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  1. Aaaaand, i STILL Dont regenerate AP. what the hell? I've reinstalled firefox... still nothing. I tried Internet Explorer... still nothing. I'm thoroughly convinced that it isn't on my end. To add to my frustrations, after i post about not being able to get AP, the credits page is turned off. I realize there was an issue with it, but it's a kick in the nuts for me. Yes, the game is in alpha, and i should expect issues. I'm trying to be patient...
  2. yes, it was the first thing that I tried. cleared cache, then restarted the browser. Also, I logged off for a few hours, and it still didn't fix anything. I'm out of AP, and dead in the water.
  3. My regeneration timer is set to 30 minutes now, as per the alliance change - which is fine... but I have not been getting AP or VE from it when it turns over. I sat idle for 2 hours with 12K Vital Energy over my limit, and still had it when I got back. I also had the same (very low) number of Action Points. ------------------------------------------------ Then, I lost a fight with 90% of that VE into the fight, so my creature had about 33K VE. The enemy took 14% of my VE (or about 4700). After the fight my personal VE dropped from 33000 to 3100.
  4. It seems like all of my fights are ending wayyyy too soon. when both rituals are 6 creatures, with max VE each, and it only lasts 2 rounds - it isn't even long enough to lose substantial vitality. Has anyone else been experiencing this? it's happened quite a few times to me in the last day.
  5. Awesome job finding that Aza... It was a good idea too.
  6. I am unable to attack. This is the error code: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.liststrategies.php on line 45 HELP ME! Now the error changed to: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.liststrategies.php on line 160
  7. I have the same issues with the +5 friends... please fix ty
  8. hehe, that's what spoiler tags are for. I agree with Yoric on the guessing thing... but being able to give a good explanation should be worth something. For me, the explanation is more important than the answer. sorta like getting credit for showing your work...
  9. It depends on how many heads you have too I think.
  10. Personally my FAVORITE part of this game is that fact that new players or weaker players can compete using creativity and intelligence rather than brute force. I like having the scoring areas limited - and I think that the logging off rule is something that is easily exploited (I sure took advantage of it...) but it's also a viable strategy to use - as long as everyone is competing under the same rules. Strong players can still set up a very very tough D ritual that weaker players will have trouble with (as I did in MP4) - but in the end it will cost them too much VE and they will be forced
  11. I have purchased everything from one area, most of another area... i don't think this is it.
  12. I do not have this option available.
  13. Yea, after i refresh the error still pops up once before it starts working. :\
  14. I get this bug periodically ever since using FF3 Error: TypeError Err description: undefined Err number: undefined Err message: sounds.TGotoLabel is not a function Ajax response: var chatobj = document.getElementById('livechat'); chatobj.innerHTML = "<div class='chatlistitem'><strong><a target='userdetails' href='../dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=MjIwNjIzMTYxNjc='><font color='#BC9434'>Glaistig</font></a>: </strong>^Glaistig-thought-pattern</div><div class='chatlistitem'><strong><a target='userdetails' href='../dlg/d
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