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  1. Because I feel like being helpful: 53 is coloured Elu 56 must be something else 57 is b/w Elucu
  2. In connection with this, is it possible to have noted somewhere the total amount of gold/silver on active accounts? Something that's updated automatically so that if people are interested, they can keep track of the actual ratio between the two amounts. The closer the volume of Gold compared to Silver that there is available, the lower the value that Gold holds when trading, and the further apart the volume, the greater Gold should be valued at when trading. It would naturally also need to include notes, and other items that are clearly marked as equating to gold/silver.
  3. This is fixed now. @Myth, I have no access to the bits you mention, so can't do anything myself there.
  4. Happened to be passing through here - is it intentionally more expensive per day to rent for a week, than to rent on a daily basis?
  5. Not sure if that's agreement that it shouldn't work like that, or if it's meant to be?
  6. At which point it will perpetually annoy me and I feel it's lost the use it had before - but that's not something you can solve. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/staff/ Staff page currently lists every single moderator no matter whether they are one for a single forum area or entire forum, and does not specify anywhere on the page. As a side, there's an option for me to "Edit my information" as a mod, however no idea where it then lists this information. I don't like the box-y forum layout at this very moment, but think you're just playing with options currently - please don't keep this particular one. The "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the forum (every page) - do we know where that ends up?
  7. Strictly speaking may not be a bug, but it's something I've just confirmed for myself, although was pretty sure about previously and doesn't work like I think it should. The daily loyalty and stat gained for each day you log in. If you are idle when midnight passes (or, I assume, active) the loyalty gain occurs when midnight passes. When you refresh/resume play you get the calender telling you that you have gained the stats, however in actuality you may have received them some time ago. Should the stat and loyalty gain not occur when you're notified of it? i.e. when you've resumed play and actually displayed activity within that calender day?
  8. I wasn't, but turning it on still has the "Load more activity", it doesn't activate a page view like I'm saying about. Even on condensed view you still have the same issue, just takes a bit longer to get there.
  9. As gone over above, yes - there is a "Load More" at the bottom, it gives you no sense of volume and is what I refer to as being annoying, I would like page view which is a much clearer layout choice for it.
  10. @Chewett, I don't think you've replied on my point here? Do we have any alternatives than the frankly annoying load more posts option?
  11. I used the unread content feature on the old style, and would intend to do so on this new version as well. I appreciated have page views for unread content so that I could tell how much I had not read and therefore may need to read to catch up. On the new forum style, there is just a "Load more activity" with this I have absolutely no idea the amount of content I need to review. If there is any option I would like the content feed to either display all, or display in a page format / some other format that clearly displays the amount of content remaining. I have already saved a new content feed to show only threads and status', therefore Events etc are taken off my feed. @Syrianthere's the option to save content settings, but you have to specifically choose to do so
  12. So far as my understanding goes, rider wanted the Fusioneers to be a Loreroot guild - however this thread has derailed far enough from a sale so it's being closed. If anyone wants to open a thread about the future of that guild, or land affiliation for any others, please do so elsewhere.
  13. 'The Shawshank Redemption' however that's fairly well known 'Exam' messes with you a tad 'A Bronx Tale' 'Definitely, Maybe' 'Seven Pounds'
  14. As Aeo stated, global chat announcements are indeed in green, so the statement is accurate. I have access to edit that page and most of those like it, so if you believe there to be other discrepancies, please message me so I can look into them.
  15. Amusingly (for me) before clicking on that image I still saw it as a $, wasn't till I clicked to open it that it updated, lol. Either way, yes, has updated, awesomeness. ----- If anyone else notes any more instances where it should be ¢, state here, otherwise will close the thread :)
  16. To reiterate Samon's post - the image itself displays a $ symbol, so needs to be replaced as well.
  17. As shown above, the credit symbol currently still displays a dollar as shown on left, as per announcement 3785 it needs to be changed to that shown on the right.
  18. Grido

    WTB various

    I have now acquired a Soulweaver and Santa, so no longer wish to transact for these.
  19. Late though it may be, all medal items for the MD Awards 2015 have now been distributed, please message me or post here if there are any discrepancies with this.
  20. Late though it may be, all medal items for the MD Awards 2014 have now been distributed, please message me if there are any discrepancies with this.
  21. Few types I'm looking to buy, please post here or message me if you're happy to sell - prices negotiable, but would need to be sensible. Nutcracker Santa Bloodpact Archer Soulweaver Year 6 - 10 Anniversary Aramors Additionally, if you have any creatures with an ID less than 200k and wish to sell, let me know as I am particularly interested in them.
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