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  1. Any more input regarding these? Are we still wanting these as separate awards, or amalgamating into a single award of some description? With the Rookie award there have been comments about changing the date range for eligibility - August would be 3/4 months prior to the nominations, which is in line with suggestions above. Do people support this change? That the player must have created their account since 1st August 2014, rather than November? Should we increase the AD requirement so that people are not eligible for this award in two consecutive years, or are we happy leaving this opportunity in? Pip would like the ad limit removed completely, so further public input over this would be appreciated. ------ From the "But seriously" I take this to be a joke? If otherwise others please comment on this. ------ For clarity, whilst I am seeing positive rep on various posts, as I do not necessarily know what specifically you like I can't really use it for you showing you in agreement with any suggestion. Please specifically post.
  2. Not an issue as such... but the "ace of red spades" is a black card, can it be red? Not sure about the other black/red cards but possibly the same for them as well. So awesome to have all these though, thanks Neno!
  3. Rules are scheduled to finish discussions tomorrow, I would appreciate further feedback on this. Also:
  4. Anyone have any objections to Rophs' suggestion of a new category? Any more input with regard to Rookie? People seem to not like it as it is, do we want to remove it, or amend it in some way? Other categories that people want to feed back on?
  5. If such a thing occurs that it's only noticed at the end of the nomination period then I would defer voting for 12-24 hours with the express comment of an option for someone else to nominate that person. The reason not to allow this outweighs the reason to allow, in my opinion.
  6. Indeed, please keep this to a category discussion rather than anything else. More feedback on Rophs suggestion? (Rophs, I assume as Chew does that this is a modification suggested for Rookie award?) Any other categories people want to discuss? Remember they can be added, removed, or modified as shown above.
  7. Any more discussion regarding the rules? Any further comment on what Chewett has raised on a minimum amount of nominees? Thoughts on ceremony date? Friday 18th December - MD Awards Ceremony Happy with date? Preferred time?
  8. Category thread opened - http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16867-md-awards-2015-categories/
  9. You will find below the list of categories that was used for the MD Awards 2014, feel free to Add, remove, or modify any of those listed. I will strike out any that are decided to be removed from the list. New categories are also encouraged, and will get added to the list if there's no/negligible objections to it and multiple people want it included. This is the purpose of the thread, to come up with a final list of categories, remove and add as you decide, I'll just edit the list every so often. As you're doing these, please be aware of this thread as we are running the general rules concurrently with these discussions. Categories: Adventuring Award For the person most dedicated, or who perseveres most at quests. Not necessarily for completing, or winning the most. Best Beautification Given for the highest quality of artistic contributions given to beautify the realm, be it personification of papers, contribution to avatar gallery, or item depiction. Champion Fighter For the person considered to be the best fighter in the realm, this does not necessarily have to be the strongest fighter in the realm, but the one that uses the combat system to the best effect. Fossil of the year For the player who has been around so long they have turned into a fossil. The player must be visibly active over the past year, and on the veterans list in game. Helper of the Year For the player deemed to have been the most helpful. The area of helpfulness the player focusses on can vary. The voter should realise that even though they may not get on with, or have been helped by one of the nominees, this does not mean that the player is not indeed helpful. Most Addicted For the player who just can't leave MD for more than a minute without needing a fix. Most Popular Given to that most charismatic player who has attracted the largest and most consistent following. Not to be given to the most powerful or prestigious member of the realm, but rather the most well-loved. Outstanding Service to MD For the player thought to have done the most to contribute to MD over the year. This can be in any field. Pre-eminent Role Player For the player deemed to Role Play the best. The player does not have to stay in character all the time to win this award (though it may help), rather when they do role play it is to the highest standard - this does usually go in hand with remaining in character. Prime Quest For the player seen as creating the best quest over the past year. Just because a voter did not manage to complete the quest, does not mean it was a bad quest necessarily, the voter is asked to take this into account when voting. Rookie of the year For the player deemed to have made the most progress since they started their account. The player must have created their account since 1st November 2014 and have more than 20 AD at the time of voting. By progress it is meant a step towards a defined role or position (not necessarily official) within the realm, or integration within the community to a large degree. Top Techie For the person credited as creating the most popular MD-scripted event or script. If you feel any of the descriptions need updating or otherwise changing, please say so here as well. If you are good at art, and fancy helping out with something for this, PLEASE contact me regarding, I'll try to compensate you for your time and effort. ------ Schedule of Events: Friday 30th October - It Begins (Rules Start) Here Sunday 1st November - Categories Start Here Monday 9th November - Rules End Friday 20th November - Categories End Saturday 21st Monday 23rd November - Nominees Starts Here Tuesday 1st Wednesday 2nd December - Nominees Ends Friday 4th December - Voting Begins Monday 14th December - Voting Ends Friday 18th December - MD Awards Ceremony All previous MD Award threads can be found via the topic-tagging system under "MD Awards" if you don't know how to get to that, look just below the title of the thread and click on the words below the Started by.. line.
