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  1. Hah... First of all I want to greet you all people. I played this game a long long long .... long time ago but then I stopped playing and forgot about it. I remembered about it and I wanted to see how it developed or even if it is still alive. And wow. You have done a fantastic job and added a lot of features. I remember now when the alliances were added in game. Such a long time ago... But mainly the reason I posted here. http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/9744/newbitmapimageg.png I bet I have one of the oldest creatures here with 876 days . Too bad I pause for about... 700 days Anyway
  2. The day of the sacrifice has come... Finally So a total of +212.633 And I'm so proud Oh and my principle changes are theese : Principles Charge Element Principle = 1111.89 Transposition Principle = 2624.31 Darkness Principle = 32.76 Principle of Cyclicity = 1798.57 Principle of Balance = 62.26 Who has more ?
  3. Your progress for today This is your profile change for today, This profile resets once a day at 00:00 server time. Current server time is: 23:44 regeneration +10.086 energeticimmun +20.302 tradesense +8.82 briskness +3.496 initiative +0.376 defence +2.54 attack +41.873 power +0.658 luck +16.646 +103 in one day ... But the story helped me a lot cuz I was lucky and went with the story that let me go to necrovion... And that was the las part..
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