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  1. Eon escaped from Jail, I have since returned him there using my administrative Jail spell - as he escaped from there this is a justified use of it. Please see below Eon in chat. I refer to Ann 1519 (red is by me): You will also note the original stated term is two weeks, which is extended by "a lot more" if he escapes, and a perm IP ban if he does it a second time. I hereby state that I would like him in Jail for a period of no less than two months (until 8 February). If he escapes a second time within this period then the most recent ruling would be for him to be IP banned as a result. All other announcements refer to Jailing, not Excommunication which this was.
  2. I'm a survivor, I live through everything. Can you say the same?
  3. Two days having passed with no comments. Ceremony will take place at 2100 on Friday 18th December. It will be in Sage Keep, as per tradition. If there are particular objections please raise these quickly, there is still time for this to change, however not much.
  4. After some internal discussions, Eon is going to be spending Christmas (at least) in Jail. Your demands will not, and would not, be met or tolerated. Before you start a fight, first dig two graves. Long live...me.
  5. Voting has now begun, and will last until 2359 on Wednesday 16th December, please see the trigger box in game to vote. ======= With regard to the ceremony, votes are fairly split between Friday 18th and Sunday 20th, with Friday being one vote ahead currently. We also need to look at time however: Am I to assume that nobody has any issue with 2100 as a time for Friday? Seeing as nobody replied to it?
  6. For me this: Probably because an alternate account of yours or one you accessed in the past is already a worshipper of this player." indicates you are marked as an alt of another worshipper, rather than of Syrian. Because you and Syrian are not alts in this supposition, there would be no trading restriction. So to clarify, no known alt of yours is worshipping her?
  7. Taking over the alliance does not make you a king. There is an argument for Eon to have access to KC forum due to his standing within the East, however that would not be just my decision, and if anything this sort of action makes me less inclined for him to be a part of it, due to the disruptive nature of his actions.
  8. Nominations are now closed, and voting will go live on Friday If you wish to talk about anything award related please use the discussion thread :)
  9. So far 27 players have played my game. My game is very simple, you pick a whole number between 1 and 8 (inclusive). You can pick the same number as others, but if you've played before you can't pick the same as you have before, or rather you can, you just won't win for that day. If you use up all the numbers, I will message you with what to then do. If you pick a valid number as per above, you win a prize. Told you it was simple. December has a few minor tweaks to it. Normally it would be me announcing about my game, and inviting you to play, this month however I invite you to initiate it. Naturally I would need to be present, so you either need to PM me whilst I'm online for me to go onto chat, or ask me directly in chat. Once made aware by one of those methods that someone wants to play My Game, I will ask in chat who wants to play and things will be as normal. I will only play the game once a day, if I have already been asked, I will not play again. If you have played that day, you cannot play a second time. Also I'd rather prefer you didn't do consecutive numbers, I will notice, and at my own prerogative may decide to exclude you for doing this - I will tell you if that's the case. Any queries, state here, otherwise look out for me in game!
  10. Jabaris not added for Techie, both for it not being him coding it, and it also not being in this year. Otherwise all above this post have been added. Looking for Klawdees account opening date please :) Nominations close in a little over 24 hours, as it stands the following awards have not got the minimum about of nominations and so will not be voted on: - Helper of the Year - Most Improved Player - Most Popular - Outstanding Service to MD - Prime Quest - Top Techie
  11. We are not allowing same land nominations, I have ignored this post as a result, please feel free to post again with revised nominations. Everything else above this post has been added, some same-land nominations have been scored out - they are still visible for if any non-land members find it appropriate to nominate them.
  12. Moved as suggested. Chew, it's too late to change the rules for nominations as they are now live, if you object to this rule please raise it next year when discussions will open for that years awards.
  13. @dst, can you please link/name Asthir's quest(s)? Aethon and MaGoHi, could you tell me your account opening dates please? =============== Baring Chews multiple nominations for Improved, all above this post have been added to the initial post.
