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  1. Appreciate it, was going to make a similar post myself :)
  2. My point was 11.34+5.67 = 17(.01), which is the same value as is applied at the bottom there, indicating no set bonus is added at all.   Are you saying in battle a value other than 300 is used for you?
  3. Please note that I am able to edit this page, if someone wants to put together a paragraph for any missing skills then it can get looked at being updated, along with  any other outdated or incorrect information that is currently being reviewed.   1. b) A burst is indeed magic, but that's not to say there shouldn't be further elaboration there.   Principle charges have been coming soonTM for a while. Based on how we currently use Principles I would hazard that a short description of their use with Tokens might be appropriate.   I would say the lack of stacked armour bo
  4. All checked and seems to be working again now, yaaaaay!   thread closed and moved
  5. Pop up box with following error when I just tried to cast it. Error: SyntaxError Err description: undefined Err number: undefined Err message: missing ; before statement Ajax response: Duplicate entry '7251-ch3-golemus-deep' for key 'PRIMARY'                             var erolin = parent.document.getElementById('erolin');                       
  6. Got exactly the same as Val in the same circumstances, except it was for Dark Slime - I won every previous shade encounter to this first time, so may be related to first loss suffered for that particular instance of it. Also been back to lose against it a second time and played out without this error
  7. Forgot to reply here!   Thank you all, I had a great day and a good few days since!
  8. I'm happy with 2gc, find me in game and we can arrange the trade itself :)   (for the public record, I have two other Barron Souls, with even lower IDs, this one is spare)
    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      Okay then. I'm personally not a big fan of those elections, we need dynasties and royal crossland weddings so there may be succession wars, annexations, political chaos, confused and misled population and general struggle for power in the shadows. Yup NC would win that.

    2. Nimrodel


      clearly a game of thrones fan >>

    3. Rophs


      or maybe a crusader kings fan

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  9. Chew asked me to post, currently the "FUGITIVE This player escaped from jail!" message displays to the right of chat as default, as opposed to the usually blank area until you click for player info. The message does not appear linked to any player and does not actually give you the option to "grab" said fugitive either.   I'm on Firefox, just a simple case of refreshing the screen makes it appear   [attachment=4670:Fugitive Bug.png]         =============== We posted within minutes of each other, threads merged
  10. Try looking at the House of Tainted Times.
  11. I was thinking less malicious, and more real life interfering
  12. 2 was pretty much the method I was happiest with, as you're currently discussing it's a matter of ensuring multiple people aren't replying. Less the LHO themselves moving any message though - presumably you'd do that only after you'd replied.   If it shifts automatically when the message is opened, then if the one who opens it then has issues replying, the new player is left waiting If it shifts any time after the message starts getting written, then someone else may have opened it up.   Some sort of notification saying someone else had it open would work, but then you fall back
  13. There is a difference between believing in all religions, and following the precepts of them. My mention of finding the statement uneducated is that you are saying you believe in all of them which is not possible, and also why some may find it offensive. You cannot for instance believe there is only one true God as well as believing there are several/many Gods, these are very much countering factors of some of the religions.   It's more that each path is signposted to Rome, and everyone that goes down each is convinced their path is the correct one, and that the others are badly posted.
  14.   Some teach that there is only one God, others many Gods, that would be one (of many) reason...   The named major religions (I believe) all started in the same regional area, and as a result hold many of the same tenants. They hold the same goal but pursue different paths to achieving that, often believing that pursuing the other paths will not allow you to reach the goal.   Also some might consider such a statement to be offensive, I personally find it uneducated.   ----   fyi, source material for the religious group % is from; http://www.pewforum.org/2012/1
  15. you got any end point to the sale? or just first price you're happy with?   just coins, or are you accepting other things in exchange?
  16. also, what would happen if you changed who you were an adept of?
  17. I take it you're talking about when it happened years ago? Rather than any more recent occurrence?   If so, then I did.
  18. Shop list updated, please note the items I have already in my inventory that are for sale as well as those in the current shop list   Current Bids(may not be on picture); Armchair Leg - Used Rope - Egg shell - Potential raisin - Checkered Easter hunt egg - Teeth - Porcelain Chessmen -     Awaiting Payment; LB handkerchief - 3sc (EE) Fenth Keyring - 3sc (Dragual)
  19. Grido

    WTS Various

    4sc for the other RW
  20. Grido

    WTS Various

    There an end date on this?
  21. Purely aesthetics.   [attachment=4639:PM window sizing.png]   Scroll bar on far right should ideally not exist, a couple of line breaks may need removing, above and below the sorting cloud would likely be most effective, as well as reducing the scroll panel length to the left - though this latter one might interfere with the interface for those without the extra PM features.
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