  10. Indeed that was the original intention, to have it all in another thread, opening when the outline indicates, however seeing as the public has asked (and the logic makes more sense than not) I will open the discussion earlier than intended, likely later today. Three counting votes would indeed be the ideal, yes - odd is good for any discrepancies (which shouldn't exist), three is better than one, and five unnecessary. Currently it's just me however so am looking for others to assist. Two years ago there was a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 nominees, last year this was discussed and the maximum was removed, however the minimum retained. I believe there was a statement something along the lines that if the category was so specialised that less than 3 people were nominated, it shouldn't be a category at all. The discussion thread for last year is here, you opened up the discussion on this point last year as well.
  11. There was an occurrence last year where JOHN SMITH was nominated for various categories, as there is an actual playername of that in MD it was acceptable within the rules last year, however that account is not active and did not have many AD. I would propose a rule to combat this happening again however I leave it up to the community to determine how exactly to impose this.
  12. It. Is. Time. The year has rolled around once more and it is time to think about what everyone has done over the past year and who deserves special merit in certain categories. I asked around previously if anyone wanted to run these awards as there have been timing issues the previous couple of years (primarily down to myself). Unfortunately only the one person stepped forward to offer their services, however because of a few different factors (such as time scale) they have now opted to not run it this year, but may in the future. They have also opted not to assist in running this - as a result I am looking for two more people to aid the running of the awards as necessary, which will definitely involve counting votes in the few days before the ceremony itself, so please make sure you are available for that, even if nothing else. If you would like to assist in these awards, please PM me. For those newer amongst us that are unaware - we hold these MD Awards at the end of each year and whilst the organiser (that's me) sets time scales and prompts here and there along the line, all the decisions are down to you, the community. There will be a time for refining the current rules, picking the categories themselves, then who should be eligible for voting on, before the voting itself occurs, and so long as you have a forum account you can directly participate in all of it. The timeline as proposed by me is below, I have allowed approximately 10 days for each segment which should hopefully be sufficient time, along with an intentional gap between nominees being finalised and the voting beginning to allow for setting up the voting page. Additionally an intentional gap is left between voting ending and the Ceremony to give time for the votes to be counted. Schedule of Events: Friday 30th October - It Begins (Rules Start) Here Sunday 1st November - Categories Start Here Monday 9th November - Rules End Friday 20th November - Categories End Saturday 21st Monday 23rd November - Nominees Starts Here Tuesday 1st Wednesday 2nd December - Nominees Ends Friday 4th Sunday 6th December - Voting Begins Monday 14th Wednesday 16th December - Voting Ends Friday 18th December - MD Awards Ceremony The ceremony date is not yet fixed, any point between then and Thursday December 24th would be acceptable for me currently, however over that weekend would be preferred. The time of the awards is yet to be set, please discuss it in this thread. The time date should be determined within the same period as the rules. I would like to commission an artist to draw pictures for the medal items given out, please get in touch if you feel you would have time available to do this. You would have from when the categories have been finalised, 21st Nov, until roughly when the voting begins on 4th Dec - this holds some flexibility though. We can negotiate some compensation for your efforts if you would like some, certainly I can sort something out for you. For each segment I will list how it stood last year, so for this thread I list last year's rules below. It is up to you lot to decide which rules should stay or go, which might need to be modified, and if any new ones should be introduced. [log=Rules]- The previous categories will be listed in a thread, and players can then argue for different ones to be added/removed - if players agree, then it will be so. - Certain categories have relevant restrictions on them, these can be changed/created/removed, but only prior to nominations opening. - There will be 3 people counting votes and organising this. These people will not be able to be nominated, however they are able to vote. - You may not nominate those who belong to the same land as yourself (this not only means hard-coded, but also those people considered part of certain lands). "This is an MD awards event, if a person deserves one of the awards, it is on the global level, not on local level, however capable the person is, which justifies the ban of the land nominations , possibly votes too".