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  1. Good. Not that you're ill, but I wasn't planning on writing any stories tonight. :P Hope you feel better.
  2. :)) Most likely I won't even log on for another month or so.. but we'll see, won't we? It would be pretty cool to get to play MD without getting sucked in and addicted like everyone else. Right? I'd get to look at you all like little peons enslaved to the game while I'm just out here, having a good time observing and chilling. (Wow, Glai.. that was harsh. :P) What kind of stories? -.-;;
  3. Cool, good to know.. I'm not too interested in roleplaying these days, except to observe how other people roleplay if it's a core game mechanic (which obviously it is). To be honest I'm not really looking to get drawn into MD, more visiting/'playing' just to find out what MD and its gameplay is these days. (Maybe it hasn't really changed all that much, aside from the superfluous aspects). More than anything else, I see myself as an observer. :P I'm going to head to bed now, but cool to see the responses so far!
  4. I'm surprised anyone reads about me in the forums, since whenever I played was at least a couple years ago. @Aethon -- how new of a player are you? Since when did you join? Did you roleplay before MD? Thanks both for your insight; it's interesting to think of how a new player would approach and engage with MD these days.
  5. informal observations so far: are politics mostly the bulk of this game? (from reading thread about power balances) players seem to mostly engage in the world by thinking philosophically about its philosphy I can see why I preferred a game world based more on the cut and dry mechanics (puzzles, combat system, game story) than such an involved roleplay/political system. too much to think about, a little abstract or too involving for an outsider to feel like delving into. so MD is more a simulation than a game for simple entertainment. mechanics are tailored towards simulation of political powe
  6. You might see me pop in once in a while, but I don't plan on doing much more than that. I'm quite busy these days! After six years, I'm mostly curious to see where the game has gone, where it is now, and what its fate is.. not necessarily to be an active player. I never really thought I would, but I'm pursuing software development now. As I told someone, one of the things I liked about MD aside from the community was how it demonstrated the creative magic (world-building) that can be made through code. So maybe thinking of software development reminded me of this game. So, I have a coup
  7. lolcat sorry to revive a topic that's been inactive for quite some time... I've not been around for years so my perspective is definitely outdated, irrelevant and of little utility. And I haven't really even bothered to poke around in MD to get a sense of how it's departed from when I last played. Things have changed so much it takes far too much commitment to begin to make sense of what the game is about now. That said, Mur/Manu was a figure I spent a great deal of mental energies on at a certain point in time so reading this thread prompted some sentiments I wanted to express. I always got
  8. I didn't read all of it but it certainly seems interesting. A little more interesting than MD was in the prior days I visited it. I wish I had more time to check it out but I probably, most highly likely don't. I guess some things have gone on in recent times. Well, the LHO part is interesting. I think it's a bit high-commitment as was brought up, and has opportunities to fall through on some occasions, but MD has a way of maintaining high commitment in players while they last. The other issue is the amount of LHOs that will be needed so the attempt doesn't completely fall apart. You should
  9. Haha, I really liked reading all of this. Well, I didn't read all of it, but yeah. Reading my own response made me realize an interesting point, which pertains more to the nitpicky issue about roleplayers, in that I disliked them for exemplifying aspects of my own playing style in MD--the whole spin and drum of roleplaying in that desire for social acknowledgement, for the feeling of acceptance in a community you esteem. Seeing how this subordinated the other aspects of the game, literally, in fact, in terms of game development, and otherwise in the attitude of players toward the game, allow
  10. Oh, good! You are experiencing one more level of the wonderful game we all love with the exclusion of myself, MD! Welcome, because, you know, if more people like you joined the forums, it might actually serve some sort of purpose! Meanwhile, how about getting further involved in different aspects of MD? For sure, your dedication to one of the first alliances and this newly-made decision to join the forums indicates an appreciable inclination! How about joining a project? Oh, I know, MDNP is just the thing for you! You can be a part of something that will undoubtedly somehow make MD gre
  11. You know what, if stormchum can use hello topics to advertise consumption of questionable substances... Would you like to become more involved in MD without the pain of building a freaking roleplayer character or some other such useless thing? Join the MagicDuel Newspaper Project! No matter who you are and what your capabilities amount to, you can help out in some way, and contribute to a worthy cause! Ohohohoho, what fun! Just indicate your interest to receive more information! (not that stormrunner has posted yet, but he will!) Oh, and this is a hello.
  12. Happy birthday! *uses birthday as excuse to procrastinate from working on MDNP during allotted time of 7th period class* :) But in good news, I am getting that virus removed, the one from over a month ago? The one that prevented me from working on the comp with InDesign? Yeah! My present.
  13. Why does this feel so familiar? n____n
  14. Glaistig

    message title

    ---the following spiel is not related to the suggestions--- Oh! That poor lost soul on Demo Account, left unanswered despite a plea for help. It's not like we can do this if someone else sends you a help request without a subject, but for the guest couldn't we just log onto the account and check the question, then send a reply in a new message? Well, it wouldn't be in the inbox itself since it's a message that's sent to you, but since you can't open the message, it would be in the outgoing messages tracker of Demo Account, right? Man, I'm so brilliant... Now I'm curious, even though we
  15. Yo BigC, Gargant is complaining that you won't give him an interview. Loser! It doesn't take that much time, he just wants to get a few quotes so we can move forward in our cause. Don't be all high and mighty thinking you have paparazzi, hey? Rpcs! >:(
  16. ~updated, but to undergo extensive editing Thanks for the contributions, guys! Some information may be edited out or changed according to our purposes (and I still have to sort the entries by date). We are also probably going to change the objective prompt to a teaser. This list will serve to keep a record of exisiting quests, and will not include more information than necessary.
  17. My picture is the url I put in the last comment. You have to work hard to get the privileges! :D

  18. The grumpy part I don't mind, but that doesn't necessarily mean you think I sound old, right? >_> Hmm.. I do not think about people's ages much, so I don't really have anything to say after all.
  19. Sounds fun. I liked stalking people around in MD too! We could commission you to report about someone's activity?
  20. I don't really see a lot of people going through the trouble of posting on the forums about someone else's quests. Another option is something similar to the personal logs of players, only whilst submitting a comment about the quest, the player should be required to indicate that the reaction is either positive or negative. This way, it would still function as a easy-to-refer-to vote/poll, but one that is more likely to be reliable without intimidating potential voters as much. However, it might mean more work for Manu. Poor Manu, we can't burden him with work now, can we? No, we'd rathe
  21. Glaistig

    Forum Game

    Burns: he didn't know was that the wine had been poisoned by.... Grido: a strange woman wearing a feather boa... Chewett: that have an idea that he ... dst: was cheating on her with... Grido: Hannah, which as it turns out he was... Metal Bunny: not as Grido fancies other types than Hannah, more petite... Glaistig: really. Grido began convulsing and... Grido: started reaching toward a conviniently placed antidote... Garg: Which, unbeknown to Grido was in actuality full of... Burns: nothing but pure fountain water. Yet, he swallowed it all in one gulp and... dst: spits it out quickly c
  22. Mm, yeah, I changed the prompt detail a little. I'm lazy--I will add the new quests at another time, maybe after a few more have been reported. In the meanwhile does anyone feel like adding on to their objective description?
  23. ;3; But Ledah, aren't you being cheerfully presumptuous? Who's to say you're the youngest? I have a few candidates in mind who might be younger, though they might not be really active on the forums. As for the oldest.. well, speculation is largely useless, maybe unwanted if the suggested person hasn't discussed their age publicly. How about who acts the most immature, and who acts the most like a geezer?
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