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  1. But! I like the color pink and it shall help me find my posts. (: And I'm too lazy to change it now. Sorry.
  2. ... There was just an update in the adventure log about STF. He shouted "DEATH" as the answer, so I presume it is the answer. (:?
  3. The purple is slightly better. Still wish it were another color, to be honest. I might start using hot pink again. What do you say?
  4. Hola~. No hablo en espanol bien. No comprendo mas de que escribes. Pero me gustaria digo algo. Soy la hermana de Lulu. Tambien aprendiendo espanol ahora. Creo que deteno ahora porque se que no te gusta mi espanol mal. Como te gusta magicduel?
  5. Sounds a little like Freud's super-ego and id. Super-ego is the part of human pysche which acts rationally upon ingrained moral values, and id is the part that acts upon beastly desires; according to Freud, they are always opposing forces. It's a better answer than mine.
  6. ... All of you, including MB, are posting a lot for a simple introduction topic. Hello Yami. I am Glaistig. Make sure you say hi to me if you say hi to others in the same place, because otherwise I'll feel excluded. Welcome to magicduel. I've been playing for a while, but people who have been playing less than me are more advanced. Get to mp5 soon and make sure you attack me a lot. I like purple, but your purple hurts my eyes.
  7. Well, it would be interesting to see what would happen if STF did lose a leg, or if he couldn't come up with the answer. But I might as well take a stab. Just because of Morpheus's name, I thought it might be the dreamworld/mind and reality? Because they are sort of related or close but at the same time opposites, and when you sleep you usually dream about something related to reality, like your fears or aspirations. So if you have a fear and dream about it, your dreamself might be fighting your fear. But that's kind of unlikely, isn't it? After all, the answer is too related to his name
  8. Yeah, it would be nice if we could choose what could load in the sidebar... for instance, I don't really need to be reading the adventure of others all day when updates aren't that often. Maybe the last adventure update, and the last news, and then some other info, like the options in the poll. And it was I who wanted to minimize it. (:
  9. Above all, I think that if the system was implemented to help new players and really isn't, there is something wrong (maybe with the players, yes, but then the message should be given to them). I praise players who are able to maintain a balance even while others assault constantly with weak rituals and little compensation. It would take a long time for me to do that even if I could, because it is rare that people attack me for wins in comparison to when I am attacked for losses. I'm even using fairly weak creatures with fairly low vitality in my defense ritual, and I find that by the end o
  10. I agree with Aqune.. the idea of helping out the newbies and protecting them with this sort of system sounds ideal, but it really doesn't work, at least not the way it is now. It doesn't give the new players an advantage because even if they are the ones who other players try to lose against, they don't gain any stats since usually the players farm losses with one creature rituals. Even if you mean that the stronger players don't target weak players for wins, they do. Once they use weak rituals to gain losses to match up for it, of course. And as far as I can tell, there is a very minimal
  11. I know at least a couple of other players feel this frustration as well, me included (there was a similar complaint in the bug board). I was eager to get into mp5 because I thought other players that were stronger than me would attack me more than the players in mp4 (when they did, they almost always lost), so my horrible win:loss ratio might become balanced. It really hasn't changed much at all, because most of the mp5 players are more concerned about getting losses than wins. People who had a unbalanced ratio in the first place started using weak rituals, defense and attack, to gather los
  12. I picked Imagination, Darkness, Transposition, Time and Element. I don't find it very surprising that others did similarly because the principles were implied by the description to work with others well, except maybe Element. I just picked Element because I liked the idea; it kind of sounds like Transposition.
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