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  1. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='24895' date='Feb 7 2009, 01:48 PM']wot were you one of the victims ?? :lol: :lol:[/quote] Don't ask that so cheerfully!
  2. Full quest? Like copy and paste a description and introduction of the quest the creator made? Well, they might be more useful in terms of actually starting the quest, but they tend to be relatively long. It might be fine on the forums but you must put your utmost effort into conserving space in a publication. I was thinking this would just serve the function of allowing players to see any active quests and pursue them if they're interested, especially because you need to hunt out the creator in the end if you're going to submit something as part of the quest. However I can see that the i
  3. Yeah? But don't start clamoring so happily about real life information like that, it is scary. And Ledaahh, I hope you are acutely aware that every second that passes brings you closer to the painfully boring norm... >:D Don't be so cheerful! And don't cheerfully offer to post a picture! I know for a fact there are pedophiles on MD, you do not want them to see your cute and innocent face, do you? Go back to your schoolwork! Your grades suffer from lack of dedication!
  4. Yuh. Ledah is the n00b master, and I his subordinate in command. 8-)

  5. [b]MDNP would like to create a functioning quest list on the forums[/b], one that is actually updated. This is because we plan for the as of now unrealized newspaper to have a quest section, for the greater convenience and happiness of any single reader--with the additional bonus of encouraging participation in floundering quests! This is a tedious task for our yet small staff, so we need some help. We would appreciate the following information about any active quest: [b]Name:[/b] Quest Name [b]Maker:[/b] whoever made the quest [b]Started:[/b] DD-MMM (i.e. 12-Jan-09) [b]Duration: [/b
  6. Haha, you guys believe what people say online? You sound like it!
  7. Nah, breaking from the lovely roleplaying, Globbo isn't really reading too much into the mission. What his character decides to do shouldn't be compromised by real life hope for MD to change, and besides, his character's opposition isn't necessarily going to oppress anything in terms of entropy; a single character's actions (being Khalazdad's) does not bear the sole responsibility of bringing change. I think it's perfectly reasonable for him to demand more information when masses just commit their support without a second thought. We love entropy!
  8. What, did I say backbone somewhere? So uppity, quoting something that isn't even there to be quoted... But anyway, you know, no matter if the country is the backbone, you shouldn't undermine the important contributions of your friendly minorities, say the Chinese old woman and her family. It's a sin! _____________________________________ What, MB, did you just create a one-word post consisting of "Lol..."? I snicker. [b]EDIT: there is an edit button glai. use it. Chew[/b]
  9. Pshh.. MD has a lot bigger problems than those missing docs, I wouldn't even note that in a critical review. :P I mean, it is supposed to be in alpha anyway, although it tries to be an official game at the same time. And yeah the links used to work, or that's what I remember at least. Hum.. that's what I remember, but I can't remember any actual content of the documents... Muhmuhmuhmuh doesn't matter much. -.-
  10. Yeah.. the cause of it is pretty apparent, but I figured I might as well report it for the record in case nobody ever noticed. The links at the bottom of the page ingame and when viewing players' external pages no longer link to the right location, just [url="http://magicduel.com/layout.php#"]http://magicduel.com/layout.php#[/url] or [url="http://magicduel.com/#"]http://magicduel.com/#[/url]. It shouldn't be that hard to fix. /: Although, I'm sure Manu has better things to do and it's not that important since nobody really cares anyway about those documents, etc etc. -__-
  11. Muh. The next time that happens, you can do online window shopping for food! dst.. have you tried coconut paletas de leche? Even though it is milk-based it really is not sour.. i___i Speaking of which, you do eat ice cream...? Yeah, you have a favorite... and cookies too... . . . But for the Chinese family thing, really, it isn't hard so I think it is worth it. I learned the basics from a farming simulation game! It's so nice to have a Chinese family. The stuff in small Asian markets are expensive, you know? Try it out, you will be amazed at what you can do. . . . How dare you pa
  12. Hey! Let him help out if it will bring him some small joy. b-(n_n)-d
  13. Hey, Brai.. are you sure you have flash installed on the new comp? :P
  14. Oh, yes.. I forget that there are times I actually posess sense and do something more productive and worthy than visiting the MD forums. I feel proud now. :) And, really, there are newbies who will talk to you. The current LHO team has really unappealing characters, don't you think? I wouldn't want to talk to some freaking roleplayers either. Anyway, I don't need frilly conversation, srsly. My school doesn't block MD or its forums, because it's such an obscure game.
  15. It's limited to alliances, huh?
  16. It's too late now, dst. -_- Hey, I will tell you a surefire way to gain a Chinese family, without the hassle of marrying a Chinese woman. It's a secret tactic! Find the closest old Chinese lady and talk to her whenever you pass by. Act curious, outgoing, friendly. Ask her gardening tips, make her tell you how to say this or that word in her language, comment on various things she does, relate conversations you had with others and ask her opinion. Bring her gifts like eggs, fruit and vegetables: "Do you like these? How do you cook them?" If you're male, it would behoove you to be aba
  17. ... The last time people were so active on the forums? That one thread which was supposed to be about the Bestiary, turned to talk about grasans' cuteness, split off into another topic, and finally derailed into blatant anime otaku frenzy. Thank goodness that only lasted about a few hours. I'll figure out what career I will pursue from someone who doesn't slack off on the job to play MD. B) *spends her 7th period posting on MD forums* And forsho the obnoxious romantic interaction in MD bothers me! It makes me intensely uncomfortable! How could it ever be possible to enjoy witnessing
  18. Mehh.. My dad thought it was New Year's Eve the day before the actual eve. Not that I knew myself, anyway. I had to ask Yami (and here is the relevance to MD), and she also went on to tell me how to say Happy New Year in three different languages. Our family is American. >_> But my dad brought home fried pork skin, duck meat, BBQ pork, peanut-butter sesame dim sum, egg cakes, dumplings, bean curd soup, boiled chicken and sticky cake from Grandma's. n___n I'm so happy, I'm happy just boasting about it. I love Chinese New Year. Oh, I have to check how much money I got from Gran
  19. Hmm.. how much time it would take, eh? Well, it depends on how much you want to help out and how long you take to proofread. It's going to be rather irregular because you'll have work only when the writer finishes his, and we haven't even established release dates. I think if you do only one department as Garg is saying, you shouldn't have to spend time every day and it should be only a little time at that. Any help is appreciated!
  20. :< And I was going to interview dst about whatever his career is through YIM. *is career hunting* Oh well. dst's career is probably part-time job plus bug finder in MD. -__-
  21. Happy Chinese New Year. ~_~
  22. I don't have anything to add.
  23. Ahm.. for this one... I have to trust you to go around following Jonn interacting with the egg on a regular basis. If I catch Jonn I will say hi to it too, but really I don't often. n_n;
  24. Good. Because the other day, dst was really, really slow in answering my question about Dimensional Shifters and said as an excuse: "sorry...I have some things to do..." !
  25. Ugh. >:S So.. we can commence in torturing dst now? :D
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