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  1. How much will the friends be involved? I would like to know (if it's possible) because well...you know how it is with time nowadays...
  2. Ok, got it now. Thank you! Chosen form of matter organization: platypus!
  3. To be honest, I don't understand what I need to do...
  4. There is still time to join the trivia! Get your code today!
  5. It's quite a short time for making/baking anything. 3 days is not enough. If possible make it a week (although yes, it's not Halloween anymore).
  6. Extension(s): Plant: tobacco -- one giant leaf covering all the others (which whiter), full with pustules Fish: pangasius -- overgrown liver filled with toxic waste which pushes the skin creating a bulge Reptile: snake -- extended tongue, long enough to reach the tail also split in 4 and not in 2 Insect: locusts -- overgrown teeth -enough to be seen with the naked eye Mammal: whales -- extended blow holes - resembling tubes Plant:carrot -- tiny discolored leaves Fish: Gold fish -- overgrown eyes (so you'll feel bad when you look at it in the bowl you have plac
  7. Natural disasters: Plant: tabacco Fish: pangasius Reptile: snake Insect: locusts Mammal: whales Element: Water Small and tight places: Plant:carrot Fish: Gold fish Repltile: snake Insect: ant Mammal: mole Element: rock
  8. No, I didn't. I understood that I have to choose one of them. Not all.
  9. From this: I understood that I have to choose a plant, fish, reptile, bird OR insect + mammal... But ok...as you say...I will edit my post.
  10. Idiots - mosquitoes - sheep - rock (as in dumb as a rock) Small and tight places - snake - mole - rock Natural disasters - locusts - whales (I should tell you about the dream I had some weeks ago...) - water
  11. Trivia should work now! Go and flex your brain! If anyone wants to still join, drop me a PM. I can still enroll you.
  12. If you use FF and have 49.0.2 (update done on the 20th) for sure you have an issue with the MD scenes turning black. How to solve it: Navigation bar: "about:config" Accept the risks. Search for "dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled" Double click to change from "true" to "false" Solved!! Thank you @No one for providing the solution!
  13. dst -17096 Idiots Small and tight places Natural disasters
  14. 8!! There's still time to join. You only have 13 minutes to complete the trivia so 15 minutes with the fake registration. And you can win a nice prize.
  15. dst


    And get fairy dust as a resource!
  16. 6 participants! There is still time to ask for your registration code!
  17. I am not really scared of spiders but I am grossed out of my mind so the 2 pics are all I could muster the stomach for. It was playing dead. Poor thing was scared to death... And it tried to escape (red thingies are the "claws" of a cloths pin I used to "guide" Spidy): I washed and disinfected the spider web with medicinal alcohol when the ordeal was over.
  18. I have received 3 registration requests so far. Get your code today!!
  19. I want the G string. I'll trade you the Bauta venetian mask for it.
  20. So, for this year's Halloween, I have designed a Trivia. MD related trivia. How: If you want to participate, PM me so I can give you a registration code and the instructions. When: Trivia will activate on the 24th of Oct at 00:00 and will last until 30th of Oct 23:59. So you have about 1 week to complete it. Additional notes: Trivia is hosted on a different site. It's time (about 30 seconds for question). You have only 1 chance of completing it so once you start you must finish. The score is automated but I can check your answers if you feel something is wrong. Prizes:
  21. I got the coin as well. Thank you! And congratz to the winners.
  22. My spider web (made of polymer clay and decorated with small red marbles): Then I made a little spider and decorated the web with a small rose: Then I "cooked" and varnished both of them and turned the whole thing into a magnet: And a closer look on the web since it was supposed to be the star here:
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