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  1. @Chewett, @Pipstickz Haven't touched those in a while...will have a looksee how much is particularly outdated
  2. Holiday time for a week, see you on the other side!

  3. When you click favourite it resets any search parameters you have set, you then have to change the search term in order for it to actually search again - using latest Firefox Otherwise I likey, nice to have
  4. Best of luck with everything, I'm sure you'll smash it
  5. You kinda did in your first post, but there's no point me making a big fuss over it. ===== In simple terms, Blackshade has done many things against Golemus, and myself, and nothing for it. If I recall correctly (and do correct me, if I'm wrong) he said the actions against the land were because he was being laughed at and ignored, and it was to wake the land up to act as he had previously suggested. Can't remember precisely what he had suggested, but I do recall it being incredibly unlikely to happen, even with backing - which I spoke to him about at the time. Shortly afterwards
  6. Off for a few days, if anyone needs me I'll be back Monday.

  7. For the record: - I do not recall acting in the way you imagine (using king tools to remove you from ally). - If the nature of the facts laid out at the time by Rophs had been incorrect, I would have mentioned it. - I've looked over my usage of the tools and cannot find any actions against you, which reinforces that I did not act in that way.
  8. The store may have a policy against people doing something like that, so may get the people doing it in a little bit of trouble (I can't imagine any serious punishment/telling off for doing this). But should give a bit of exposure, and as you say it's free. So long as the people doing it are aware the store may tell them off/such for doing so.
  9. Would you mind going back there to see if it happens again?
  10. When creating threads, please provide a helpful topic title, naming it "Bug" helps nobody. I've renamed it more appropriately. == Were you meant to be at Sanctuary's View, or elsewhere? Are you still getting the error?
  11. Shop requirements still state you need XP, this needs to be updated to be Stored Heat. Also, less important, but whilst you're at it, honour is spelt "incorrectly" as it's lacking the 'u' *coughIpreferEnglishspellingsosuemecough*
  12. Split from http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17438-request-for-my-citizens
  13. You are quite correct Seph, Eon has no official title of leadership, and so you are not his citizen, nor is anyone else who is a member of the East. He is, as you say, faking it till he makes it.
  14. Guides can be helpful like this, and it's a good start to what's needed. Personally I think any guides like this should be fully incorporated into the game, as opposed to PDFs which you open alongside. It creates a more immersive experience for the player and keeps them within MD, rather than leaving the game and looking at other things. Feedback on the guide is below, besides other comments above. =============== Seems a bit duplicitous having a "Resources Needed" page, and then a "Things You Will Need" page, can these be condensed together? Repeats what each of the Grasan
  15. Yes, a high one! Will hopefully look at it this weekend...
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