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  1. I guess the main point that I would like to get across is that a lot of the "riddles" posted here are more like guessing games. No offense, MB^H^H Morgana Le Fey, but same goes for your in-game "riddle." A question is asked, and there could be many possible answers due to imprecise language. It all turns into Bilbo Baggins asking "What have I got in my pocket?"-- The guesser knows several things about the answer (ie, it's something that fits in a pocket, it isn't too heavy for a hobbit to carry it) but nothing in the question is precise enough to narrow the possibilities. This leaves the door
  2. Trahern's answer seems witty enough (and fits), but I would like to hear why my answer doesn't work... Or is it just not the answer that you've heard?
  3. Fixed that for you. The answer is:
  4. I've reached a point in Chapter II that is under construction. While I'm really excited to see where the story goes at this point (and what cool stuff I get), I'm also a little upset that I'm not moving ahead day-to-day like my compatriots. I was in a race with freakidz and now I'm losing! ;-) My question: any indication of when the story will move on from here? I searched the forum for Under Construction and found nothing (lots of "under"; no "construction").
  5. lol that's a sweet riddle, phlegm. i'll message you the answer in-game because i'm betting none of these nerds get it... especially not MB ;-)
  6. Chewett, I assume you are asking me. I did not do anything. Prior to May 29th (when I made my "me too!" post above) I had been experiencing this issue at all times. I upgraded to Firefox 3 Beta 5_r4 before that date and was still experiencing this issue. I was on vacation between June 5th and June 9th. While on vacation I was playing a little bit on my friend's Ubuntu install. I do not know which version of Firefox he is using, but that is when I first noticed that the bug had been fixed. When I returned home and played on my system again, I was unable to replicate the bug. At no time did I
  7. I'm at Wind's Crossing and I'm getting this message when I click on Speaker for the Dead's name. I do not believe I should be getting that message, and neither does he.
  8. I am no longer experiencing this issue using Firefox on Gentoo Linux.
  9. Everyone's heads have NOT reset to 0! MRG is at Fenth's Press, and was showing 19 heads until just a moment ago, when I beat him and took a head. MRG, if you see this, I'm more than willing to help you get a victory to balance that one out-- I just wanted to see if the no-sanctuary rule still applied ;-)
  10. I am playing the game under the ongoing impression that balance is something to strive for, given that that is the entire unique selling point of this game. Note I said "balance" and not "a massive ratio of wins to losses." Therefore, maintaining a balanced profile is one of my goals. I believe that at some point the system will be updated so that balance is again more important than logging losses until one has 5k honor (I've been right around there for several days now--entirely unintentionally). I'm well aware of the added xp bonus, and have been enjoying its effects on my creatures. Yet
  11. My private hypothesis has been that this system was created for the older mp5s, and that it completely ignored the situation of the lower level players. You say that the object of the update was to make profiles more balanced--> I've struggled to balance my profile since my introduction to the game, and I've almost always had more losses than wins. In the days before the update I was maintaining my w-l record. Now, I have twice as many losses as I have wins. As has been noted in other threads, if balance is the goal, this system is mathematically doomed to fail.
  12. Another question about Stage 2-- The rules say "When one player in each group reaches a certain amount of heads, stage II of the contest comes in." Does this mean that all groups will begin Stage 2 at the same time? Or that each group will move to Stage 2 when one of the people in that group has >5000 points?
  13. @MB-- Oh, sorry for the double posting. And you're right about the sexytime: I'm sorry that I doubted you; I was so unfair.
  14. The timer problem is a common one. The way to get it back on track is to reload your browser window-- probably a good idea when you're going to build up VP through sacrificing creatures or getting the free credits. I have no idea why you wouldn't get VP for clicking the links, though...
  15. @MB's sexytime riddle--
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