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  1. On 25/08/2016 at 10:33 AM, Mallos said:

     and I haven't even accused Grido of removing me though I thought he did.

    I want the guild reinstated under Blackshade Rider and Fang Archane and Falronn if he must be involved. I'm sure they would agree here, Blackshade has a tool himself, has intent, and Fang is within Golemus already and ready to help us in this goal. The only problem is Grido does not want Blackshade Rider to have any involvement. He can state his own reasons here if he so wishes. I think Grido may have some other thoughts to speak though... That he may not want to yet.

    You kinda did in your first post, but there's no point me making a big fuss over it.


    In simple terms, Blackshade has done many things against Golemus, and myself, and nothing for it. If I recall correctly (and do correct me, if I'm wrong) he said the actions against the land were because he was being laughed at and ignored, and it was to wake the land up to act as he had previously suggested. Can't remember precisely what he had suggested, but I do recall it being incredibly unlikely to happen, even with backing - which I spoke to him about at the time. 

    Shortly afterwards he said sorry for assisting with the ally takeover, and could he have Fusioneers, I said no and that he would have to figure a way to improve Golemus from the position he was in, try to figure out a way for me to trust him again. He was not happy about this. More recently he took it upon himself to arrange deaths for several figures from Golemus (including myself).

    I think I'm fairly justified in not wanting him in my land, and have no reason to hide my explanation.

    I am happy to embrace Fusioneers revival as I have spoken to you privately about, just not with him.

  2. The store may have a policy against people doing something like that, so may get the people doing it in a little bit of trouble (I can't imagine any serious punishment/telling off for doing this). But should give a bit of exposure, and as you say it's free. So long as the people doing it are aware the store may tell them off/such for doing so.

  3. On 08/06/2016 at 11:31 AM, Sephirah Caelum said:

    Pardon, I don't remember being your citizen,if not, are you trying to fake it till you make it? If so, that's a cool move!

     And I'm also fine of having Nimmy as a Protector.

    You are quite correct Seph, Eon has no official title of leadership, and so you are not his citizen, nor is anyone else who is a member of the East.

    He is, as you say, faking it till he makes it.

  4. Guides can be helpful like this, and it's a good start to what's needed. Personally I think any guides like this should be fully incorporated into the game, as opposed to PDFs which you open alongside. It creates a more immersive experience for the player and keeps them within MD, rather than leaving the game and looking at other things.

    Feedback on the guide is below, besides other comments above.


    Seems a bit duplicitous having a "Resources Needed" page, and then a "Things You Will Need" page, can these be condensed together?

    Repeats what each of the Grasan's produces on page 3 and 5 - one can assume that they'll be able to look back through, so maybe again condense?

    Page 9 provides a list of what items you have at this point, and whilst it states "Resources" it may still confuse a new player that you also have Wine, might be best to include this on the list, clarifying that you have it, but don't need it for the process (assuming this doesn't get changed completely based on the fact that there's now other ways to collect Garbage).

    Page 12, using the Fenth - third bullet should read "You will be prompted..."
    Structure of the message they receive on the fourth bullet is messy, but I'm not sure if that's how you've written it, or what the system genuinely displays.

  5. You state with regards to your Drachorn Haven that you will be taking them off the market to protect them.

    A big part, besides the acting of the role, is distribution of the Drachorn Tokens. Within the Lair is the option to collect Drachorns if you have a token.

    How do you reconcile the distribution of Tokens, and the preventing further cruelty to the Drachorns? Seeing as the distribution of them could lead to people acquiring Drachorns, which you state as cruelty to them.

  6. Seeing as there were a few of these bug posts made around the same time, suspect you did nothing wrong.

    I have no errors in the MD shop currently - can you confirm if these are no longer there please? If they are please say which shop area it was, if it was the main area or one of the subsections etc.

  7. RSS feed link is broken, produces the below. This is for my custom stream, however the default also is not found.


    Not Found

    The requested URL /discover/12.xml was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  8. In connection with this, is it possible to have noted somewhere the total amount of gold/silver on active accounts? Something that's updated automatically so that if people are interested, they can keep track of the actual ratio between the two amounts.

    The closer the volume of Gold compared to Silver that there is available, the lower the value that Gold holds when trading, and the further apart the volume, the greater Gold should be valued at when trading.

    It would naturally also need to include notes, and other items that are clearly marked as equating to gold/silver.

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