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    Run, you fool.



    Most likely I won't even log on for another month or so.. but we'll see, won't we?

    It would be pretty cool to get to play MD without getting sucked in and addicted like everyone else. Right? I'd get to look at you all like little peons enslaved to the game while I'm just out here, having a good time observing and chilling. (Wow, Glai.. that was harsh. :P)


    Hey Glai. Come write some stories for me.


    What kind of stories? -.-;;

  2. I heard this game is stagnating. What would you do to revitalize it?

    Lack of long-term stuff to compete in with your peers is missing. Hopefully torch will help with that, and maybe statless tourneys, but there needs to be competitive stuff outside combat too.

    I don't think big number of quests are a solution because that's only for the moment pleasure, some continuity needs to exist like it used to be with Adventure Log (or it seemed to be that way, maybe it wasn't in truth)


    Cool, good to know..



    A solution? It's hard to generalize, can you please tell what are you interested in doing in MD? In AL you were a Necro spy, there's still room for that kind of gameplay  :))

    You mentioned you liked creative aspect of MD - there is still much room for that, albeit less fulfilling with less amount of people around?

    Anything else, writing, art, maltreating newbies, etc.?  :)


    I'm not too interested in roleplaying these days, except to observe how other people roleplay if it's a core game mechanic (which obviously it is).

    To be honest I'm not really looking to get drawn into MD, more visiting/'playing' just to find out what MD and its gameplay is these days. (Maybe it hasn't really changed all that much, aside from the superfluous aspects). More than anything else, I see myself as an observer. :P

    I'm going to head to bed now, but cool to see the responses so far!

  3. Welcome back Glaistig! I've only read about you in the forums but you seemed to be quite the character back in the day. :D

    You may also want to read Aethon's articles as he is a very active new player that has breathed some new life into MDA.  :)

    I'm surprised anyone reads about me in the forums, since whenever I played was at least a couple years ago.


    @Aethon -- how new of a player are you? Since when did you join? Did you roleplay before MD?


    Thanks both for your insight; it's interesting to think of how a new player would approach and engage with MD these days.

  4. informal observations so far:

    • are politics mostly the bulk of this game? (from reading thread about power balances)
    • players seem to mostly engage in the world by thinking philosophically about its philosphy
    • I can see why I preferred a game world based more on the cut and dry mechanics (puzzles, combat system, game story) than such an involved roleplay/political system. too much to think about, a little abstract or too involving for an outsider to feel like delving into.
    • so MD is more a simulation than a game for simple entertainment. mechanics are tailored towards simulation of political power, roleplaying than providing incentives to reach game goals/benchmarks (exp points for lvling up, accomplishments, etc.)
    • "a true roleplaying game".. blergh. :P

    keywords to investigate:

    • depletion
    • killing

    [spoiler]Glai derails in a thought exercise:

    • how would I change it? I don't know yet
    • if you removed the roleplaying from MD, what would you have left?
    • a little bit of controlled roleplaying would be fine, to add an element of gameplay above game mechanics. but, how do you control roleplaying? it spirals out of your hands and develops its own life, doesn't it?
    • what is the ultimate ambition in MD?
      (of course, in this version it's to play another life, create your own character, so there is no definite endgoal. playing the character is the endgoal. but in a ver. of MD with the roleplaying element reduced, what would be the ambition in MD? forming bonds while testing combat play (card game) while exploring the story while having limited roles? a community based on a love for puzzles and innovation and exploring, while they.. while they what? build a mini-realm? protectors/adepts. hmmm not sure yet. are quests good? what if quests were more moderated, built by select few (rather than all) for the players to have objectives?)
    • roleplaying developed naturally, wars would develop naturally, having heros/public interest figures would naturally draw interest
    • size is a limitation; in the end, I don't know if MD could go beyond being a small realm, or even if it got bigger, it would require a lot of intensive attention
    • having guilds would be interesting. creating characters (npcs) for players to interact with and build a world story would be interesting. but how would you avoid the development of active roleplaying and the consequent politicking?
    • maybe some players love and cherish the politicking, the dynamism built into it, the building and interaction of their own world
    • the magic of code / interaction with the game itself  :)
    • what is the goal in normal mmos? you fight monsters, you level up, you build alliances and guilds to fight boss monsters (potentially shaping the world?) and you do party quests to achieve an objective. sometimes some pvp for competition. classes draw some interest with specific skills assigned to each class (MD's principles underexploited here? what are creative skills mdfolk could have? gathering, spells--what spells? creating dungeons, changing maps for new areas to explore, new abilities (creating monsters/eggs, events, changing relationships)...)
    • would require constant innovation. too exhausting

