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  1. Dude, man. I'll give you a virtual cookie complete with the asterisks if you can point out what was hostile and mean in my hello. Look what I have to endure--I go out of my way to say hello when no one else does after several views, and this is what I get in return. You know what? I won't do it again, I promise. Don't appreciate Glai-greeting, well, you aren't worthy of it. You can be greeted by [i]awiiya[/i]; I'm sure she's like [i]totally[/i] better than me and you'd be missing out on [i]nothing[/i]. I shouldn't even be humoring you by replying. I shouldn't be attaching th
  2. Request, if someone ever comes upon the message I sent to that MD-archive-site-blog-thing some time ago, please ignore it and you never saw any such thing. Delete it from all logs. I have really low points, and sometimes I wallow in MD depression so much my ability to process ideas takes a plunge and I do drastic things. I sorely regretted sending that message once I became sober a few hours later.
  3. [quote name='Glaistig' post='21704' date='Dec 10 2008, 11:15 AM']Sho, I was like, yeah, I finished work yesterday and I was logging on and writing, "Yea, and for you I hath labored to deliver an early fulfillment of our covenant" but then I forgot what I wanted to write about in the first place. Sorry, probably the effect of several all-nighters in a row.. why did I even post in the first place? It shows that I was not in a sane condition, and yea, in retrospect, I had pulled an all-nighter that very day I posted. In any case, I was like, I must not disappoint my already-dejected subjects, I m
  4. Sho, I was like, yeah, I finished work yesterday and I was logging on and writing, "Yea, and for you I hath labored to deliver an early fulfillment of our covenant" but then I forgot what I wanted to write about in the first place. Sorry, probably the effect of several all-nighters in a row.. why did I even post in the first place? It shows that I was not in a sane condition, and yea, in retrospect, I had pulled an all-nighter that very day I posted. In any case, I was like, I must not disappoint my already-dejected subjects, I must write something absolutely magnificent, so I must spend some
  5. Aww. Poor new player has to be greeted by Glai out of pity since no actual player wants to say hi. Well, you must be honored anyway, I being myself. And that "female" archer is most definitely male, not just because he looks quite ugly as all males are but that's how he's addressed in the creature description. Unfortunately for you, I don't feel like telling you his name what with the undue honor you paid him by calling him female, so you can look at the Bestiary section of the forums to find out. I mean, there's only so many archers released in MD right now, so you'll only have to check
  6. That's an interesting topic name, but well, yes, you've made Gla exceedingly happy. d-(n_n)-b You're always dependable, Che; my favorite of all the lame mods. Most people never receive my double-thumbs up emote w/ parenthetical enclosure, you know. Anyway, I was posting to notify everyone of the sorrowful news that I probably won't finish the aforementioned homework until at least Wednesday and probably later. I know how much we were all rejoicing to hear Gla's voice on the forums again, but school happens and it can't be helped. Wouldn't want everyone to hang in bewildered suspense in the
  7. I petition the divergent discussion to be spliced off as another topic in the Alliance forum because I want to contribute to it. After I do my homework, though. Come on, mods. You should have done this a long time ago anyway. >_>
  8. I should log on more often so my adeptness counts. Many older veterans actually regard "the new age" with Aqune's POV, I think. I've heard from a few of them, and I count. Trouble is, they don't really try to change the MD social currents, but instead quit or become inactive (like me). It's a pity, I think. Aqune is probably one of the most dedicated players, compared to the rest of us. She's been a player for a long time; she witnessed most of those events. She's around the age of Chewett and STF; I can't remember any others who still play from that time. And most of you think IaB a
  9. [quote name='GlorDamar' post='14197' date='Aug 20 2008, 08:08 PM']I thought I'd post a few that I'll be putting in the next batch of avatars. I suppose I should do this more [attachment=296:Cockatrice.jpg] [attachment=297:DarkCloak.jpg] I'm not happy with the face in this one, but oh well. [attachment=298:Edensword.jpg] [attachment=299:Queen.jpg] [attachment=300:Swordmaster.jpg][/quote] I should apologize for using art committed to MD for my homework project without permission. I'm sure they're copyrighted somewhere, but please don't sue me. You can see my brilliant work in re
  10. I should stop reading topics . . . and replying . . . but since it seems interesting and so far lacking in response, I'll contribute my little part. It doesn't matter much if the person plays MD or not, now does it? Of course not, not when it's me! I agree with Shadowseeker and stormrunner; emotion may be another catergory but instinct isn't necessarily subconscious. It's percievable and thus conscious. You can choose not to act on instinct. However, it's similar to subconscious matter in that it doesn't involve rationale and yet still compels. The relationship between the two, accordi
  11. [quote name='dst' post='19592' date='Nov 8 2008, 12:14 AM']Ha! I was looking for this topic. I asked and for the moment is not possible. But in the future when the player will be able to customize his/her interface it might get implemented. @Kragel: Having 3 or 4 avis? Are you insane? There are so few avatars and sooo many players...why take take the other's chance of having one?[/quote] Mmkay, I will save the avatar until those changes happen. As for having several avatars, I don't really agree. Avatars represent players' identities; you wouldn't make two entirely different roles and a
  12. Yes, do so; it would be such a pity if my avatar became obsolete. :offtopic: darn it.. you're getting close to my post count...
