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  1. Alternatively you would read the rules Aethon posted and you'd not budged in to try and look smart.
  2. I don't remember giving anyone the possibility to choose the prize. Coincidentally, you will get the elu (and the rest of the bundle) when I will get the CTC from Aethon.
  3. I've checked the results (gone through each set of answers) as I was afraid in the free text answers you could have misspelled the name hence not getting the point. I didn't find any issues. If anyone has any objections or wants to raise any issues, please do so. I'll wait until Sunday and if nothing pops up, I'll start distributing the prizes.
  4. I will stop here with this quest as well. I don't have the time to finish it. Good luck to the rest of you!
  5. I am sorry but I cannot seem to find the time to finish it. So I will drop out. Good luck to the rest!
  6. Yes, results below: I haven't had time to check each and every one but I plan to before validating the winners.
  7. My last post was on : Posted Monday at 09:14 AM If my math is not wrong, the time expired today at 09:14.
  8. Ha! I would have never beaten darky. This is what I started working on but never finished.... The scene takes place in a cave. The cave is decorated with a pink wallpaper with hearts and flowers, lots of modern furniture, bling bling hanging of everywhere and also scented candles that can cause anyone nausea. The 3 witches sit on recliners. The oldest one (around 70) is dressed in a flamboyant red and black dress with lots of ribbons and strings. She smokes a long cigarette. In her right hand she holds an Iphone 6 with a cauldron image on it. The second one is a s
  9. Yes, I know you know that sometimes both me and No one "muck" with variables but this time you're not lucky enough. Click the link. It should help you. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1306465
  10. I changed the time settings. You can access the trivia from today until I think Monday at 00:00. Participants who already completed the quiz, cannot re-take it. Others who wish to try it, message me for your codes.
  11. If I manage to open it for you (I scheduled it to start at X and finish at Y but I don't know if I can sort of re-schedule it), I will re-open the sign ins for the rest of the players as well. But this has to wait to until tomorrow or maybe Friday.
  12. I had fun doing that scene.In a time when I don't have too much of that
  13. If you let it until week-end I was planning to give it a try but I really don't have the time until Saturday/Sunday.
  14. Aha! I finally know what I have to do. Hopefully tomorrow. Is there a deadline?
  15. I will on during the week-end (Thursday would have been my day of choice but then it's not Z's). Friday might be hectic at work and all I can do is maybe log in.
  16. Trivia is over. There were 6 participants.I have the results but I just want to check them before releasing them (there were some free text questions and I just don't want to deprive anyone of a good answer).
  17. My skills: - stalking people - brains - hoarder (items lately) - logs analysis and interpretation - fighting with words MaGo's skills: - providing earworms - giving statements with doublemeaning - being a lightweight with alcohol - bacon eater - being the new dstbus No one's skills: - annoy dst - herbs gatherer - lack of diplomacy making him a very blunt person - coder (coding stuff for MD and making my life easier) - a very good fighter even after 8 years of MD and countless changes in the system
  18. I can try Monday night (so I will also have time to announce the 2 friends and maybe they will be able to join).
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