    I can always rely on MD to pull me into a mind trip, get me thinking  :) even if the tracks my mind takes wouldn't be agreeable to most players/others.[/spoiler]

  5. You might see me pop in once in  a while, but I don't plan on doing much more than that. I'm quite busy these days!

    After six years, I'm mostly curious to see where the game has gone, where it is now, and what its fate is.. not necessarily to be an active player.

    I never really thought I would, but I'm pursuing software development now. As I told someone, one of the things I liked about MD aside from the community was how it demonstrated the creative magic (world-building) that can be made through code. So maybe thinking of software development reminded me of this game.


    So, I have a couple questions for you, current players.

    • I heard this game is stagnating. What would you do to revitalize it?
    • Say I'm a player who hasn't played for six years. I have no creatures, and little idea of how the game is played now. What are your suggestions for getting back into the game and learning more about the current MD world?
    • What are the things I should pay attention to in this game world? This can be based on your gameplay style.

    This is what I see myself doing, the few times I may be around:

    • reading dst's blog
    • catching up with chewett
    • reading the occasional MD forum post
    • building up my creatures again
    • following people's suggestions to observe current events
    • ideally, gathering opinions, thoughts and impressions about where the game is going
    • maybe doing a quest or two
    • maybe make informal observations here

    In the past I was a heated player because I was so wrapped up and invested in the game. Now it's mostly curiosity that drives me, and I have the necessary aesthetic distance and detachment to enjoy myself on MD casually. So, I look forward to poking around MD to kill my boredom once in a rare while.


    Well, so now you know. If you see me, say hello :) edit: it's probably more like 5 years but the # doesn't really matter, does it? :shrug:

  6. lolcat sorry to revive a topic that's been inactive for quite some time...

    I've not been around for years so my perspective is definitely outdated, irrelevant and of little utility. And I haven't really even bothered to poke around in MD to get a sense of how it's departed from when I last played. Things have changed so much it takes far too much commitment to begin to make sense of what the game is about now. That said, Mur/Manu was a figure I spent a great deal of mental energies on at a certain point in time so reading this thread prompted some sentiments I wanted to express. I always got the most satisfaction out of expressing myself on the forums after all..


    Manu is CHAOS... no balance to be found there except for the random equilibrium (natural balance) that emerges from chaos.

    But while it's true natural equilibrium can emerge from chaos, Manu is such a destabilizing force that no balance may be maintained in his virtual world/creation. Instead just a vortex that keeps spinning and accruing debris until it can no longer be maintained because it has grown too unwieldy. There is some merit to chaos because that's the source of creation and evolution, but without balance and equilibrium things will not progress into a higher order form (organization) but rather just always be in a state of change, which is its own form of stasis. Wow, am I just stroking his ego or what.


    Mur is a mad genius, as many people have said, someone who will be endlessly inventing and never to finish a single feature. Now that I've let go of my attachments to MD, this doesn't harm me nearly as much as it did. When I played the game I loved it for the world I was able to discover when first playing it. It's a crushing disappointment when you realize those features you were so excited and inspired by would never be fully actualized. I was so invested, I insisted many times with pleas and tantrums that the way Mur manages his world be changed to suit my own vision (but felt powerless because he was indifferent). He was indifferent because it would not be possible for him to change his development style. Now that I've let go, I can see he will never change: being an inventor, a free agent and unable to commit is who he is. I can't imagine him changing from my own mind. If you are going to play MD, you must be resigned that nothing you see will be completed--you must prefer a world that is always changing rather than one that is developed sanely.

    That said. Magicduel is really magical because it is creative, and that creativity comes from Manu's mystifying mind (I mean.. principles? Marion or whatever the girl's name was? Cubes and dark fantasy drawings?). It wouldn't be the world it is without him. That is, no one else could even create Magicduel.. so it's not my place to criticize that it couldn't be what I wanted it to be. I wouldn't even have the basis for my vision for a game like MD without him having created what Magicduel is.


