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  1. Those 'ugly avatars' are actually drawings from some people that are supporting this game with their drawings, I don't think they'd appreciate it if you name them 'ugly avatars'. Show some respect.
  2. What I actually mean is... That in time, I think, they'll make if fully functional, so that you will get some kind of reward automaticly after solving the puzzle.
  3. I think we'll just have to wait untill it is fully implemented, so that we'll just gain the reward automaticly.
  4. Hmm... I think you're making a mistake, Integrity isn't shown in percents. I think it just says /0, no clue what it exactly means though.. (Effectiveness is shown in percents, but I don't believe it changes, I've only seen it at 70%)
  5. Being able to nickname em should also work. I'm having the same issue*
  6. I really like the gentleman and the Sorcerer guy. The rest is just... awesome.
  7. Ah, I see... but it took more then 4000 heat before the "MAX" appeared.
  8. Nauraph

    Forum Game

    chewett: One day the gate at the gates of Ages opened up ... smartalekrj: a bright shimmering light blinded my eyes ... killer2: and reflected off my sword... chewett: and blinded something in front of me.. killer2: the thing howled... smartalekrj: as i glared i noticed it was enormous... killer2: and it had a huge huge huge... Nauraph: greataxe resting on its shoulder. It...
  9. 3000 is not the maximum heat. I just had over 3000, added one heat storage thingy, got over 4000, then I added another heat storage thingy, then it said max. (I think max is 5000)
  10. The first time I did a reset, I actually died during Story mode.. the part with the girl. It wasn't a big deal.. since I just reset again and did it all over, but imagine if you die, the first time you play that story mode. You would really miss a lót of bonusses, without even knowing about the. I agree with the 'áll the unbalanced endings make it balanced', or something like that.
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