  14. Categories have now closed. Nominations are open here. Currently we are tied on ceremony date, between Friday 18th and Sunday 20th, six people for each, so I'll give it a few more days for one to hopefully outweigh the other, so voting will close for it 2359, Thursday 26 November. Along with date, time needs to be considered. Out of personal preference 2100 on Friday would be fine (and indeed anything later), however if it was on Sunday, the preference would be later. I am however fairly flexible on Sunday so can do other times without too great a difficulty. If anyone has a suggestions on time, please state them here, particularly if you are in more easterly timezones.
  15. By a difference of one, Most Improved Player was added as a new category, whilst retaining Rookie of the Year. Nominations are now open here.
  16. Some unexpected bits and pieces came up so I wasn't able to release this when intended, however here it is, I have changed the schedule to reflect a delay. By a difference of one, Most Improved Player was added as a new category, whilst retaining Rookie of the Year. So below is a list of categories, please go ahead and nominate accordingly! Please be aware of the following when Nominating: - You may not nominate those who belong to the same land as yourself (this not only means hard-coded, but also those people considered part of certain lands). "This is an MD awards event, if a person deserves one of the awards, it is on the global level, not on local level, however capable the person is, which justifies the ban of the land nominations , possibly votes too". If you note nominations slipping through this, please let an organiser know. - There will be a minimum of 3 players nominated for each category, no maximum. - Past winners will be allowed to be nominated again - You may only nominate one person per category. If you nominate multiple people, none will be added. - You may not nominate yourself, or another account you play. - No editing posts in the nomination thread - purely because I'll potentially get confused. - To be nominated a player must be active, they must have had an observable presence within/throughout the year. Adventuring Award For the person most dedicated, or who perseveres most at quests. Not necessarily for completing, or winning the most. - AmberRune [Rophs] - Asthir [Syrian] - Vladan [Aethon] Best Beautification Given for the highest quality of artistic contributions given to beautify the realm, be it personification of papers, contribution to avatar gallery, or item depiction. - gonzalocsdf [MaGoHi, dst, Dark Demon] - MaGoHi [AmberRune] - Neno Veliki [Aethon] Champion Fighter For the person considered to be the best fighter in the realm, this does not necessarily have to be the strongest fighter in the realm, but the one that uses the combat system to the best effect. - Asthir [Aeoshattr, MaGoHi, Dark Demon] - Clock Master [Sunfire] - Eon [Chewett] - Fang Archbane [Ars Alchemy] - Sunfire [Aethon] Fossil of the year For the player who has been around so long they have turned into a fossil. The player must be visibly active over the past year, and on the veterans list in game. - dst [Jubaris] - Lintara [Aethon] - Miq [Sunfire] - No one [dst] - Sunfire [Dark Demon] Helper of the Year For the player deemed to have been the most helpful. The area of helpfulness the player focusses on can vary. The voter should realise that even though they may not get on with, or have been helped by one of the nominees, this does not mean that the player is not indeed helpful. - Asthir [dst] - Sunfire [Syrian] - Syrian [Aethon] Most Addicted For the player who just can't leave MD for more than a minute without needing a fix. - Aethon [Rophs] - Asthir [Jubaris] - MaGoHi [Dark Demon] - Nadrolski [AmberRune] - Syrian [Aethon] Most Improved Player The player that the community things has grown the most in the past year. This can be a rookie who set feet on the ground quickly and got walkin' or an oldie who had been inactive but picked up a lot of momentum and did some cool things. - Aeoshattr [Jubaris] - Aethon [dst, MaGoHi] - Jubaris [Dark Demon] - MaGoHi [Syrian] - Rophs [Kyphis] - Wideberth [Aethon] Most Popular Given to that most charismatic player who has attracted the largest and most consistent following. Not to be given to the most powerful or prestigious member of the realm, but rather the most well-loved. - AmberRune [Sunfire] - Chewett [Jubaris] - Mur [Chewett] - Ghostlord [Chewett] - Nimrodel [MRWander] - Sunfire [Syrian] Outstanding Service to MD For the player thought to have done the most to contribute to MD over the year. This can be in any field. - Asthir [Sunfire] - Chewett [dst] - Mur [Chewett] - Neno Veliki [AmberRune] - Zleiphneir [Aeoshattr] Pre-eminent Role Player For