    I don't begrudge Manu any more, having let go of my attachments; in fact I rather respect him. Well I always did, but scared, craving his attention and approval in the past while disapproving of his blatant 'mismanagement' and wishing he would change the way he did things. Now I've accepted who he is.


    Virtual worlds will always come to an eventual demise. I'm also resigned to that. It's a testament to Manu's drive and endless creativity that MD has lasted as long as it has. When I quit, I predicted it would die within 2-3 years--4-5 years at the most. I think it's been longer than that, maybe six years, and still has a pulse to it. But even if it were to die within another year or so--current players may be heartbroken, but I still think MD was fascinating and worthy just for its existence.


    Nevertheless, I am really curious what Magicduel could be like if someone were to duplicate the game--steal all of the ideas that Manu came up with, and decided to fully develop them in a sane, orderly fashion. If it were possible, I would wish that it would be done if only to satisfy my curiosity. a MD v. 2 while the current MD continues to aggregrate change, sprawling towards its eventual demise.

    Also... stagnation of the community is when the world will really die. But that happens when the world can no longer maintain a crucial mass of players invested in it. Maybe MD will last for many more decades in this way, we will see...

  7. I didn't read all of it but it certainly seems interesting. A little more interesting than MD was in the prior days I visited it. I wish I had more time to check it out but I probably, most highly likely don't.
    I guess some things have gone on in recent times.

    Well, the LHO part is interesting. I think it's a bit high-commitment as was brought up, and has opportunities to fall through on some occasions, but MD has a way of maintaining high commitment in players while they last. The other issue is the amount of LHOs that will be needed so the attempt doesn't completely fall apart. You should get recruiting.. you can always scale back once you see that you have enough quality LHOs. But if you have too little, you risk the chance of entropy wreaking havoc on everything. However, overall, I think it's a good idea. It's a change, and something to try if you want to reel in more players.

    The real-life challenges is also a change that you can try, and I wouldn't be entirely against introducing it. However, I don't know if I personally would pin so much hope on it. It's novel and has merit, and can change the game, but I wouldn't make it the pinwheel of the game, even if you integrate it with the game and motivational system. As a new player, I don't know if I would be so keen to be spending time in real life doing these things as part of the game. Is it as fun as a fully-fleshed ingame system? Is it entertaining? The magic lies in fantasy.. not that there isn't merit in introducing real life into the game, but I would consider it another aspect. Not the salvaging remedy, as was the rpc system years ago.

    My personal opinion is to work on the ingame system. Fix the story mode, fix in-game puzzles and tests of wit and logic, fix principles or whatever they were called and battle fights and the combat system. Work on something that can truly work with all of those, community-wise or merit-rewarding, some final spin I can't visualize. Adding features, such as the irl one suggested above.. may only exacerbate the existing mismatched wonky systems that remain uncomplete by adding one more feature to the hodgepodge. However.. I haven't been here all this time, so I'm being pretty egotistic by offering my opinion. I'm sure Mur has heard this countless times.

    MagicDuel may never reach perfection, or completion, but it's good to see it's still kicking a couple years down the line. If one thing never changes, it's that MD keeps on changing, and it is a little interesting to see how it evolves and how the game takes shape and continues to live despite all my misgivings (once I've given up on my attachments, it's not so horrible to witness). Mur must have some drive. It will be fun to watch how the extended liberties to lho-figures kicks out. Not that I'll be watching.

  8. Oh, good! You are experiencing one more level of the wonderful game we all love with the exclusion of myself, MD! Welcome, because, you know, if more people like you joined the forums, it might actually serve some sort of purpose!

    Meanwhile, how about getting further involved in different aspects of MD? For sure, your dedication to one of the first alliances and this newly-made decision to join the forums indicates an appreciable inclination! How about joining a project? Oh, I know, MDNP is just the thing for you! You can be a part of something that will undoubtedly somehow make MD greater, the creation of a newspaper for all MD players! What do you say? Interested? No need to be shy, of course, you can just say you are!

  9. You know what, if stormchum can use hello topics to advertise consumption of questionable substances...

    Would you like to become more involved in MD without the pain of building a freaking roleplayer character or some other such useless thing? Join the MagicDuel Newspaper Project! No matter who you are and what your capabilities amount to, you can help out in some way, and contribute to a worthy cause! Ohohohoho, what fun! Just indicate your interest to receive more information!

