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  1. Yeah, I deserved that. I was came to the game that day with a bad mood already. I wasn't aware that at higher levels their is such a need for loss farming so that makes a bit of sense to adjust the system to compensate. I figured it was still in test phase which was one of the main reasons I left the comment. Bit of feedback to the programmers. Anyway, I'm still here and I finally got a couple of wins. I noticed their aren't that many people around the shop tonight, hope thats not due to people fed up with the new combat rules.
  2. Well so far I think the new system has some serious issues. 1) I finished story mode (going into MP4) and left it alone. I come back the day and now have 33 new losses. I have no idea how someone above chooses to loose with the new system but I'm getting losses like hotcakes. Not only that but creatures require wins to level up and so far I haven't been able to get any of those. All in all I give this new system two thumbs down and will probably quit playing pretty soon.
  3. I recommend setting up a ritual in each of the six temple pyramids. Each Ritual would represent one of the principals and the principles choosen would be related to the materialization of the book. I believe the pages you have may simply be an illusion (imagination principle) which is why the book cannot be stolen or taken. My guess is that it has to be revealed or created. Start by searching the temple pyramids again and looking for a representation of a particular principle. If not then create one. In reading the discriptions of the principles from the home page I recommend light (to f
  4. I'm a noob so I didn't play before the server change. It is pretty quick, I get the page errors right away. I generally only have this window open when I'm playing, I tested it a bit this morning and it is still pretty consistent. I was able to view the weapons in willows shop this morning but I still get the error when clicking on certain individuals. That is very consistent, it is always the same people (including me actually!). I don't use the refresh button, I tend to click to creatures or map page, something like that. I'm in the US and I have DSL connection (somewhere around 128 I
  5. So I was totally bummed today. I finally defeat the guardians of willow's shop only to find that most of the clicks resulted in page cannot be displayed errors. Unlike the screenshot, this one does the entire frame...
  6. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town. It is still happening. In the attached screenshot I clicked on Frenetico. Image Removed due to age - chewett
  7. Getting two consistent page cannot be found errors. one is in the member display screen when I click on certain individuals (probably about 50% of those I click on cannot be displayed) and the other is in the first message I received. I get a page cannot be displayed when I click on the subject line to view the message. Let me know if you need screenshots. THanks!
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