could appeal to MD.
  4. My idea was some time when I was thinking of this. Is to write things on social networks like reddit for example. Also try to contact reviewers so they are going to review MD or write an article about MD. Those two things will help MD, in my opinion.
  5. Not that I am in GG. But why did you first want to join dst"s posse and all of sudden GG. Makes no sense to me.
  6. thank you Chewett! vasilemacel as long as you have all the points in it in the first post then it is okay. :)
  7. the deadline is 1 October 00.00 ST. The sign up is also open till that date. :)
  8. Just keep it as it was I like that the feature come random. That is one thing I really like from MD. This could be seen as very conservative, but please do not change that much because of this. We are humans so why strive for perfection. I see MD as a roguelike, so bad and good things happen and that is good. Principal of balance anyone? I and most of the people dislike features that have a downside effect on ourselves, like by giving others things and others get nothing. But hey their roles also affect MD so we as a whole will get something from it in the long term. Just like the coming wit
  9. As of abusing, we could give this tools only to the fightingguilds of every land like KoB. Not sure if it is possible to make tools guild pecefic. And the 4 leaders of those guilds can discuss at certain times if everything is being abused by it.
  10. I think just a button that counts down from 24hours to zero.
  11. I can only register if I know how long the quest will be open after the registrations are over?
  12. Thanks, for your answer. I will do a better search next time. :)
  13. When I go to the mobile version of md, then I can not read PMs. I can see them, but when I click on a PM it says "ERROR 404. This file is missing.". It does not work on an ipad nor on an android with flash installed. i don not know if it works via pc.
  14. After the name is your final score below it are the scores on those points. Come to the GoE to get your rewards. :)   First: little tokened priest, (8 Shaped Odd Rock) (gets to choose first which 5 stones he/she wants) = Elthen Airis Second: (8 Shaped Odd Rock) (gets to choose second which 4 stones he/she wants) = Sunfire Third: (8 Shaped Odd Rock) (gets to choose second which 2 stones he/she wants) = Nimrodel   Elthen Airis: 8.3 Originality: 7 Creativity: 8.5 Writability: 8 Domination: 9 Sunfire: 7.5 Originality: 7 Creativity: 8.5 Writability: 8 Domination: 7 Nimro
  15. I apologize for all the waiting, it took a long time to do everything. Here is the last fight log and hopefully I can give out the rewards tonight.   DD: *takes out his Shadowblade and looks at Rik* rikstar: *stand still and looks at DD.* DD: What's your weapon? rikstar: You'll see. *smiles* DD: *nods and walks towards Rik, sword in hand* rikstar: *sits down and watches the sky.* DD: ... DD: *shrugs and stops a few steps away from Rik* rikstar: *Looks down and an old man appears right in front of Rikstar.* DD: *slashes at the old man* rikstar: *Rolls backwards, The old man fal
  16. Will this quest span forever in MD's life to get more people making quests?
  17. I got an angien anomynous sponsored. And I would say there will be enough people fpr the WP. So let the writing begin. Signing in is still posseble, I will set an end date over some time.
  18. I had this idea a while back ago, and what in my opinion would be the best is. A random time and a random day. That day can be over 6, 7 or 8 days. This way it has more randomness, but it's still balanced. Because it will change every week.
  19. Those entries don't count towards the people needed to give out a WP. So I would say wait a bit before writing anything on how many people sign up for this quest. If there are too few it's better for me to quit this quest, since I don't have rewards to give other then a WP.
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