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  1. Less "extreme", more "feature I haven't seen in a while"
  2. Bidding over on all items - please find me at GoE to complete trade.
  3. The undefined tends to be fixed by clearing cache and cookies - have you tried local fixes for the syntax errors?
  4. Assuming no minimum, I'll kick it off for the Knator at 1sc
  5. Bidding will end on the Marksman in approximately 48 hours.   Everything else will end at 2359 server time today, 25 Jan, unless new bids are received.
  6. Bump   Personally I feel that 1sc for a coloured LR archer is an absolute bargain, but either way it'll sell when the time expires unless someone outbids
  7. Selling a few, bidding will remain open for a week minimum, and 48 hours after the latest bid.   Dream Joker Stored Heat    805 Won battles    0 Age        21 Tokens        None CTC846222DEWIP91MDC 5sc - Aethon   Marksman Stored Heat     0 Won battles     0 Age        712 Tokens        None CTC794032ARSEL55MDC 5sc - Klawdees   Unholy Priest 1 Stored Heat     79889 Won
  8.         Please note that I very deliberately said "on the other hand I could be wrong there and am happy to be proved otherwise." regarding your start date.   If you could also elaborate on what "weapons/spells" you were getting? Weapons implies a very different thing than spells, and I'd be curious what spells you were casting on No one that resulted in the land being protected.   You stated things as fact in what you said to Wideberth. There was no "I think" / "I'm pretty sure" / "I believe" / "Maybe" or indeed anything else that might imply that what
  9. It was brought to my attention that certain inaccurate comments were made partly about the history of the realm, but also specific references to myself in it's history. You can find the chat I'm referring to here. It was partly obfuscated, however some of it can be determined, as can the other bits which are still fully legible. This post is aimed to clarify a few of the inaccuracies raised, and covering a few other points as I find appropriate.     As you may or may not know, my account was created in October 2007, I played for a short time, stopped, and then a few months later r
  10. What tokens did you remove / add?
  11. Roleplaying can sometimes get you further. If you play out a role well enough, you can get things to aid you play it, some people have become official game characters as a result of their roleplaying.   Mostly however, people do it for fun, and it makes interacting with others a bit more interesting, as you can portray yourself to be something other than you are in real life (or indeed extend your actual persona into the game.
  12. Title updated as requested
  13. Also heavily against the selling of the Mouth Sewing Kit, so keep it.   2 TST
  14. Medals for people's avatars are now distributed, unfortunately the inventory items are looking like closer to the end of January currently - will update as appropriate :)
  15. The ceremony took place as planned, you can find the winners below, along with a chat log of the event (silvertongue and all)   Winners: Adventuring Award - AmberRune Best Beautification - Neno Veliki Champion Fighter - Asthir AND Clock Master Fossil of the year - Miq Helper of the Year - Syrian Most Addicted - MaGoHi Most Improved Player - Aethon Most Popular - Chewett Outstanding Service to MD - Chewett Pre-eminent Role Player - Aeoshattr Prime Quest - Zleiphneir (En Guard & Questopolis) Rookie of the year - Aethon Top Techie - Chewett   [log=MD Awards 2015] [
  16. For clarity, I take it there's only going to be one winning number? As in just one set of dice rolls on the day (provided someone wins first go)?   If winning number is 1234, and I have 2348, do I still win, or does it have to start with the same number, as well as being in the correct sequence?     LE: Oh, also when are you normally around to buy tickets from? I'm going to buy some regardless of your answers to above, but they're good to know :)
  17. Someone who has been excommunicated doesn't seem to have the same status effects as being Jailed - this would be unintentional I would believe.   For instance, upon being outside of Jail, there is no option to be "grabbed" and returned there, looks like like normal except with that particular tag.   Additionally, I seem to recall there being nojump tags in Jail, and Eon was able to use Teleport Papercabin to get out...
  18. I in fact did follow the normal process - if a player escapes from Jail I have the ability to return them there to serve out the remainder of their sentence. I followed the rules as per that ann and appropriately used my admin ability. There was no abuse. You have the right to your opinion regarding the alliance, but just because you say it is so, doesn't make it that way.
  19. I could alternatively have left him outside of jail and said he was abusing a bug? I feel in the end the action I took was appropriate. I feel the admin log is unnecessary seeing as I already clearly stated I had used the Jail spell. I'm not trying to hide my use of it dst, as I didn't do anything wrong. The announcement clearly states those leaving before time will be put back for a longer sentence, I just facilitated this. I am not saying I would not have to work to get the alliance back, I will, but being a King does in fact lend to certain options which mean it doesn't need to be a rol
  20.  I used the Excommunication tool to send him to Jail. It would seem that if someone escapes from Jail (He seemed to have used Port to PC) when Excommunicated there is no such "grab" feature as there is when a player is jailed. As a suitable alternative he was returned using the Jail spell - I did not have time to write up a bug report, but will do so this evening regarding lack of "grabbing" ability.
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