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  1. Answer my PM, please.

  2. I ahve a quest up and running. Check ingame for more details

    1. Novato


      And I didn't deserve, at least one answer for trying your quest, Gremlin?

  3. New quest up and running. check it out when u see me in game

  4. Name: Gremlin The Fallen One MP-Class: MP5 Age: 418 avtice days Main Principle: Enthopy Reason for applying: Because I can
  5. How many airplane wings have you dissasembled?

    (reference to a TV show form 50s-60s)

  6. *looks from left to right* llokin good sage, you too windy
  7. He does looks like a gremlin... Not the good ones though.

  8. gremlin

    Picture 274.jpg

    Hasnt anyone ever heard of Insane Clown Posse A.K.A ICP
  9. gremlin

    Picture 273.jpg

    Doesnt anyone know who ICP is?
  10. gremlin


    your costume looks really cool
  11. Hey there Cousin! See my new Hat!

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