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  1. since i cant login and cant make new topics: Mur, i cant login and cant make topics i think something went wrong with the alliance thingies. ps. im off to play poker now bb and good luck
  2. Ask if they want peace. Live together without war, buy stuff from eachother and things like that. Also ask them why they attacked us (begin of the story) and if they are connected with the murder of Marind.
  3. Maybe start giving the good grammar on certain texts already? You give that to Mur and he plants it in the game.
  4. I'll join Put me in any group. I'm MP4.
  5. The site wont load for me yet (The Netherlands)
  6. ok thanks for explaining the situation.
  7. I can't access the site at all.
  8. Yeh thats my problem aswell :/ Anyone can explain please?
  9. I can't login right now, is it because of server change? I couldn't login yesterday night aswell :/
  10. If there would be a pay by phone option, i would pay for it aswell!
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