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  1. Good. Because the other day, dst was really, really slow in answering my question about Dimensional Shifters and said as an excuse: "sorry...I have some things to do..." !
  2. Ugh. >:S So.. we can commence in torturing dst now? :D
  3. What is with Shaniqua or whatever? And about the Omelet.. It has to be Omelette and I will call it Steve or else no deal, come up with something else. 8)
  4. Yes Steve! Why not? Whereas Mr. Egg? All the evilness in it originates from its lameness!
  5. Mwuhahaha.. now all we need to do is get Jonn's permission, or just do it without his permission. :diablo:
  6. No, no, I was just quoting you to show the extent of my graciousness, and that pointed glare is because I'm embarrassed to be so openly indulgent. And yeah, we should have a naming contest, and then dst will start hating the egg because everyone talks to it when passing by Jonn. n___n Steve, eh?
  7. [quote name='Je Suis Oeufs Fous' post='24152' date='Jan 25 2009, 07:53 AM']-cough- Even you, Glai, in your own amazing twisted way. ;D Oh, by the way, sorry! One mistake, and it all goes down the hole. Forgive me? :>[/quote] "So THAT is your other account?" Yeah, yeah, I forgive you. >_> And that egg.. is real! Isn't that the same one Jonn used for the first rpc quest lineup? O_O Well, let's think. If we sacrificed the egg right now, we wouldn't really get a return for all that exp and myuhh as we would if it weren't a level I or II creature. So it's an impotent thing now, e
  8. Glaistig

    Forum Game

    Burns: he didn't know was that the wine had been poisoned by. Grido: a strange woman wearing a feather boa... Chewett: that have an idea that he ... dst: was cheating on her with... Grido: Hannah, which as it turns out he was... Metal Bunny: not as Grido fancies other types than Hannah, more petite... Glaistig: really. Grido began convulsing and...
  9. I will never forget the day I met you.. I had such high hopes. Maybe you never knew, since to all appearances I was asking you to help me stay connected with the object of my heartbreak, but deep down, I thought in the perverted way of fate, that you would help me get over the relationship to which I still clung, that I would be able to escape the grips of the past through you.. Of course, that's not the way it worked out, and I should've known in any case. You didn't even recall who I was the next time I talked to you.. how disappointing, but better for the both of us, eh? It was meant to
  10. Ah well.. it bothers me, but it can't be helped, I guess. I'm the organizational freak in the bunch, eh? :') When did Calyx say she would post the announcement? Anticipation~ Because I know there are a lot who have promised to help, but I never told them things were moving on the forums. *_*
  11. It's not like it matters much to me, but why not a calendar? Btw, are we going to keep this thread public? I was thinking we could make a new thread that serves as a sort of MDNP bulletin and move this one into the closed forum.
  12. What is the special interest section? Just wondering. I can sense why nobody would want to pick up the calendar and rpc quest compilation, since they're pretty much.. just reporting, light but uninteresting. I don't mind doing them. Sign me up? The historical section sounds interesting. Doesn't anyone want to, you know, investigate significant MD events that have passed into oblivion since their occurrence and expose them to the public? Education! Doesn't that sound interesting? Volunteer!
  13. Fluff? Forums are for expressing opinions, hey? Aren't you just posting "I like the treaty" fluff, then? If people's dislike of the treaty isn't so much that they take initiative ingame, and just contribute their thoughts of the development on the forums, that's that. It may not be as extreme as active opposition, but it is a form of protest and resistance. Don't demean expression and debate so airily, kid. You don't need to read and participate if you don't want to. As for the value of treaties in roleplay, you're only partially right. You complained that the people protesting weren'
  14. It's unrealistic! Isn't this a roleplaying game?! In the MD world, things are not so convenient as to be able to block any opponent you wish from attacking you. That'd be.. horrible! Travesty! Person: Oh, yeah, this guy.. I don't want to fight him! But he is going to attack me! Person: ..Oh! No matter, I can refuse him! Guy: Oh no! The person doesn't want to fight me! I can't attack him! ...?!?! THE HECK IS THAT? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!
