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  1. greetings to all.. i tryed to log in this morning but after i insterted my user and pass one time i was unable to login and this screen apeared.. [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/fnwhly.jpg[/img] i know that this screen sometimes apears if you log out and try to log in instantly but this was my first time log in this morning.. so does this means that my account is beeing hacked ??? or it is a glitch ??? can someone confirm it? thanx in advance
  2. damn.. cant beleve it!!!! there is a chance that even me will get this WP!!!!! and[quote] s quite intresting how many people have just ticked 4 per year and allow alts just to get more wishpoints if i look at my accounts if my alts could get them i would have... 30+ wishpoints Now that would screw the system up slightly. [/quote] i also agree with the chewet that it may screw the system.. maybe its better to give something else beside WP...
  3. Day 19 I woke up hearing strange voices.. someone was screaming: "Shut up, you inmates!!!" I got up as quickly as I could and hurled to the doorcell. First a stange shadow appeared in the hall with tentaculus on the head and it seemed like to be going to my cell. I jumped and grabed the plafon and prepare to attack with all swiftness and strength I had in me. Suddenly my head hits the floor hitting notthing but air. I must have been a fool actually thinking that someone would appear here in a physical form. And there he was... an apparition of a Damn Clown looking at me with shining r
  4. k.. i really hate to have to write about this above all in a festival period but since this is the second time that someone prohibits my tries to involve myself in MD lands. I'm so confused that I need to post it like this and try to resolve the mystery for myself and others that have IQ 90 about our position in MD world so I will start from the roots of my doubts: First of all can anyone explain to me who is this Grido person? dis he invent this game? is he the C.E.O. of in-game story development? is he an owner of this game? Does he own this forum? Does he own the server? Is he offic
  5. Tales from the prison Day 06 Greetings to all of MD family..i'm witting you you all.. well not all of you ..anyway.. its 6 days since i'm locked in the prison and i feel wonderful!!! Actually i have never been better except when i was born Also i really hope to stay here for a very long time and every day i wake up in my cell i pray to the shades that .Grido. will stay on his position for eternity..Also i must say that i'm very proud now that i realized that i FINALLY have a TAG!!!!! actually i have TWO. 600 days of activity and finally its all mine!!! Its a small one amd it says (Jail)(Jai
  6. shit this is starting to be interesting
  7. i almost get an heart attack once coz of the tournament.. but lucky for me the elemantal did his job and now i must say im glad that i cant participate more but great stuff that head contest
  8. The shades will certanly help if you know how to evoke them Shades, there are They're not too far Practically under your nose Hidden by light Hidden from sight
  9. hmmmm on the right image with a diamond shaped pyramid there is some kind of the castle on the far right... is it explored????... maybe there is some kind of the device that turn the fire off... or even maybe there is some kind of flying machine there or catapult that throws you directly on the top of the pyramid
  10. I would also like to participate lets say EVIL group INGAME name : fiju MP level :5
  11. akasha,,,, look for the secret stairs!!!!!!!.. or some kind of ANTI-halucinogenic herbs!!!!
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