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  1. What a nice and smart ambassador we have! He'll do wonders with our noobs. On topic: Neno is right: papers strip armor. This is not a bug, just normal behavior.
  2. We hate you. I "should" have 14. Can you make a 3rd row? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*
  3. 519 resin for sell. Starting bid: 2 GCs and 5 SCs 5 GCs - instant sell + Bonus (Teleport to PC stone :P).
  4. Ha! Topico-mancy ftw! Found this little gem (yes, it's mine, I know, I should not call it a gem) while looking to post the Elu thingy. And what was I doing before that? Searching for cat litter...although I still don't own a cat. So yes, I am hopeless...
  5. With the new Elus being fixed and settling in our inventories, maybe it's time to re-new the old habit (cannot remember who started but phantasm was part of it at some point) where we feed the Elus. I currently have 2 Rainbow Boxes which I try to use as much as possible (and plan to get some in the future as well). If you need candies, find me in game or drop me a PM and I will pass you some candies (basically 3/elu) so you could have enough for a full feeding cycle. I will pass as much as I can afford without my Elus getting hungry themselves.
  6. This backfired. Well, I love it but it seems by solving this a new issue arose. Before the ordering, the newest item (be it resource or common item or anything in the inventory basically) would have been "moved" to the top of its specific category. As an example: I would gather herbs and get tea leaves. Well tea leaves would have been the first item in the resources category. I would gather herbs again and get toxic herbs. Toxic herbs would become now the first item while tea would move to second. Pretty annoying but at least I would have known what I got. Now, I
  7. I would like to give my reward to the person with the next score. Or if they don't want it, keep it for the next quest. I participated not for the win but for the "pain" that usually Val's quest bring and from time to time I am a masochist. Thank you Val for making my MD Christmas special!
  8. Yes, it's not what I wanted but it works. Previously pressing end would have sent me somewhere far far away Thank you!
  9. When you enter the Full details list of the items with the intent of getting the ITC for something you have to scroll waaaay down in order to find capcha to reveal the ITC. Would it be possible to have this one on top of the page right under " Your current items: " for example? Or above? It's frustrating when you have 100+ items. Also CTRL+End takes you to the end of the page which is way down than the capcha (no idea how or why) so now I have to scroll up...
  10. Z reported this some time ago but I couldn't find where for the love of the spaghetti monster so here it is again: When using the consumable, I get the below error: ~ Toy Skateboard ~ #The script associated with this item ('heatvein') can't be found. [close] Used to work fine for a while then somehow it got broken
  11. How much heat do the crits have?
  12. Congratz Kyphis! And good luck! Lots of health and from July, lots of patience. Until July, get some sleep. As much as possible. Don't forget us!
  13. Next year is a valid year as well so why not?
  14. Ok, let's see: Santa: 1 GC and 10 SCs
  15. I understand your logic but my question still stands: how many GCs do YOU value the brilliant. I want to make an offer and I need to make sure I can top the brilliant one.
  16. How many GCs do you value a brilliant?
  17. @lashtal: try to edit it. It doesn't work for me either.
  18. Topic hijacked! I didn't have time to make handcrafted cards this year but I do want to send some (shop ones). So, whoever wants a card, PM me the address. @Nimmy, PM the address so I can send you one
  19. I have sent you a forum PM with the CTC and ITC on the 22nd so 1 week ago. I would check before opening my mouth throwing accusations.
  20. @Sunfire : Chew told me to give his prizes to the next in line which is you. Please hunt me in game so I can pass you the thingies.
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