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  1. Yeah well ... my balance is perfect, 173/173 and there is already almost nobody that gives me positive honor, and even worse, they do usually give me more than -30 honnor, some people gives even more than -100 ! It's getting sick, imagine in a week or two
  2. Yeah this may change a bit some player comportement indeed, but it won't change the maths, with the actual system, it will undoubtably have a loss of "wins", then people will gather even more in sanctuaries. i bet that Manu does'nt want that to happen, nor a race to wins like normal games around the net...
  3. There will be too many looses on the server really soon ... I think it will be impossible to have wins since EVERYBODY will need them Edit : the overall idea of the new system is very good to me, it just needs some arrangements, or mathematics will screw the balance of everyone.
  4. Nice idea, i wanna be able to sort manually MY creatures as I will, its VERY important There are some things in games that can't be random, and this is one of those... just like materias in FF7, it MUST have some personal order !
  5. So... I won't cry for the time i already passed on it, but is there any kind of reward or continuation on doing the puzzle now ? or is it a waste of time untill implementation ?
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