  13. Well, it turns out Inno no longer wants my avatar, but he suggested that I release it into the shop so others could have a chance at it. However, although I don't want to keep my avatar from use by someone, I don't want to take any currently in the shop (well, right now there's none, but later on, I mean) another wants either. So there should be a way of returning an avatar to the shop without taking another! No?
  14. Okayokay, I know that I'm being hypocritical posting on these forums when I criticized MD so and said I would try to break off completely when I quit, but I wanted to see the response, and then I found more things to express... >_>; And justsoyouknow, it's Lu's fault, because she made me look at the forums so I could see that one objectivity thread... [quote name='Granos' post='17741' date='Oct 3 2008, 03:03 AM']It is getting rather disturbing the amount of people not getting help from the community as a whole but at the same time even since I just started playing there's been a massiv
  15. I couldn't resist looking at these forums again, nor posting in this topic. Sorry, sorry. I always have the need to express myself in a lengthy manner. Just take it as the input of an outsider who can give a different perspective. The turn of development to roleplaying and the manner in which players responded to this was one of the major reasons I quit (the others being a lack of time and little incentive to stay). Like Vaul, and other players/ex-players I know who share these feelings, I appreciate the innovative roleplaying features but feel the majority of the roleplayers that are pu
  16. I can see your view, about the development thing. I don't truly know whether or not it's justified, but then practically nothing is absolutely justified in life anyway. The result is the same: I'd have to wait a long time in MD to be able to do what I want, which is play with an intuitive PvP system--that is why I'm quitting at least for now. I don't enjoy the game itself.. I love chatting with the people in MD, but I feel guilt when I'm not actually playing the game for the game (when I'm supposed to be doing homework or other things). Interaction with the great people in the community is
  17. Even though I said I would leave MD, I still checked the forums to think about what Manu said--so I see this topic, and I would also like to say thanks before I quit. Manu is incredible, and so is MagicDuel. Whether or not I come back, I will always remember how much I loved MD. Even though the community was the greastest aspect which kept me here to now, the community is this community because of what MD is like. I know that this game has amazing potential to grow and progress: the concepts are truly innovative, and with how hard Manu works, it's easy to believe that the development eve
  18. I do understand that some of these things may fall in place together eventually, so perhaps you are right when you say it is not necessary to fix the current "bugs." Even so, I still find it a bit hazardous, and, reading your post, I still couldn't figure out how this way--finishing everything you have in mind as quickly as possible--is better than doing each thing well before moving onto the next, with the exception of an instance in which you have to finish another thing to be able to continue working on the first. Is it that way with all of the areas? EDIT: I reread Manu's post a couple
  19. Yo! 8) Seems like MD is gathering a lot of hardcore roleplayers~
  20. I want to be able to idle >_>; If I could idle safely without having to worry about newbies pming me and waiting for an answer when I have to go instead of logging off, I would be able to gather a lot more losses. I made a topic about this wish a while back: Idle status for LHO's recognized as offline. I thought it would be fairly easy to make it work. *complains*
  21. n_____n I hear that same song (part of it) nearly everyday in Target commercials. It's funky, but it's not in my taste. I like the trumpets, though. Or are they trombones? I can't differentiate such things. I liked the music in the Paper Cabin Balcony (ty for the heads-up Sol). It was dramatic, like I was about to hop over the balcony fence and jump off into the water; suicide~ It's nice to hear that these won't last and we're just experimenting. I'm not altogether sure I think these songs fit the areas, and don't we need a license or something to use them ingame? I don't even see cre
  22. Today is the day! I finally end my humble patience, kill my grace and rant. I find the development in MD sloppy. It seems like one concept/feature is implemented, and then there's a short period of time before the next thing. After a couple of releases an alpha stage ends and another starts, with celebration. I can see why that's appealing, because you perceive constant growth of a dynamic game. But is incessant movement from one area to another good growth? In my view, this type of game development introduces many novel quirks--but ends up in numerous bugs and bad presentation to deal w
  23. Haha, Lu thought about making a topic like this, but when she checked the forums again she didn't see Jonn's (or anyone's) name on the birthday list. Well, kudos to you, Udgard. Happy birthday, O' Evil who dislikes checking the forums because of "all the spam." > I think, you know, we should also congratulate Thereef, buknoy and DiKra. Well, the only member I recognize is DiKra, but yeah, maybe the others will check too. So exclusive to cheer only Jonn. Cheers to Thereef, buknoy, DiKra and Jonn!
  24. Haha You will find that you'll get to my level fairly quickly. I'm quite weak, one major point being I know little strategy. Stats and skills are nothing if you can't apply them.
  25. And why were you a hunter of the "undead"? You'll need more to justify pitting yourself against the shades!
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