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  1. Hehe, thanks ! Contrary to popular belief i DO log in a few times a day and lurk the forums quiet a bit. But because of my work and the time zone where i live i never find anyone to chat Anyway, hope to see some of you soon !
  2. I think making it random is a good idea. If we could choose what creature we put the tokens on, anyone with enough cash would have way overpowered creatures. Imagine an mp3 with a grasan with over 20 tokens. Unless there was a limit like 5 tokens per creature.
  3. [quote name='Udgard' post='29391' date='Apr 25 2009, 12:31 AM']DItto this again. You hit the hammer right on the spot, Ailith. Role-playing is [b]playing your ROLE[/b], doing what your character would do. It is not limited to doing a bunch of * * actions all day in the GoE, yet some people seem to confuse this and say that RPCs that doesn't regularly do * * actions as not playing their role. I do hope this topic will open the eyes of more people..[/quote] I got to agree there. For example, my role is not only based around drachorns, but my character is also kind of a mad scientist. And thats what i represent in the game, im not necessary talking about drachorns all the time. Tell me, when did someone have a normal conversation with me ? And i do not use *'s to talk like that. I just talk, and thats what comes out
  4. Yeah, i checked my spam and it was there.
  5. [quote name='MRD' post='28695' date='Apr 11 2009, 10:58 PM']What has happened is a true shame. this is probably the saddest day in MD i have yet to have seen. Knator Commander, sir, your name will never be forgetten as long as i shall live in these lands. You have been a great inspiration to me and many others, and it is a true loss to have you not in your true place. Rest well my dear friend, call on me anytime you desire .MRD.[/quote] Well it seems to me people think and adress the matter as if he was "gone" or dead...but he is just retired. He can jump back in action whenever he wants.
  6. I vote for a character limit in each post! Haha just joking
  7. Your not celebrating the closure to your death. You could die 3 months after your birthday, and no one could care nor make a party about it. You could die any day, and every day is the closure to your death, and you dont celebrate them. Period
  8. Sounds like a dictatorship o_o
  9. No way! Im still worshipping the shade sentinel!
  10. Ya but with one difference. This challenge lasted like 10-12 hours and the Broken Pattern Gazeebo lasted 24hs (which gave the opportunity to everyone) The L. Challenge gave opportunity to a few ones. When most people logged in the challenge had already ended.
  11. Im an Opportunist. Like they say: Why do it yourself when someone else can?
  12. The smell of war is in the air! We need a war ! Be dead friend from above When darkness falls Descend into my sights Your fallen walls Spearhead break through the lines Flanked all around Soldiers of attrition Forward their ground Gregime prophetic age Old in its time Flowing veins run on through Deep in the rhine Center of the web All battles scored What is our war crimes (era forever more...) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!
  13. Aww...i didnt get a chance to try it out
  14. You dont need to go to CH3 to access those locations in MB
  15. Doesnt CH3 give access to Outer Necrovion only? PS: Lib, you like using the word "ya" a lot, dont you?
  16. Well, if he can do it like the RPC-list im pretty sure Mur can make himself not have a location listed, just like the rpc-list.
  17. Maybe you got disabled because of your large ammount of useless uploaded files? Who knows.
  18. Why do this events take place everytime im not on ? *sigh*
  19. Nice. Im looking forward to the next issue. PS: My name is copyrighted. Its 25 cents per time you mention me so. Pay me 50 cents!
  20. I agree with Logan. Its unfair. But its over already and you cant change that. Those who won the HC before the rewards got seriously upgraded didnt complain either. For example, i came 2nd long ago in a HC contest and i only got a fair ammount of credits as reward, but you dont see me complaining about it. In Response to Liberty below: That was a statement, not a complaint lol.
  21. Happy birthday! May you get many presents! And i know one thing...i did not steal th...err... .. Happy Birthday!
  22. That would ruin the no economy system. Plus it would be even worser because it would be real money. And as you said, the rich would just run the game.
  23. You could do this. But Mur wont allow it anymore. Look in the announcements. Here: [2008-12-21 01:41:01 - Alpha 8] Credit transfers between player accounts are not allowed for a while. Please do not request such a thing for the next period, your request will be ignored. Thank you for understanding.
  24. I play the guitar or even guitar hero when waiting for the 20 mins to pass Thats playing another game
  25. Ugh...still cant login. Still says i need to wait 10 mins -.- And its been like 3 hours already. Well, ill try later, got a concert to attend to
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