    (not that stormrunner has posted yet, but he will!)

    Oh, and this is a hello.

  10. Burns: he didn't know was that the wine had been poisoned by....
    Grido: a strange woman wearing a feather boa...
    Chewett: that have an idea that he ...
    dst: was cheating on her with...
    Grido: Hannah, which as it turns out he was...
    Metal Bunny: not as Grido fancies other types than Hannah, more petite...
    Glaistig: really. Grido began convulsing and...
    Grido: started reaching toward a conviniently placed antidote...
    Garg: Which, unbeknown to Grido was in actuality full of...
    Burns: nothing but pure fountain water. Yet, he swallowed it all in one gulp and...
    dst: spits it out quickly cause it tasted like...
    Grido: beer, and he doesnt like beer.
    Cryxus: He rolled and writhed as he looked at Jonn, smiling slightly. "Only you can save me now"....
    Metal Bunny: Jonn could only reply with: 'Mouth to mouth?
    Burns: It might feel a little weird, seeing you are no gopher, but i'd still do it for you if you promise...''
    Grido: before finishing that sentence, Jonn remembered that Hannah was in the room still, apparently forgotten, she then performs the mouth to mouth....
    dst: resuscitation but because she was a bit blind she did it to someone else who happened to be around. That person was...
    Cryxus: ...Perrobotillo. Grido frowns and turned back to Jonn...
    Grido: and says ''when did Perro get here?'' and then continues slowly dying....
    Burns: while suffering from terrible pain, but all of a sudden, he has THE idea to save his life:...
    Glaistig: he shoves his finger down his throat, so as to induce a gagging reflex to purge the his system

  11. Burns: he didn't know was that the wine had been poisoned by.
    Grido: a strange woman wearing a feather boa...
    Chewett: that have an idea that he ...
    dst: was cheating on her with...
    Grido: Hannah, which as it turns out he was...
    Metal Bunny: not as Grido fancies other types than Hannah, more petite...
    Glaistig: really. Grido began convulsing and...

  12. Honestly, dst. You're much too picky. Well, in any case, I wasn't planning to be part of your little syndicate or any fraternity. I'm the outsider, the angstly loner who really [i]doesn't[/i] play MD. 8) I just post on the MD forums, see.. I quit a long time ago! Nodnodnodnodnod.

  13. [quote name='dst' post='23602' date='Jan 11 2009, 11:22 AM']I agree with the first 2. But I can tolerate the others also :D . Except maybe the anti-MD (first time I typed MB :p ) cause then it's some sort of paradox...you're anti-MD but you continue to play...[/quote]

    That's not really a paradox, is it? How about pro-MDangst, then?

  14. I think you misunderstood, lightsage-Awimale; the Awi I spoke of first just has the same name as Awi who posted after. I don't make mistakes, so the Awi I spoke of first is female. Therefore, since you insist on your proud possession of masculinity, there are two awiiyas: one female and one male.

    As to inferiority, I don't see your point. I never claimed my truths should affect your views; dry. Hrrrh. I suppose I'm supposed to defend my supposition.

    [codebox]differences Awimale spoke of = traits generally belonging to one gender (f) + traits generally belonging to another gender (m)

    Where Glai is the judger and traits are measured in worthiness rather than quantity:
    traits generally belonging to one gender (f) > traits generally belonging to another gender (m)

    Therefore, in general, when the worthiness of possessed traits measures the magnitude of gender and Glai is the aribitrator:
    one gender (f) > another gender (m).[/codebox]
    This is a truth where Glai is concerned, and if I already have a disclaimer that says that all content in my posts only concern my own self. As I said, if you mean to communicate a point, you're not doing so well.

    I don't suppose you're going to argue that one should not judge a character trait as better than another? Especially a gender-specific trait? Or were you just saying that so I could happily know your own opinion? In that case, why, I am happy to know your opinion.

    EDIT: Lu says I'm being mean.

    I apologize for my mean behavior.

    Do not be bothered by my meanness.

    I will be going now; can't continuously post on the forums for so long.

    P.S. One of the levels of the Medusa creature or whatever it's named now looks like an archer because it is holding its thin tail as one would a bow. And the tail looks a little like a bow. Too lazy to look it up and link it, sorry.