the player deemed to Role Play the best. The player does not have to stay in character all the time to win this award (though it may help), rather when they do role play it is to the highest standard - this does usually go in hand with remaining in character. - Aeoshattr [Aethon] - Aethon [Syrian] - Azull [Jubaris] - Klawdees [Rophs] - Rophs [AmberRune] Prime Quest For the player seen as creating the best quest over the past year. Just because a voter did not manage to complete the quest, does not mean it was a bad quest necessarily, the voter is asked to take this into account when voting. - Assira the Black - Dance Contest [Aeoshattr] - Asthir - Heat Dumping, Tag War, Tag [dst] - WittyLeWat - Imagination Quest [Syrian] - Zleiphneir - En Guard, Questopolis [Aethon, Jubaris] Rookie of the year For the player deemed to have made the most progress since they started their account. The player must have created their account since 1st November 2014 and have more than 20 AD at the time of voting. By progress it is meant a step towards a defined role or position (not necessarily official) within the realm, or integration within the community to a large degree. - Aethon (20.04.2015) [Aeoshattr] - Klawdees (??.??.????) [Rophs] - MaGoHi (20.12.2014) [dst, Aethon] Top Techie For the person credited as creating the most popular MD-scripted event or script. - BFH Lightning [Eara Meraia] - Burns [Sunfire] - Chewett [Aeoshattr, Maebius] - darkraptor [dst] ------ If you are good at art, and fancy helping out with something for this, PLEASE contact me regarding, I'll try to compensate you for your time and effort. Schedule of Events: Friday 30th October - It Begins (Rules Start) Here Sunday 1st November - Categories Start Here Monday 9th November - Rules End Friday 20th November - Categories End Saturday 21st Monday 23rd November - Nominees Starts Here Tuesday 1st Wednesday 2nd December - Nominees Ends Friday 4th December - Voting Begins Monday 14th December - Voting Ends Friday 18th December - MD Awards Ceremony All previous MD Award threads can be found via the topic-tagging system under "MD Awards" if you don't know how to get to that, look just below the title of the thread and click on the words below the Started by.. line.
  17. 3 hours remaining until the rules discussion ends. Ceremony date/time is fine to continue discussion however. I have added a poll to this thread to cover the whole of that weekend, please mark when you are free, intention would be one of the dates listed, however if you are unable to make any of them then please choose another date here and post here with preference.
  18. Judging by no further activity on this thread since I last asked, I assume there is no further input regarding changes to the rules? If the assumption is correct, then the below will come to pass. ----- In occurrence with my wanting to make sure that nominees are genuine, and no objections being made to my more general statement about it throughout this, I will be adding the following rule, unless objections are raised or alterations to it made before the rules close. To be nominated a player must be active, they must have had an observable presence within/throughout the year. ----- Unless people start suggesting a minimum amount of nominees on a case by case basis for the various categories, it looks like there will remain a 3 person minimum for each category to proceed to voting. A null vote will also be in place, as was last year, if you do not want to vote for any of the options. ----- Players will remain unable to nominate people from their own land. ----- You will remain unable to vote for yourself. ----- We are currently looking at Saturday 19th December for the ceremony. Does anyone object to this?
  19. So far the only change we're looking at is to change Rookie into Most Improved Player, or add it as a new category. Please + rep this post if you want two separate categories. Please - rep this post if you want Rookie to change into Most Improved. Alternatively, please post if you want it to stay exactly as it is currently. Categories discussion ends today, so please respond if you have further changes you'd like to make.
  20. The allocated period for the rules discussion has now ended, however there are some pending things that need a resolution on them, and we have a bit of leeway. So without any new discussions arising, we need to discuss the following items please. ---- Should we have a minimum amount of nominees? Or for particular categories only? ---- ---- Additionally, with regard to when the ceremony is going to be. Dst has requested it not be on Friday 18th, do we agree with her that it's a bad day? Do we prefer Sat 19th, or a different date? Preference on time?
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