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  1. Hmm.. I'm used to editing whole pages. :P How about I look at the layouts when they're first compiled, make sure they're properly formatted, and meanwhile try to catch anything the other proofers and copy editors missed in their own perusals? I'm not especially suited to a specific area for editing, since I log onto MD for practically seconds at a time. I can take extra responsibility for pieces no one else wants to edit, though.
  2. I think we should do both as Chewett says. PDFs will probably preserve the original document better than HTML, so they're a good option to have. By the way, you can view pdfs in compatitible browsers as long as you have Adobe Reader 6 or 7 and the correct plugin. I also want the paper to be free, though you can probably put free items in the MD Shop. It's not supposed to be a privilege; it's supposed to be available to all. Have you talked to Mur about things yet? EDIT: nvm, didn't see your post. Talk to Mur about the project though. Things have changed since myrrh was still here, and we
  3. ... Didn't say that to "Lady Fang" Horo-imposter, storm chum. Tch tch. No, Lelouch is cool enough to name after. But it's too cool to be named after. You get it, Lu?
  4. :< Now I think you're not getting me. I think this is what happened: you saw that you had some time left before the counter reset. Actually, the timer was lagging, so you had less time than what was shown on the timer. After clicking the links, the counter resets and all your extra VP and VE go away (but since your credits aren't temporary, they don't). You then refresh, and get the accurate time, but believe that the timer still hasn't reset yet. Continuing to refresh, you see no change. Try refreshing to make sure you know the correct time til reset before you collect credits in t
  5. Holy [spoiler]crap[/spoiler]. O_O Now if only you acted like Lelouch. You [spoiler]damn[/spoiler] travesty to his name! There's already been a Lulu.
  6. Sorry.. I just want to make sure you get what I mean. :< The timer just reset, you said, but how do you know it did? Or did you refresh and then see it reset, and then start gathering credits? Bear with me. X)
  7. Well, the timer display can lag, so while it might show 4-5 min left it could actually have a value of 1 minute and reset while you're gathering credits. To make sure you have the accurate time after a while, especially with a slow connection, you need to refresh. So whenever I wanted to gather credits, I would refresh first to see that I do have a good amount of time left, then gather-click, and then refresh again to see the bonus stats. Just assuming that what the timer says is true is dangerous! Is that a possibility?
  8. Tch.. you refreshed before you saw the timer had 4-5 min left, or did you see that after you refreshed? It's just a little hard to believe it's a bug right off. Has it occurred again, or was that an isolated incident?
  9. [quote name='Burns' post='23795' date='Jan 14 2009, 01:17 PM']nobody knows the game developments before manu releases them, so how should that work? :huh: i guess you could do some kind of a historical point fo view on those things, but the old announcements are public anyway, so i don't really see the point in that...[/quote] LIES! You can write lots about game developments after they come out, you know. What purpose they're supposed to serve, the status, the mechanics, the impact on the game, the hopes for them, where it's moving towards in terms of development, and public opinion.
  10. Just prodding.. I want game development news stories/features in this newspaper; it's even in the list. Someone volunteer? :) I think I might go ask Bootes if he wants to do horoscopes. He said that once.
  11. Just wondering, is that article going to be about rpcs in general or specific individuals? If it's the latter you could probably do multiple pieces instead of one story. n__n
  12. Hmm.. my personal preference, nothing else, I'd like a body font with serifs, like Times New Roman 12p. It's a little less clear than some of the other choices but less harsh on the eyes than Gargant's choice while preserving some sense of elegance. It kind of depends on what tone you want to communicate. For headlines I might want Arial bold. We're not sticking with three columns, are we? XD Now, I suppose that would be okay, but four might be a little more standard. As to the scroll background, we could have two separate images stuck on the top and bottom that would be the top and b
  13. I've been trying to get your attention ingame. :< Anyway, I leave in two minutes, so I guess I'll have to wait until I get home. I'm thinking this project won't move along unless we get Calyx-Che favors, or you manage to contact all the people who've already shown interest somehow. But anyway, if you want to do the organization thingy now, I think you know that I'd just like to provide my wonderful insight; maybe do the layout if you're not going to (argh I wanted to see that knocked-up version D:). I'd rather not write anything. But if we're in need of news- or feature-writers, I can
  14. I think we ought to wait until we see if Calyx will allow an announcement in her box before we decide that there is no more input to be garnered. Not many people use the forums without being prompted, after all.
  15. I was asking anyway, wasn't I? How do you expect me to keep everything straight, eh? All the names start to blur after a while. >_> Who are you, Liberty? You sound familiar. Nevermind, though; this is a bug report topic. I'm sure there are some imaginary rules guarding it from off-topic derailment.
  16. It's not any of the following in the quote, right? A lot of times new players/people who have just started using free credits don't consider these things. There have been many topics saying the same thing and none of instances have yet proved to concern an actual bug. The quote is from one of those topics. [quote name='Glaistig' post='15867' date='Sep 5 2008, 05:07 PM']Just checking.. did you have max VE [or VP] at the time? If you did, you may not have gained any because the timer reset, [as] when that happens any VE [or VP] over the max value disappears. Sometimes, you're not aware the ti
  17. It means that rather than doing homework I'll submit to anything. I posted this topic the early morning of the day my history DBQ was due, note the time. :') EDIT: Oh, I can't resist it after all. "Oh, I didn't want to say it, but actually, I do want to say it, which is why I'm saying it, and I just said that because, oh, I'm such a nimrod. An awesome nimrod, mind you. Well, I wish I was." :-D
  18. You're wrong, Khalz. He didn't become animistic all of a sudden. That's my lost child, the flesh of my flesh. So you had him. And you neglected him so harshly that he could not develop properly. You bastard, I always knew you were sadistic. :') His hooves are developing now because of that nourishing water.
  19. Honestly, dst. You're much too picky. Well, in any case, I wasn't planning to be part of your little syndicate or any fraternity. I'm the outsider, the angstly loner who really [i]doesn't[/i] play MD. 8) I just post on the MD forums, see.. I quit a long time ago! Nodnodnodnodnod.
  20. [quote name='dst' post='23602' date='Jan 11 2009, 11:22 AM']I agree with the first 2. But I can tolerate the others also :D . Except maybe the anti-MD (first time I typed MB :p ) cause then it's some sort of paradox...you're anti-MD but you continue to play...[/quote] That's not really a paradox, is it? How about pro-MDangst, then?
  21. anti-nice, anti-peace, anti-rpc, anti-admin, anti-new, anti-MD I'm serious. :) EDIT: Oh, and before I forget, anti-Lady[space]_____. Worse. Names. Ever. But I suppose they count in the new category. EDIT2: Okay, okay, hello.
  22. I don't know. What's the point of this? Why not espouse friendly competition? Do you actually think players in the treaty will bother dueling with each other now, when you have to get past the inconvenience of asking? Maybe a few, or some, but you might as well become one huge conglomerate alliance with little subsets. Actually, that makes sense. But I suppose MD has been shifting to more "polite" tendencies, anyway; the dojo has set a tradition of premeditated dueling. It takes out some fun, but oh well. It is what it is, a shift.
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