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  1. I wish to join GOTR, even though i made some poor choices i wish to be accepted back into my family
  2. Answer my PM, please.

  3. I ahve a quest up and running. Check ingame for more details

    1. Novato


      And I didn't deserve, at least one answer for trying your quest, Gremlin?

  4. I will give 10 silver for the avatar
  5. New quest up and running. check it out when u see me in game

  6. ill boost things up to 28 silver (1 gold and 13 silver)
  7. I am looking for someone to make me an avatar base upon the discription of my character. if anyone is interested in taking upon this task please find me idle in loreroot, read my character discription and send me the work you ahve done. IF i like it I will pay a decent price for good art work
  8. [quote name='Chewett' date='12 March 2010 - 06:44 AM' timestamp='1268376240' post='56248'] Bump latest Offer: Grido 8 Silver Unless anyone else wants it, i will sell it to grido [/quote] Hey Chewy since when did you start selling ancient relics?
  9. Here is what I honestly think about the whole MD is dead. MD is dead for a very good and obviouse reason and its NOT GGG its the people. what I mean is that MD is boring because no one is doing anything interesting and by interesting I mean like holding events or doing things to promote RP amogst the others. I believe that MD would be alot better if people just done things like hold parties and such but it seems latly that most people are only worried abot boosting their stats. yes I know dueling is an asset of MD but the biggest and major asset of MD is Role Playing and doing things to have fun.
  10. The Results are in. 1st place goes to Asterdai for his poem Loreroot 2nd place goes to Phantom Orchid for her poem Travelers Lamentation 3rd place goes to Malaikat Maut for his poem untitles. thank you all that submitted poems and all shall be added to the next issue of the MDNP how ever the winning poems will ahve a ribbon next to the poem in the MDNP. When ever the 3 top winners of the contest can please meet me at the Paper Cabin to claim you awards
  11. Over the next couple to few days the poems that ahve been submitted will be judged and I will post the results once the winners and verdict on what to do with the poetry has been decided. Thank you all who submitted your work. I enjoyed them all
  12. to answer your question Indy thats where there is always more than one judge and if it came down to it I am sure I could find someone to translate for the judges. Language is a barrier but a very small one that is easily passed. I will keep the contest going till the end of this month no later.
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