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  1. Mr. Dogood answers. 1. 180 lbs 2. The letter "T" 3. The letter "O"
  2. Mr. Dogood also has one additional wish, that [size=5]ALL[/size] the wishes [u]comes true[/u], then and [color=#ff0000][u][b]ONLY THEN[/b][/u][/color], MagicDuel will be alive and kicking once again. Imagine a world where everybody tries to kill each other, whining on the forums, telling how this guy or this gal abuses their powers, Molquert will be very busy... Everything will be [color=#ff0000][b][size=5]CHAOS[/size][/b][/color], and Mr. Dogood loves chaos. Mr. Dogood The Lord of Silence
  3. Mr. Dogood likes this very much indeed, however, the Lord of Silence only wishes to: 1) [u][b]Reformat the Silence code[/b][/u] like that when we use an ordinary spell ([color=#ff8c00]in orange texts that is[/color]) so never again will the spell fall into the wrong hands. 2) The tag "[b][color=#b22222]Lord of Silence[/color][/b]" That is all what Mr. Dogood wants, and never again shall the great Lord of Silence infuse his wrath upon the townspeople. He is actually starting to live up to his name. [b]IN THE NAME OF THE LORD OF SILENCE[/b], Silence Dogood shall never spea
  4. Mr. Dogood wants to know why is his thread locked without permission. He needs a thorough explanation about this.

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    2. Pipstickz


      Which was on December 15th. If it slipped through the cracks, there should have at least been a PM from a mod because there has clearly been activity in the thread. I am reminded of this: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6169-redneck-in-jail-read-before-voting/#entry51766

    3. Silence Dogood

      Silence Dogood

      Yes I did say that, and it hasn't been closed because the mods doesn't want to, I assumed they are cool with it, they should have atleast let me know before they close it. And Pip, I fail to see how your link relates to it, are you implying that I am redneck? Or should I go to prison? I don't get it.

    4. Pipstickz


      I am saying it's a similar situation.

  5. [center][color=#B22222][b]The diaries of Mr. Dogood[/b][/color][/center] [center] [color=#FF8C00]written by the Silencer's ghost in the Gazebo of Chaos - Day 5, Year 8[/color][/center] The documentation of Lord Dogood's actions and deeds according to the Silencer's ghost: [i]"Of my many many encounters of hatred and violence, a dark deed has risen from the ashes and I exude it upon the ugliest tree in the entire realm; they call it "Bob," the tree on the path of loneliness."[/i] [i]"I used the tree as a target for practicing my knife throwing
  6. It seems to me that the words of silence that is being left over by the great silence spell leaves a trail that is regrettable, for this, I would like to suggest that the spell should be changed, as it is vital to the existence of the people of the realm. The idea behind this dark yet revolutionary metamorphosis is for the new people of the realm to un-spoil the legendary words. [color=#0000ff]Change: Removed the spoiler that was pointed out.[/color] EDIT: Then to this I say: [size=2][color=#b22222][b]The Silencer:[/b][/color] ************: DARK DEMON[/size] -to- [color=#f
  7. The holidays has silenced me for a while.

  8. The Silencer bans Fang for being killed three times without any reason.
  9. Mr. Dogood says: "It is at everyone's disposal, it is merely a concept creature that I have thought. If it will be implemented using a different idea from anyone I will be glad to give it to them."
  10. After an epic thinking, after the clashing of ideas, after the long battle of thoughts vs facts, I have come to a conclusion about the revolution of the curse of silence. The silence spell, when casted, should reveal unto your eyes as "The Silencer silenced Curiose" instead of the old one.

    1. Silence Dogood

      Silence Dogood

      For the silence spell is the most sacred of all, we should hide it from the eyes of the unexperienced.

      Mr. Dogood
      The Lord of Silence

  11. The Silencer speaks: "I have made it this way and I do not expect this to be implemented, this is just out of boredom that I had faced earlier. So I will change the the most part, specially the Auras. The Silencer will think this through."
  12. [color=#A52A2A][b]Infant [/b][/color] A small infant, constantly crying louder and louder overtime since it was born. Its soul being tormented for all eternity since the beginning of the realm, with this, it gains strength and ability to overpower the sound of battle the enemy creatures creates. [b]Abilities[/b]: Damage [b]Target[/b]: Random [color=#FF8C00]Stats[/color] Vital Energy 80/80 Stored Heat 0 Won battles 0 Age 0 Attack 5 Defence 40 Initiative 0 [colo
  13. [center][color=#B22222][b]The diaries of Mr. Dogood[/b][/color][/center] [center][color=#FF8C00]written by the Silencer's ghost in the Gazebo of Chaos - Day 361, Year 7[/color][/center] The documentation of Mr. Dogood's actions and deeds according to the Silencer's ghost: [i]"As I exude my force and power between person to person, as I destroy and humiliate them and their creatures, as the joyous crowd gathers for heat and fight exchange, this fool has came out of nowhere and broke the joy and silence in the Gazebo of Equilibrium. "[/i][i]Dark Demon" is what t
  14. Being a good Catholic in real life, Mr. Dogood wants to greet everybody a happy Christmas and happy holidays! Not just for Jesus' birthday, but also, his greetings resonates through all the Pagans and other holidays who celebrate on the 25th. Hannukah! The people of the realm murdered the silence throughout the lands, but they shall be forgiven by the Lord of Silence for being too loud, for it is the celebration of the holidays. Seasons Greetings!
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