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  1. Hehe, thanks ! Contrary to popular belief i DO log in a few times a day and lurk the forums quiet a bit. But because of my work and the time zone where i live i never find anyone to chat Anyway, hope to see some of you soon !
  2. No way! Im still worshipping the shade sentinel!
  3. The rockin shade dude. His dudliness is only matched by his character's insanity...which just makes him more of a dude :D

  4. That would ruin the no economy system. Plus it would be even worser because it would be real money. And as you said, the rich would just run the game.
  5. You could do this. But Mur wont allow it anymore. Look in the announcements. Here: [2008-12-21 01:41:01 - Alpha 8] Credit transfers between player accounts are not allowed for a while. Please do not request such a thing for the next period, your request will be ignored. Thank you for understanding.
  6. I play the guitar or even guitar hero when waiting for the 20 mins to pass Thats playing another game
  7. Ugh...still cant login. Still says i need to wait 10 mins -.- And its been like 3 hours already. Well, ill try later, got a concert to attend to
  8. Because it increases your power? And then that power goes to your creatures? Thats my thought.
  9. I did that already. And now, after 15 mins i still need 9 mins to log in -.- Ill just give up and stop trying utill its fixed. So if anyone wants to send me a message ill take a while untill i anwser back.
  10. Well armour gives you stats. And how stats help your creatures is not unknown, since you give them your power, your stats get divided between your creatures depending on how many you have on your rit. Thought you knew
  11. Well, i left my character idle. And i did not close the page after the various 20 mins passed so i did not re-visit the page but it keeps getting restarted o_o
  12. I dont have exactly what would you call a farmable rit so only a few can "farm" me =P
  13. Im starting to hate this new thing. First it told me i needed to wait 7 mins to log in. I let pass 10 mins i came back and i needed 15 mins. I let pass 20 mins and now i need 17 to log in. Its really annoying since i cant log in.
  14. And then theres the people who try to login as you and *Bam*!
  15. Everyone knows that its Ledah. Especially because it says: playername: ledah
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