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  1. What do you guys find about something like this

    If you get attacked and you win that you get a basic amount of honor for example 4 honor/fight for a win against your own mp level.And that amount lowers -2 for every mp level lower but the minimal honor reward must be 0 for winning an attacked fight it may not be used when you attack someone.

    That mp3's can attack mp3's,mp4's,mp5's and mp6's that should make it more interessant for the mp3's.

    That mp4's can attack mp4's,mp5's and mp6's so they can attack more players because there are not much mp4's.

    That mp5's can attack mp5's and mp6's so that the mp6's get more attacked.

  2. Ahem...

    Not sure if it's Implemented in Exactly the way you suggest, but darned if it isn't Close...

    Come to think of it, can Alliance members Verify that this Skill is currently Active?

    Energetic immunity isn't a defence against power i think.

  3. What do you guys find about this idea that you must have a apprentice robe set for level1 spells. The mage robe set for lv2 spells, the young wizard robe set for lv3 spells,...

    And that you must defeat an npc (like the shop guards and loreroot guards) for getting acces to one set.

    But make sure you can't defeat him with a single elemental so i suggest you say that you must kill him for 60% for the first set, 70% for the second set,...

  4. 1.Make creatures that alliances can buy and that you can borrow them for a while but you may also buy them for yourself, if you can buy them i mean creatures that needs 20 000 vp

    2.Retrieving back your skill penalition's if you fighted Wodin or the knator.

    3.Give a bonus for adepts of adepts

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