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  1. Seven years ago there was a Dread Lord in Britain (UO). Even the gods shivered by the call of his name, Ashkon. Please put me in the evil group. B)
  2. There is hardly a ritual i cant beat. My creatures are very strong now. What do you mean by " fight bigger fights"? I fought only fight where i can get positive honor or very small penalty. I think that are the strongest oponents for me. Am i wrong?
  3. Now its getting real boring. Every day log in fight some fights or regenerate in a sanctury. I have still to double my experience to get to mp5.
  4. It seems I have made very unlucky desicions during the story for my 2nd char. Its now over and this char has now 0 power ?!? My mainchar had at this point 11 power.
  5. seems a little far-fetched, but fair enaugh, its your riddle
  6. That is a , im sure "the more i shall give" it means The bad mood is a
  7. I baned all lifesuckers andhealers off my rituals. It didn't help much. While im getting 50 - 200 exp for a won fight, my oponents will get 700 -1500 and more exp if they win. I tried ballanced fights, max health and max heat, too. Won't change much.
  8. Black Scyther

    Story mode

    oh, end of chapter
  9. Black Scyther

    Story mode

    I killed the clown. Am i doomed to die? B)
  10. Thank you SoulTear, you opened my eyes. That damn lifesucking Elemental eats my exp *spanks the Elemental* :lol:
  11. Yes, i know. But the actual problem is, that my creatures can't get any experience. Every 2-3 fights there is a ritual wich gives my creature the decuple negative experience.
  12. Im stuck in a dead end. I tried to rise my creatures. There are a few people at mp4 i can beat. For example my Dark Archer gets 50 - 300 exp every won fight. But some player are very experienced and they have very strange rituals with creatures i don;t know. If my DA survive such a fight, he will get negative exp and tons of them. My DA has enaugh won battles but he need 8k exp more to upgrade!
  13. Participants so Far: chewett, smartalekrj, killer2, Nauraph, Akasha, Ashkon, Metal Bunny, Morrighan, Steno The Story So Far: One day the gate at the gates of Ages opened up a bright shimmering light blinded my eyes. This light reflected off my sword and blinded something in front of me. The thing howled as i glared i noticed it was enormous and it had a huge huge huge greataxe resting on its shoulder. It swung its axe back and then the dark began to raise upon it's age and a howling effort cringed me with fear followed by stabbing pain trough my poor ferrum cuniculum, caused by the enchanted
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