  15. [i]Who wouldn't appreciate my beautiful responses? The generous effort and passion I put into giving input.. n__n... Eh..? [/i]Ah, I was wondering, so, where are your hopes right now in terms of success? I hate MD bureacracy.. It must be such a nightmare. >_> Specifically, I mean, have you even gotten in personal contact with Manu? Ah, don't worry..! It's okay. Determination!
  16. Don't worry Che, we are arguing, but that's what the forums are for, right? Debate and discussion. Sometimes it gets heated but we're okay. I'm not far from giving my support but the thing is, I don't really know if the idea can be well-integrated into MD. What you describe as pirates is cool.. as long as they can make an impact, influence things. You say you want to shake up things, but will your crew make a difference? I can't visualize it much. Trading/bartering for information can only get you so far when almost all the alliances do that to some extent. Even if you claim yourself
  17. It's okay. We have a basic disagreement that's hard to reconcile. If I were a pirate, I would go, "The sea is my home," and insist on it being the official location marked down on alliance documents regardless of the prompt being home~land~, or else just be pirates without an alliance symbol. I'm cool like that. But if you think of Golemus as your homeland, who am I to demand that you don't? If you don't feel like you're compromising, why should I make you feel as if you are? So.. right now, this is where I am: I no longer argue that you're committing a roleplaying sin by forsaking a
  18. Argh! Listen, I can see that you might use Golemus to have a homeport. With your good relations with some of the GG alliances, it could make sense.. in a way... sort of. Not really. You're pirates and disregard law, right? The most logical thing is that even with good relationships with Golemus people, you should have a treaty to establish a port on their land. Having a treaty, your homeport is temporary. But you can still have emotional attachment to Golemus that way. My main point is that you're compromising, however valid Golemus is as a homeport. You've said it so many times! Th
  19. I hate being insulted and I can't help it much. Deal. I don't think you understand why I disagree with this so much. The reason why I care what you claim as your homeland is that it reflects the integrity of your roleplaying. It's an essential part of your pirate-guild identity. Everything is. I [i]know[/i] you just said that if you could claim the open seas as your homeland, you would gladly accept. That's why I'm angry. You might insist that Golemus is like a home to you, because it allows you to be a pirate or some other argument I'm not grasping, but what you've said multiple time
  20. The thing that bothers me is that you're willing to consider Golemus your homeland just in order to get an alliance. You said it yourself? You think of the sea as your homeland, but you're compromising instead. I don't see why Golemus being your only tie to land should justify replacing the sea with it as your home. Pirates don't necessarily like land, do they? And don't indirectly insult my intelligence rather than addressing me. That's lame and as a result aggravating. In any case, I didn't suggest the water outside the sanctuary is a place where you should sail. I said it is water.
  21. Typically we manually remove the header information once we import the doc into the program. :O But normally, the way a paper recognizes authors is a byline under the headline.
  22. Bootes, you know, you're awkward. @_@ Anyway, I get what you mean now, but don't go on defensively asserting the Golemus idea is just a [i]suggested compromise.[/i] It's been argued in this discussion in a manner that establishes the fact that Cryxus is not only [i]willing[/i] but [i]planning[/i] to make that compromise. The whole point is, I can't support something like this. It's wrong. Stretching details of your story and character for convenience, no matter the situation, is simply bad. Isn't that right? I'm not really asking, though. That's right. Yeah, a compromise. A com
  23. Man up! I wouldn't say some place is my home when it isn't and demean my real home just to be recognized by someone who would ask that of me, nor to get some small benefit. This "pirate" group could probably function just as well without an alliance symbol and little chat place. As for the bonuses, you should be able to overcome that. Where's the pride? Sometimes you need to stand firm to get what you want. ~And I'm out.
  24. Well, I gave my input on the CoE.. so now that I see this thread, it wouldn't be fair to deprive, hey? I find that I kind of sympathize with MRnegative6. GG as pirates' homeland doesn't make any sense to me. It's already occupied by a people, who supposedly are very advanced in magic and research. Basically, they are Golemus. If you say your homeland is GG, then you basically say you share their identity. Wait a minute here. Let's get this straight. You're happy-go-lucky pirates, you basically sail around and land on different lands without permission, and do whatever you want. And
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