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  1. damn.. cant beleve it!!!! there is a chance that even me will get this WP!!!!! and[quote] s quite intresting how many people have just ticked 4 per year and allow alts just to get more wishpoints if i look at my accounts if my alts could get them i would have... 30+ wishpoints Now that would screw the system up slightly. [/quote] i also agree with the chewet that it may screw the system.. maybe its better to give something else beside WP...
  2. shit this is starting to be interesting
  3. i almost get an heart attack once coz of the tournament.. but lucky for me the elemantal did his job and now i must say im glad that i cant participate more but great stuff that head contest
  4. The shades will certanly help if you know how to evoke them Shades, there are They're not too far Practically under your nose Hidden by light Hidden from sight
  5. hmmmm on the right image with a diamond shaped pyramid there is some kind of the castle on the far right... is it explored????... maybe there is some kind of the device that turn the fire off... or even maybe there is some kind of flying machine there or catapult that throws you directly on the top of the pyramid
  6. I would also like to participate lets say EVIL group INGAME name : fiju MP level :5
  7. akasha,,,, look for the secret stairs!!!!!!!.. or some kind of ANTI-halucinogenic herbs!!!!
  8. FIJU REPORTING...... in not alowed to enter or fight any of the allready beaten NPC-s
  9. i wonder how do you chose the people for the story???? i mean ... do they have a find some place in the game and start or is something else*???
  10. that sucks man.,.. is there any other Phone company in romaina... cant be the only ofer
  11. still think that the pay by sms is one of the great beggining ideas
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