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  1. My picture is the url I put in the last comment. You have to work hard to get the privileges! :D

  2. Yuh. Ledah is the n00b master, and I his subordinate in command. 8-)

  3. I only said those living things because people call me those things D: And there's no way you can vote for me to become a shapeshifter when I'm not offering myself to be one~

  4. Now, I know I called myself a butterfly, but is that my new name? >:) What gives, a goat, a butterfly; how I envy others who have no name but that which they picked.


  5. I don't remember brutally attacking you :o

    Give me 5 stars man! I'm so radiant! :-D

  6. Hnn.. I'll seriously spam this place if you call me a goat in my comments section :D *deletes* Have to think of a way to get back..

  7. All hail the Bunny Lord for giving me his heads and motivating me to participate in the contest! ;D

  8. Now, now.. we were just having a bit of fun :) You can make your own judgment about who we are and how we're related.

  9. MB is mean~ Based on what do you judge?

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