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    Guitar, Snowboarding, Drawing, MJ, having a chill time, RPG's, humor in all it's forms, quality movies, music with talent, and some other stuff probably!
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  1. Are you plaing here with me?


    Are YOU plaing with ME??

  2. I haven't finished the game, and I haven't posted enough on forums to be any assistance here. However, I do try to help out those that I can in game from what I know and from what I have learned, I don't know if I need a special title to keep doing this, considering I am still learning things myself. It seems as if no one chats on the in game talk screen, but I'm on several hours each day, every day. So I'll keep it up and if there is any other way you could use someone to help, count me in. P.S. I'm still working on a collection of art to send in. -Demigorgan
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