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  1. anti-nice, anti-peace, anti-rpc, anti-admin, anti-new, anti-MD I'm serious. :) EDIT: Oh, and before I forget, anti-Lady[space]_____. Worse. Names. Ever. But I suppose they count in the new category. EDIT2: Okay, okay, hello.
  2. I don't know. What's the point of this? Why not espouse friendly competition? Do you actually think players in the treaty will bother dueling with each other now, when you have to get past the inconvenience of asking? Maybe a few, or some, but you might as well become one huge conglomerate alliance with little subsets. Actually, that makes sense. But I suppose MD has been shifting to more "polite" tendencies, anyway; the dojo has set a tradition of premeditated dueling. It takes out some fun, but oh well. It is what it is, a shift.
  3. Hum, wait; the children of the eclipse came from the MD moon that disappeared? Where can I read this stuff? Or is it oral lore?
  4. We should probably figure out what kind of newspaper it will be; what purpose do you want it to serve? For certain, it can serve multiple purposes, but by deciding which one is most important to the readers and which aren't, we can figure out the proportion of content types and how they'll be organized onto the pages. For instance, if we want it to document the progress of MD and deliver information, we won't have a paper that is completely composed of light items and player-sent content. We'll also have news stories, features and opinions. If these are going to be comprehensive and multi
  5. But Gargant! My importance extends far beyond experience! After all, what sort of newspaper would it be without my influence? O'_'O But I do admit I didn't think you had any background like that. You should have said. l:< I feel betrayed now. Were you trying to hide something from me?! Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what a studying for a media degree entails, but I'm sure it'll be helpful for anyone who wants to lead this sort of thing. I'm not against the newspaper being part of the game, distributed within the game and so on, as long as it is the players who make the newspaper.
  6. Don't worry, I'm quite convinced the newspaper would fail without me. :) It'd be like aimless mucking. I'll get the list to you sometime when Lu feels like giving the flash drive to me.
  7. Okay, okay. Let's speed things up then, if you wish, but you or someone else will have to lead the project since I don't have the time or stamina for that. The survey really isn't necessary, it was just a novel idea I yielded to since I have scruples about dealing with MD bureacracy. :< However, knowing MD, there are probably no regulations about that announcement box, so as long as Calyx/whoever else it concerns is fine with it, I think that's a good bet. Going along this thread, Chewett, could we have a probationary section for the newspaper discussions? Maybe later on, there will
  8. No rush, man.. I spent today neglecting my newspaper duties so I could make conversation about Easter and birthdays. :D
  9. Ah, Che, but what is a post count save for a number noted by the overconscious? The fact would remain that I have contributed far more than he ever has. In fact, the majority of his few posts are spam, it is! Ohoho, look, a surprising number of people have posted. *__* No doubt trying to increase their post count.
  10. Don't worry. Even if no one else wants to create a celebratory birthday topic for you, I will! After all, you [i]are[/i] a faithful member of the forums, rightho? I suppose it's sad that I have more posts than you, calling myself an Outsider, but I have more posts than everyone besides Chewett and dst, anyway. Anyway, yeah. You're always accusing me of hate, but really, I am your most dedicated follower~! I really am true to my word! [center][font="Courier New"][color="#006400"]All Hail [s]Britannia[/s] The Bunny Empire![/color][/font][/center][center][font="Courier New"][color="#0064
  11. [b]Current count[/b] Response: 49 A (not interested): 1 B (would read it): 16 C (want to be notified about developments): 11 D (want to provide input at discretion): 13 E (want to actively be part of project): 5 I know there's a discrepancy in numbers but I can't spend the time to figure out where I went wrong at this moment. And the people I know of who want to help with the project but haven't yet been included in the survey: 5
  12. Garg, please don't say that, you must know that I was joking myself. Right? n'__'n I don't believe the forums would generate any more support for this project than it already has. The point of surveying players individually ingame was to prompt reply and include those who don't visit the forums regularly in the evaluation. I'm iffy about continuing use of these forums. Manu's expressed that he's not against integrating the newspaper into his game kind of like the Archives, but I don't really care for that idea.. so I kind went, yeah, do you mind if we operate independently in the begin
  13. Gargant, how offensive it is that you suggest I would engage in a petty war! Hmph. As for your ideas, I don't disagree with them--yet. But I don't feel this is the right time and place for these suggestions about content and whatnot. First it should be decided whether or not there is truly enough interest in the project for it to start at all. myrrh may have been more polite and perhaps less biased than me, but I don't think the project was going well under his hand. He was trying to do several things at once: spread awareness, collect team members, decide content, make the layout, cons
  14. I just had to before anyone else did. n___n Sorry if you don't celebrate birthdays, though. Wait, is this even your birthday? New Year's Eve? Just put in some random birthdate while registering, hey? Tsk! Ahem, sorry if it really is your birthday though; was just doubting for a moment.