* If you note nominations slipping through this, please let an organiser know. - There will be a minimum of 3 players nominated for each category, no maximum. - Past winners will be allowed to be nominated again - You may only nominate one person per category. If you nominate multiple people, none will be added. - You may not nominate yourself, or another account you play. - No editing posts in the nomination thread - purely because I'll potentially get confused. - We will ideally use the in game voting system. - There's no restriction on voting for those of the same land. - There will be no restriction on the amount of voters, there will however be a limited timeframe to vote in as specified in the outline. - You do not have to vote in each category (though it's preferable). - If you vote for yourself in anything, all your votes will be discounted. - If players that have voted are detected as alts of each other, all associated votes will be discounted. (If you have multiple accounts, you're fine, but only vote once per person please), they will also be disqualified from any nominations your accounts may have. - Players under 20 AD will be unable to vote. I can't think of any other particular details currently, please ask if you think I've missed anything (in addition to discussing various points). If you are against any aspect with how it's set to run, please raise it and suggest alternatives. *[log= Associated Land Definition] Associated to a land includes being part of an alliance or a citizen, as well as those on temporary absence from them, but is not exclusive to just that mechanical association. It also extends to a player who feels they belong to a certain land, or who through largely exclusive association or actions is viewed as of a certain land. Those who since those actions visibly associate themselves with another land would then no longer be thought of as with the former. Alliance hoppers, or those that take alliances without intended association with the land the new alliance is a part of are exceptions and will be treated based on perception, rather than mechanical.[/log][/log](The above is mostly copied from last year, so there may be some inaccuraces - please point them out) All previous MD Award threads can be found via the topic-tagging system under "MD Awards" if you don't know how to get to that, look just below the title of the thread and click on the words below the Started by.. line.
  13. I have recently borrowed a Compendium from someone, giving me two. I wanted to see if it had any creatures in it - opened my inventory, clicked on "Use Item". Got normal doc iframe (like comments / hate list etc), with a close at the bottom. There were my two compendiums listed at the top. My pre-existing one has a score of 0, it having no creatures in it, the "new" one however had a score of 2892009711, I assume as it has creatures in it. If I then click to open the bestiary (either one) it then says "Player does not own a bestiary or has not made is viewable to the public.", then lacks the close button and the trigger box then provides the following error: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/magicdue/public_html/bar/inc.boxheader.php:25) in /home/magicdue/public_html I feel if creatures are there, I should be able to see them at the very least, and a close button should still exist there. Failing any fix occurring soon (not sure how long it'd take to fix), could I please be told if any creatures are indeed stored in the Cursed Compendium? Cursed Compendium (ID: 14880) Compendium (ID: 17628) http://storenow.net/my/?f=8b3c2742e826b9e5aae94c4d052a85d1
  14. Yes, I realise it's only October and thinking about Christmas festivities is weird at this time of year... --- To avoid issues like has happened in previous years, I would like someone to primarily run the event this year, I would of course be on hand as needed including any vote counting that may be necessary. You would need to have been around a year or more, having been here for at least one previous awards ceremony. In terms of responsibilities, you would need to: - Open threads at appropriate moments to indicate opening of the various stages of the votes. - Arrange for other people to collect and count votes. - Organise the voting itself (whether that be liaising with Chew, or arranging alternative voting methods). - Arrange for Medal Items to be created and distributed (preferably including artwork). I will of course do this if nobody else steps forward, but it would be a refreshing change to give someone else a go :)
  15. I have around 300 Silver I'm looking to switch into Gold. If you have any Gold you'd like switched into Silver, please let me know so we can arrange a time/place :)
  16. Back in March Kyphis officially became leader of this forum area, he was I think going to do something but that was over 6 months ago now, so fair game as far as I'm concerned.
  17. I be running the Brighton Marathon on April 17th 2016 for Cancer Research UK, anyone wants to donate please text "GTBM90 £5" to 70070. (change 5 to however much you want to donate, and I'm not sure on currency rules) THANKS!!

  18. I'm aware, hence the now bold/redded "or around" bit. I can update the info there, I just don't know enough about combat to comfortably rewrite it. I personally have no issue with discussions along these lines, so long as it's more general rather than using actual creature examples.
  19. Assuming you refer to combat, anything in or around the target section on this page would be fine. If you mean something else then I'm not sure what you refer to by "filters".
  20. 4gc because saying a week would mean someone could snipe at the end....
  21. It would appear there's just under 8h left to sign up for any last minute volunteers
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