  15. Ahem, my dear bunny, there is nothing that could be labelled "mean" or "hostile" in those bolded words; they never indicated that the subject [i]was[/i] stupid and lazy and patty hectic lei inept or whatnot. Not to mention it is of my very esteemable opinion that nearly everyone is stupid and lazy to some point, even yours truly, so even if someone rash [u]assumed[/u] my words [i]implied[/i] those things, there is no need to be hurt. Okay, well, maybe I indicated that our new player here was lazy, but the same argument put forth just a sentence ago applies yet. Neither should one be ashamed for paying someone more honor than he deserves, necessarily, and just because [i]I[/i] show that it makes me feel less pleasant doesn't mean my judgment has to be a standard, though I thank you very kindly for the flattering.

    Therefore, by being the one to indirectly categorize such persons who have dominant traits of laziness and stupidity or like concepts as something negative with your reactions, you are the one who is being mean and hostile. You must forgive some flaws, for all persons have their good points--and if not so, then you must strive to change them rather than condemn. Who's to say laziness and stupidity is always bad, in any case? In contrast, openly showing a lack of appreciation for my effort to welcome someone is rude to say at the least, and to be misunderstood because of [u]assumptions[/u] naturally upsets me. Yes, I did say he was unworthy and express my disgruntlement in reaction. If you want to call me mean for that, then do so. I regret being a little harsh to the misguided-and-incapable-of-correct-understanding now, but what's done is done. You may have your virtual cookie regardless of your failure, for I pity you and I feel guilt for my treatment of such pitiable creatures. *gives cookies*

    And awiiya-who-claims-to-be-of-the-inferior-gender, there is someone by the same name I think of as female in my head. Say hello, will you?

  16. Dude, man. I'll give you a virtual cookie complete with the asterisks if you can point out what was hostile and mean in my hello. Look what I have to endure--I go out of my way to say hello when no one else does after several views, and this is what I get in return. You know what? I won't do it again, I promise. Don't appreciate Glai-greeting, well, you aren't worthy of it. You can be greeted by [i]awiiya[/i]; I'm sure she's like [i]totally[/i] better than me and you'd be missing out on [i]nothing[/i].

    I shouldn't even be humoring you by replying. I shouldn't be attaching the pictures of all the archers in MD and listing their names because of your *cough*pathetic*cough* ineptitude. But, well, I can't help my graciousness, now can I? And yes, I purposely lied and said 9 archers when there are 10, just to fluster. [u][color="#ff0000"][url="http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll203/kompeito/DA.jpg"]1-6[/url][/color][/u] are levels of one creature, [u][color="#ff0000"][url="http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll203/kompeito/LA.jpg"]7-10[/url][/color][/u] are another. And, in case you're missing it, those underlined numbers are links to the larger pictures posted in Aqune's threads.

    If none of these is the archer you're looking for, your eyesight is screwed. That, or your memory. Or your brain. You could be hallucinating and indulging in fantasies about female archers in the artstyle of MD.


    When did the option to attach images disappear? Do you know how long that took me to arrange them so that a player could not look at the image properties and find the link to the creature directory? I also suggest that directory be secured, as well as the link to attack a person, view rpc logs and who knows what else.

  17. Aww. Poor new player has to be greeted by Glai out of pity since no actual player wants to say hi. Well, you must be honored anyway, I being myself.

    And that "female" archer is most definitely male, not just because he looks quite ugly as all males are but that's how he's addressed in the creature description. Unfortunately for you, I don't feel like telling you his name what with the undue honor you paid him by calling him female, so you can look at the Bestiary section of the forums to find out. I mean, there's only so many archers released in MD right now, so you'll only have to check 9 topics if you're stupid and unlucky, less if you're not. 8] 'Sides, you'd be putting Aqune's labor to good use instead of being lazy and having some older player tell you everything, now wouldn't you?

  18. Huh, 24 days? I don't think I've seen you, though. Welcome anyway! You should participate in all the events/ competitions, join an alliance and/or create a role to become more involved. And help or discuss with others. :)

    Well, since my chum stormrunner here seems to be recruiting in hello threads, I might as well.. You know, Necrovion is seeking new members for our ranks, always. What do you think of Necrovion vs. the other lands and powers? No pressure! Either way I'm interested in seeing how others view us and the shades.

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