  15. Huh.. can't you guys just organize your own events for fun? You know, maybe dueling? You're veterans, you can do it! Because, after all, maybe making more official contests dependent on PvP is excessive. This is a roleplaying game after all; you can have fun [i]roleplaying[/i]. Making Manu work just for the whims of a small section of the playerbase, pah. ~Outsider's view.
  16. How stiff you are! How uncomfortable it is to see my lovely composition dissected in your response! You really ought to lighten up your language, Tarquinius, if only for cheer of those who receive. It's an affront! But, I get carried away. I applaud dogmatic adherence to setting constraints. Though the manner in which you retort is disconcerting, I suppose it is putting a mantle on for the occasion. You have support from me! I'm sure you're very appreciative.
  17. Return of the long posts! What the world expects of me! I started distributing those "spam PMs" as you so term them at maybe 1:30 in the morning so I wouldn't be under the surveillance of my discerning brother and parents. By 2:00 (at which point I had gone through the players at the Gazeebo, Well of Fortune and was going through the playerlist of Fenths Press) someone was turning in bed and I became fearful; I hasted to brush my teeth and prepare for bed. As my suspicions dictated, Mom got up soon afterward and made a disapproving face to see me up so late no matter if I was in the midst
  18. Oh, honestly! I'm quite sincerely sorry that I managed to send one or two extra messages to you by accident (mind to tell me exactly how many, so I can judge exactly how nitpicky you are?) and no doubt cluttered your inbox exceedingly with that [i]huge[/i] number so that you had to spend [i]so[/i] much effort to strenuously stretch your holy finger and press the delete button to that [i]extreme[/i] amount, but to my humble knowledge what I did was perfectly legal. Someone tell me if it isn't, thanks. Now, if you don't want it to be repeated, go to some obscure location someone lik
  19. Has the moon ever even appeared in MD? I'm not up-to-date on the AL or MD lore, but if it's not mentioned I'm not exactly sure how your lovely characters know about such an object. Although, I suppose you could just say a myth has been passed down from generation to generation about some legendary celestial body from an origin unknown... Or, maybe your characters just feel something amiss and create a vision in which things just happened to be termed "moon" and "stars" or so on. If you can make your story fit with MD's world, a moon cult sounds fine. It might be helpful to post your story
  20. I finished my history studyguide. :) Almost, anyway. I have to do the map, but I lost that (and the actual studyguide, but I had Lu's), so I will obtain one once school starts again. Lack of reaction in forums indicates lack of interest to progress in project, but the forums are undependable since so few actually use it. Glai doesn't give up easily, you know; she will only stop when I know for sure it is impossible. That's why I always accomplish so much! n__n Anyway, back to the forum thing, I guess I have to resort to ingame surveying. I never thought I would fall so low as to mass-s
  21. offtopic: Huh. Darn it. Can I still use it? ontopic: 90% chance of project failure~ I don't plan to even try my hand at this if I can't gather a substantial workforce. But evaluating potential workers comes after analyzing general response. Che, you really mumble a lot. Don't worry though; I collect your flotsam and make a junkbear. :o ! Three samples, hnn.
  22. Ha! The less I do, the happier I'll be. Maybe. I don't want a project I'm accomodating to be a [spoiler]crappy[/spoiler] newspaper. I don't really trust average MD players to be able to make a good one without a lot of assistance. Anyway, what were you saying? I'd love it if someone I approve of waltzed over and said they'd like to take charge, but if no one volunteers right now, I'd have to manage the project for at least the beginning. The other option is to wait indefinitely and not start at all unless someone does, which suits me as well. Pick. And oh, hey, since when did we have
  23. @Udgard, it'll be for the community of MD rather than the game itself. There's a difference to me. @Cheett, you're right, I don't really want a paper for MD or even it's community. I just want to see if I can make one. I don't think I can counter this point well. It's not like I'll try to be biased or make the paper favor one side--I'm a better journalist than that--but that's my natural disposition and I can't help it much. Bias isn't something one controls easily. I had planned to let willing people review pieces before release to suggest change in tone or additional information
  24. Seems to work at a quick glance, which means the situation is automatically better than before. If I end up using the forums again I'll keep an eye out. Cheudaman! d(n_n)b EDIT: Actually, I don't know about that after thinking it through a little. IE reviles me so much. But I'd keep an eye out in FF at least, regardless of how little that means. (:
  25. Change of hands! myrrh's gone, at least for now; he might come back eventually when he's not so incapacitated. Or he might not. Anyway, a select few of you know that I was taking beginning journalism. Well, that was last year. Now I'm the news editor of the school's paper, so technically I [i]could[/i] manage this project if I were so inclined. However, what with magicduel being the game it is now, I have far more important things to do. I'm willing to work on it should interest still exist, but only at my quite-limited convenience. What it would
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