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  1. we miss you morrel

  2. Are you still around Morrell? If so, I would like to speak with you.

  3. Amorte is correct. Those circles and squares are the first things they teach at art schools. Here is a link with all the information you need... great (free) Andrew Loomis books for learning how to draw. The're old books but I like them a lot. [url="http://www.houseoftutorials.net/Zfleamarket/index.php?album=Loomis-Books"]Loomis books[/url] Or you can download them all six at once on this page: [url="http://www.placidchaos.com/AM/index.php?title=andrew_loomis&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1"]6 Loomis books in pdf [/url] I use tracing to work fast but correct. It's just being lazy
  4. You know you've been on MD too much when... -You start saying 'Greetings' instead of 'hello' when you answer the phone. -When people say 'hi, how are you' you answer: 'I think war is upon us' -You go to church, count the people there and shout 'YES, I have more worshipers then you' -You change the name of your daughter into Marind. -Start collecting wooden boxes -You keep printouts of your inner magic documents in a safe at your bank -You start vacuuming your house every day because your afraid of dust. -When asked for a copy of your curriculum vitae, you start printing out your perso
  5. [quote name='wynken vanaril' post='16438' date='Sep 11 2008, 03:13 PM']You claim that reality is a function of the perception of the majority. That notion is actually a logical fallacy, argumentum ad populam.[/quote] actually even scientists are wondering about that too. One of the most amazing things is that we seem to be changing 'reality' just by observing. In quantum mechanics an electron can be both particle or wave. only by being observed the waveform collapses into a particle. The quantum world is full of 'magic', particles being at 2 places at the same time, disappearing at on
  6. Chewett, thank you for making that clear. The left brain right brain myth shows again how we can be fooled in another way. How many things that we believe to be true are in fact false? I'd think we'd be amazed if we knew. Another thing is that there is lots of 'reality' that we simply don't see... [u]The blind spot of the eyes[/u] It's the point where the optic nerve connects to the eye. that part doesn't give any signals to the brain and we actually don't see anything there, not even darkness. Our brain fills in the missing pieces... Look with your right eye at the cross (close
  7. I didn't speak of magic or make many arguments, just one, I'll repeat: I state that reality is an illusion, I don't mean it's a 'dream' or doesn't exist, just that what we think is reality is in fact not. Also, this is only one step in the point I'm trying to make. It's only purpose is to proof that what we see is not reality. Think of my statement as a statue, we start with a block of raw stone, and this post is my way of chiseling of a piece of stone. Don't throw it away yet because you cant see the statue yet. When it begins to take form, you can tel me if its garbage or beautiful. In
  8. The general opinion seems to be that reality is the collection of what we experience and see in the world 'outside' I state that reality is an illusion, I know that is difficult to understand, I would like to start with small steps to show you what I mean. So please just answer the questions. Note: When I say reality is an illusion, I don't mean it's a 'dream' or doesn't exist, just that what we think is reality is in fact not. Here is something I'd like you to try before answering. below are some optical illusions you can find on the Internet. But I'd like you to use them for something
  9. About the Dreams, they are called Lucid dreams. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream
  10. Yes, I thought of this since I read the book called "The incredible shrinking man" when I was a kid. Maybe because of that I shrink myself until the ant looks huge. I've also seen the "50 foot woman" and "inner space" I think writers use this a lot. (And Magic Duel people of course) What if I was...a Hero, a killer, an alien, how would i see the world, what would I do? As for the fist part... I used to do that, they call it empathy I believe. I was helping people, forgiving ... At the end most of them tried to take advantage of that (and did). Too much empathy is not good unless you k
  11. See what happens with short answers.. Please throw the other glove as well so I'll have a pair You jump to the conclusion here that your 'self' is your 'personality'. I didn't say throw your 'self' away. I refer to the next topic for that, the sound of an empty mind. So If we can't know reality because our personalities are part of it, then what? Then we have to throw away those layers of thought, memories and even individuality. Once you do that one can see reality. The second line is made to make you think about reality, if you understand the first line then the second will show y
  12. Letting my thoughts flow by is difficult enough. First the coherent thoughts dissolve into fractures of thoughts, then I try and let them flow by like a river, without paying attention to them. It is possible. If you can do that your ego can shatter into pieces and you can be enlightened or get very very scared. Or a mixture of both.
  13. Short it will be. Reality is what's left over if you trow away your personality. Personality is an illusion created by reality.
  14. I'm working on it Shot 7 bunnys to pose for me. (they wouldn't sit still)
  15. On a throne of bones Khalazdad sat, In his hands a brand new skull Just a little trouble that he had, But his fights are never dull
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